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Who knows, whether it will be required to invent a sweat smell for perfumery production?

On the one hand, a smell of sweat are caused by permanent disgust to its exhaling, more often confirming the fact of lack of elementary hygiene or refusal of application of the perfumery means eliminating this inconvenience, to put it mildly. But only dead or absolute idlers, even in the hottest summer day, spending all the time at conditioners and fans or in the cooling souls, bathtubs or pools do not sweat. And how to be to ordinary toilers which work is connected still with physical work? But on elementary all and will have enough means also time. Though the sweat smell even excites some or I am not right?

Why then the nature allocated the person such to troubles how fetid odors what to have to fight with them in the various ways and means? And suddenly, once, having got rid of it and having forgotten forever, suppose, that such way will be invented, we will lose something important?

would not be desirable to trust in it and concordants will hardly be in this question.

Earlier we in the country had no perfumery shops, there were only departments. And now them divorced as much how many sekond hands or drugstores, i.e. on everyone to an ug. But if the abundance of the last still can cause dispute, then, as for perfumery, then somehow it is not even accepted to mention them.

Frankly speaking when the beloved has to buy something as a gift, without her permission, just you are lost in the offered assortment, being guided by the known brands more. But to please happens not simply, well if your lady uses the same spirits, not too various, then it is possible to remember the name and appearance of a bubble in bottles or its box.

the Woman always expects a compliment at the choice of a fragrant smell, and the man needs only to do a delighted response, not always understanding a difference.

It is undoubted, pleasant when from darling divine aroma, as a rule, of expensive, known spirits proceeds. Somehow it is necessary to trust professionals. But the huge number of the counterfeit production given for original causes just horror.

Not everyone is able to afford expensive spirits, and to sniff at a huge number of offered and to make a right choice, not always becomes possible. Not at all women and girls the feeling of sense of smell is equally developed. And taste - special gift. If clothes and accessories are picked up not according to image or style, what it is possible to tell about perfumery? The same. But who will pick up to you a suitable smell if not you are? Seller of shop, stylist, husband or lover? It is unlikely. It is necessary to hope for own intuition, financial opportunities and to trust in the known brands doing fabulous profits on buyers.

In the last decades the need for use of perfumery by men, as a rule, increased it is toilet water, lotions, creams are much more rare. If in Soviet period the choice was so limited that these means were applied in the double way, both external, and internal, then modern variety such is that for men the women giving as a gift in any case began to resolve this issue more often and especially without straining since men are not too exacting to a delicacy, except for, of course, some.

But whether the perfumery in our everyday life is so necessary and what it is not unimportant whether it is safe? Controversial issue. Who got used to use, will hardly refuse, and who quite manages, and to persuade that there is no need. Both those, and others are in own way right. The economy of means which can be spent for the most necessary or more significant and desired is important for someone, someone pursues the aim to make impression on people around or the specific person, someone, refusing, is reinsured from unpredictable allergic reactions and skin diseases, for someone receiving comfort in feelings and self-assessments etc. of

One for certain is more significant, the perfumery was included into our life so strongly that became its integral part, a product of prime necessity, a tribute to the time. It is necessary to hope for conscientiousness of producers and sellers what still thoroughly to have to doubt. And there is even more mistrust in use of natural initial raw materials since the chemical industry became skilled in the invention various fragrances for every taste, not harmless.

Perfumery that is fine, and here with cosmetics everything is much more difficult and worse, but women let write about it, they have, probably, enough claims, and to refuse its application a little for whom will appear desires, very few people believe in natural, natural beauty sincerely.

Only it is worth to remember that skill of the artist painting pictures is estimated not by amount of paint, put on a canvas, and existence of taste, form and content, sense of proportion and subtlety of feelings.