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What would each man like to increase? Of course, biceps!

the Coming summer - an excellent opportunity for actively training individuals to show to people around the hands. Those from them which are engaged regularly do not experience absolutely any constraint: still! They could make it and in the winter! But some nevertheless “feed themselves with breakfasts“, postponing such necessary trainings for later. So, day after day, business reaches spring, and here it is already no time for rest: you do not want to redden on the beach - in a trice blow to the hall! Though you will a little make up!

Let`s recognize that most of sports males works on development of the upper body much more diligent and more often than on lower. Why? Yes because it is so-called “washing“ muscles. Nothing looks more attractive in an undershirt or a shirt with a short sleeve, than pair of powerful hands!

Creation of big bicepses by means of the best exercises for these most popular muscles - the shortest way for finding of a brawny, powerful and attractive look which will cause admiration of people around.

The best way to achieve the desirable objectives is use of such exercises which allow to use big weight, to be focused at tension of muscles. Besides, timely change of exercises is necessary to avoid accustoming.

Try these:

of Pulling up by the narrow successful fellow. This exercise for bicepses is really the best of the best! It is magnificent because allows to lift big weight. Just think. If you weigh 80 kg and can lift yourself on a crossbeam of 8 times whether then you will be able, having loaded a bar signature stamp with the same weight, to execute 8 repetitions of bendings on a biceps? It is sure for all hundred percent that is NOT PRESENT! But at pullings up you force to strain as much as possible the bicepses both to lift yourself and to lift …

Besides, this exercise gives to your broadest muscles (to aka to wings) I will break through loadings! And in addition to all this so-called muscles - stabilizers which help you to keep balance of time of raisings and lowerings of body weight get into gear.

As soon as there comes time of the isolated exercises, raising of a bar on a biceps steps on the stage. This fine movement which hits precisely into the purpose namely is directed to building of bicepses. But, squeezing out an advantage maximum of this exercise, be sure of the correct technology of its performance. In halls it is possible to see enough people who are obviously needing correction of technology of rise on a biceps.

For the correct and productive raising of a bar on a biceps hold a bar in the lowered hands before yourself, having slightly bent legs in knees. Elbows have to be recorded on the parties of the case. Now, without moving elbows forward, bend hands, lifting weight. If you carry out exercise correctly, the signature stamp of a bar has to be somewhere at the level of the middle of a breast, but not at a nose! Having lifted a bar on the greatest possible level (do not forget about motionless elbows!) keep weight within a second. Then the smooth under control movement lower a bar. When lowering burdening do not straighten a hand completely. 80 - 85% of full straightening will be just right!

The following raising of dumbbells on an inclined bench is in the list of the best exercises for bicepses. Big plus of this exercise is that it gives to your hands an excellent extension!

Sit down on an inclined bench, dumbbells are in the lowered hands of the case on each side (hands are lowered at right angle to a floor, palms are directed to the case, the case in an inclination). Lift dumbbells at the same time or in turn (simultaneous rise is a little more difficult). During rise gradually twist hands palms outside. In the top point record weight for 1 second. Then smoothly and under control lower.

Try this exercise directly tomorrow! You will not regret!

The last exercise in it the top - the list costs bending on Scott`s bench. Except, naturally, bench of Scott, you need still a bar with W - a figurative signature stamp. Get into Scott`s exercise machine and establish a seat on the necessary height. Hold the case motionless, bending only hands. Concentrate attention on a weight raising. Bend hands, directing a signature stamp to a chin. The phase of lowering of weight has to be strictly under control. In - the first, in order to avoid injuries. Well, and in - the second, for the sake of maximum efficiency of exercise! By the way, this exercise can be carried out one hand with a dumbbell!

Why not to use these exercises in the complexes, and? They are actually checked by time and work!