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Granite. How to improve an interior of kitchen?

enjoy the increasing popularity natural materials in interior design of the house Presently.

If earlier finishing by a natural stone was extremely expensive pleasure, then presently new technologies of processing of a stone considerably reduced the price of order cost, as caused emergence of a new wave of fashion on a decor a natural stone. In increasing frequency people stop the choice on marble or granite.

The natural materials created by the nature cause admiration of the invoice and a palette. Today it will be a question of granite. In translation from the Italian granito means “granular“ - the stone contains volcanic breed with granules of various color and the size. This the firm, consisting of quartz, mica and feldspar stone especially shows to advantage in kitchen. Granite table-tops and bar counters will give a peculiar style and chic, and the fashion on a strong natural stone will remain for ages. Unless not modern hostesses dream of it?

The color scale of granite is so various that each of us will be able to find the color answering to style of kitchen. In the nature this stone can be black, gray, red and even pink, but the main distinctive feature - at it there are impregnations, and they can be different color and a shade that will give to your interior own identity.

Granite possesses the increased resistance to various influences and hardness (not for nothing it is so often used in facing of facades, embankments, and also in a sculpture), is easily polished, for a long time keeping a smooth surface, and also is steady against friction and compression. Granite in itself is created by the nature in such variety that any product, whether it be a table-top, a bar counter or facing, will be simply unique. Pay attention that facets, got in Africa, Brazil or in the north of Europe, differs in special hardness.

It is necessary only to remind of the correct care of a granite surface. To keep gloss and beauty of a stone in such places as kitchen, it is necessary to follow certain rules. Depending on mineral structure of a stone, extent of its protection will be different too.

The kitchen is Wednesday, aggressive for granite, and therefore it is necessary to watch carefully that at hit on an acid surface (lemon juice, wine), and also coffee, oils, fat, and at times even waters (if to leave on granite water for several days, then after its drying will remain spots on a stone surface), all pollution, undesirable and pernicious for a brilliant surface of granite, immediately were eliminated.

It is also not necessary to knock on a stone, to cut on it, to put hot ware or to apply metal brushes - all this can damage polishing of a surface. It is desirable to apply special cleaning means on care of granite: for daily cleaning, for prevention and for polishing (with wax).

And then your kitchen where you spend so much time, will become not only the place of cooking, but also part of your soul where it will want not just to spend time, but also to create, inventing all new and new delicacy of culinary art.