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Why the Law on family violence is not adopted?

That such family violence? It is just scandalous problem of our time.

Results of rare researches shock. For example, according to the Russian National independent commission on the rights of women and violence against women, each 40 minutes one Russian perishes from hands of the husband or cohabitant.

Daily 36 thousand Russians are beaten behind house walls. And it is only cases when the victim and the criminal are known... According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 80% of serious crimes are made in a house situation, and in 90% of cases responsible are men.

Besides it - only iceberg top because the majority of crimes simply are not fixed in any reports. It is not socially dangerous crimes, these are banal “domestic squabbles“, and it is interesting to anybody to dig in this dirt. Especially as “to dig“ can begin only after receipt of the statement. And applications in most cases are not written...

On March 7, 2011, sitting in line to the surgeon, I observed such picture. Strongly limping, with the tied-up both legs and a hand the operating room slowly left very pale and hard breathing woman. It was slightly more senior than forty, very fragile, decently dressed, with a good hairdress. Having sat down on the first chair, it accurately straightened the rolled-up trouser-legs and sleeves.

I was indignant that is done by such patient in policlinic why it was not sent to a hospital. My neigbour in a whisper told me that this woman only from a hospital, transfused her blood there, sewed up, and here already did bandagings. Her houses were cut by the husband, long did not allow to call an ambulance, and it lost a lot of blood. Whether she wrote the application to the militia, it is unknown, but her lives, from the medical point of view, more nothing threatens, and it is sent home...

No. There is more to come! There is a spouse of the victim. With a type of the shepherd, but not with a look heart-broken and repentance of the loved one, full compassion. Naturally, on the wife - zero attention. But it is very loud, with mats, discussion with the patients sitting in turn is led. In respect of the fact that it is necessary to work, but not to hang around doctors. Here it, especially when on a breast of signs, can teeth without hands from a floor of a match get. And therefore no cholera takes his trained working body, and we here all - drones shameful.

Men performance (is universal) amused, revolted women (some). The cut woman several times came back to the doctor, then slowly pokhromat on an exit. Afterwards with a type of the indignant righteous person and favourite of public the spouse left. Judging from the fact that more none of hospital took away this victim, there were no place to come back it - only home, back to blessed. Even there is no wish to know that it was farther with this woman...

And now feel a difference. Present that the same woman would be cut also by the maniac in a gate, and from hospital chamber it on hands would be taken out by the loving husband, to their warm and cozy house. Even I do not doubt that the statement with the requirement to find and make responsible the maniac would be written surely - not the victim, so by her relatives. And here the application for the spouse most likely was not written. I am sure of it. Because I am capable to feel a difference in situations, and here blind Themis who does not know the concept “family violence“, does not feel a difference and in an emphasis will not see. Themis knows only that such crime by socially dangerous crime is not and therefore isolation from society of the similar crime suspected of commission is not provided in any way. Here and the answer, why a problem of family violence - hidden. And official figures - only small top of an iceberg.

Impunity - it generates even more terrible crimes. And so far “domestic squabbles“ legislatively will not be isolated as absolutely excellent layer of crimes which is accurately designated by a framework of the Law on family violence, impunity and a lawlessness will be multiplied further. It is as if already sounded that every fourth woman is exposed in a family to this or that type of violence. And it is as if clear, mother, what of the similar woman, and the worker, what of it. And it is as if clear that nothing good the situation of family violence neither in soul, nor in mentality of children will leave. And as if even loss of property of the state from treatment and rehabilitation of victims of family violence is counted. So why the state undertakes nothing on eradication of this scandalous problem?

Why from the moment of creation in 1993 of the Russian Federation`s first crisis center for women still only in 23 socially - the rehabilitation centers there are offices for women - the victims of family violence, calculated on 200 people? And it on all 140 - million Russia! And the existing crisis centers function on sheer enthusiasm and donations, many are ruined. Yes because there is no Law on family violence, there is no concept “family violence“, there are no state programs and funds for it, there are no instructions... And therefore never even near a hospital bed of the victim with heavy injuries any social worker with the offer of the real state help will appear. Not to mention more mild cases.

What is necessary first of all for the victim of family violence, especially in a life-endangering situation? Reliable shelter or isolation of an aggressor! And not for 15 days, and up to the permission of a crisis situation.

Who is capable, risking the health and even life, to grant to the victim such shelter? Only a few units. For example, in Minsk one monastery and one crisis center which at own expense rents apartment for up to a month does such charity work. And at this time the state does not know to whom to sell barracks unnecessary it behind high fences with a barbed wire of already unnecessary military camps with all infrastructure in the center of the regional center...

Because there is no Law on family violence, as if there are no victims and there is no need for shelters. Also purpose of security warrants (as with the USA, for example) which forbid the defendant in family violence any communication and approach to the victim could help. And for violation of a ban - real prison. But while there is no Law on family violence, there is no need for such warrants.

So why the Law on family violence at us is not adopted? Not therefore whether what in our society the priority of the law of the jungle where the strongest has to survive and the shameless dominates?

And extinction of the nation - the real purpose of the politicians adopting laws? I ask all who know something on this problem, to share data.