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Fashionable tendencies or nonsense?

Living in the world of stereotypes, people too often forget that there are such things which do not give in to change. These stereotypes, take away sense of reality from the person. And the person who lost this feeling as a rule becomes uncontrollable. But the most awful, is that the person pulls for himself series of the same uncontrollable persons who are ready for everything, if only not to lag behind “movement“.

Under “movement“ I mean what other people call fashion or a tendency. Going outside, I see people who continually obglyadyvat each other cynical vzgyalyada, and all because now the etor is considered to be fashionable. Crowds of youth, began to ogrebat shelves of shops Adidas, Nike, Fred Perry and a great lot of even not less well-known sports companies, only from - for the fact that now it is fashionable. Now for many began normal to be online, but not in library, it is accepted to drink and smoke, but not to run in the mornings, it is accepted to pose as the one whom he is not actually.

Drugs take the huge place in our world, and, strangely enough, - in our lives. People who think that it will not concern them are deeply mistaken. It comes to families, destroying them from within. It comes to the person, killing completely him consciousness.

And the most important the fact that for youth in the 21st century a tendency is the use of any narcotic preparations is. Will be it soothing in a large number, smoking mix, tablets or still something, it anyway mainly influences mentality of the person. And it concerns not only narcotic preparations, it belongs also to alcohol, in this or that quantity. And I speak not about the strongest drugs. But, as a rule, if the person tries weak drug, he understands that there is still the best feeling, and tries strong.

Any sane person, having glanced in the Internet can see elementary figures under the name - statistics. These figures only cause a fright. In the world for 2000 200 million people depending on drugs are revealed. And this figure does not cease to grow. In Russia for 2010

by expert estimates about 2 - 2,5 million people use drugs. And familiarizing usually begins from 15 - 17 years. And drug addiction among teenagers grows at unprecedented rates. Data of youth drug addiction take all new and new records. The mentality of the teenager yet not strengthened and not settled also promotes origin of thirst for drugs and prosperity of drug addiction among youth. It is unlikely there are parents who wished that their child used drugs, or was connected with people who are engaged in it.

Often influence of group of age-mates in which drug addict lifestyle reigns is the reason of the use of drugs. In addition in this case drug addiction at youth becomes pleasant and easy alternative at school and a family where the situation is not so smooth. Big danger is covered also that drug acceptance somewhat raises a rank of the young man among the companions. The use of drugs in youth circles becomes frequent something like attempt to be registered as the adult. This reason is the drug addiction dominating in formation among youth. Inability to cope with vital and difficulties, one of factors of youth drug addiction can christen also. Drug temporarily removes a soul pressure that gives to the teenager the chance to remove nepryatnost and to receive a necessary discharge.

But all - twist the person should not run in herd. That`s it when there are these stereotypes concerning alcohol, tobacco smoking, drugs it is necessary to be able reasonably and accurately to put for itself a side. What would not be people around, friends, relatives. Always it is necessary to think before diving the head into

a whirlpool.

When the person is affected by drug, he has feelings which cannot be described. All addicts speak about it as about something unimaginable for the ordinary person. And you only present how to live to the person who at least had once this feeling, and knows that in life he there is nothing will not feel more pleasant feeling.

People who have no opinion, forget about such ponyaty as friendship, a duty, devotion and so on. Such people are stale and doomed to loneliness. Can they and will be is in the company where the same interests, but usually there are not present true friends. And only sitting within four walls, thinking about what or who is not present more nearby, the person perhaps realizes that it was not right. Also it is necessary only to begin all over again. Even if it seems that there is no exit, then it only seems.

Also it is necessary aspires to knowledge of what we do not know about. The one who knows more is armed. And it is important to remember that the success in fight against a drug addiction raprostraneniye among youth depends not only on doctors, but also on all of us, on how we treat the children, age-mates, people around what vital conditions we create them. And it also belongs to a set of other problems in society. It is possible that someone needs our support and the help.