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Why your website is long loaded? Remember

how often you are irritated when you visit the website of And business here at all not that you do not like to communicate on social networks or just you have something against the management of the website.

At all not, all problem that it is possible to manage to drink 5 cups of tea before the page of this resource is loaded in the browser. Whatever good, informative and useful was the website, it is necessary that it quickly worked. If this requirement is not fulfilled, in most cases the resource will lose the visitors who will prefer in exchange to it even if less qualitative, but faster portal. Therefore it would be desirable to talk about the reasons of slow work of your resource that subsequently it was possible to pass to methods of elimination of these reasons.

First of all, this material will be useful to owners of serious resources as mostly problems of speed of loading of pages concern them. However owners of the websites - business cards also should not neglect rules of optimization, especially if their website is created on the basis of CMS.

Before beginning to consider methods of acceleration of the website, it is necessary to examine with algorithm of receiving a web - pages to understand what influences time of loading of your website and how to make this time the smallest. As an example we will take the standard dynamic page with existence of java in it - scripts, php - a code, the connected stylesheets and, of course, native html.

So when you enter the address of such here sated page in an address line of the browser and several seconds later you observe its visual interpretation on the screen of the monitor, at the level hidden from the user there is a following: the browser under the Server protocol

, in turn, processes this page, executing its php - a code if that is available, addresses the database server if it is necessary, then generates all this in html - a code and returns it in the browser which leads this html - a code to a look habitual to us. It should be noted that for execution of java - scripts the help of the server is not required to the browser.

Time to approach the key moment and, at last, to understand came, in what the reason of long loading of the page, its long formation. The matter is that, besides request for receiving the code of the page, the browser also has to send inquiries on all external resources from which this page has to contain information, whether it be tables with styles, pictures, java - libraries, background images - to put it briefly, everything that is necessary for the correct display of your website.

Besides, it is insufficiently simple to send a request, it is also necessary to execute it. If in a code the web - pages as a background of its contents is loaded the picture of high resolution, time and for its loading is necessary. Thus, the answer to a question of what components there is time for display by this or that a web - pages, emerges on a surface. Speed of loading of the website directly depends on amount of the requests sent by the browser and from time of their processing.

Here also you look now. Pages of your website use the separate file with style? Means, the browser will send separate request for obtaining this file. In a code of the page java - a script for which execution it is necessary to connect this or that library is placed? Again the browser sends inquiry and connects this library. Under each article the separate picture is located on your website? The browser will send inquiry for everyone and will load everyone. As a result it turns out that than less inquiries will carry out the browser when loading, the less there will be a size of the received pages of your website, the quicker users of the Network will be able to see it on the monitors. However it is impossible to call this council good from the point of view of optimization as the optimization in it has some.

Well, so and what to do if not to cost you the small size a web in any way - pages - if they contain photo galleries, connect several stylesheets, process java - scripts, to put it briefly, force the browser to sweat fairly before it is able to present to the user your portal in all the beauty?

Do not despair, there is a set of ways by means of which you will be able to disperse the website to high speeds, without endowing at the same time its informational content. You learn about these ways in the following article.