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Why wives lose a luster?

Are frequent, justifying the changes to wives, men refer to the fact that the wife that is called “does not look“. Lost a luster, ceased to watch herself, grew fat, grew lazy moreover and became enraged in completion to everything. And interests of steel at it especially flat - to watch some series, the soap opera, to read the cheap female novel or the detective story. Generally, with such woman and to speak there is nothing and to look at her not too pleasantly. Here it is also necessary to seek consolations elsewhere. About same speak also mistresses, justifying the communication with the married man. They are sure that everything put in the wife who lost appeal (and even had never no it) in addition - the hysteric woman, the troublemaker and is simply silly.

But at once there is a question: and where there were his eyes earlier? When looked after, proposed marriage, married - really did not see that future wife has a narrow outlook, a lack of intelligence and female appeal? For some reason nobody in the doorway of a registry office says that he marries the ugly, slovenly, hysterical silly woman. But after unlimited number of years of joint life similar charges not a rarity. A reasonable question - why? Where that good left what was? From where that bad undertook what is?

They say that the one whom is a man depends on the woman, which near him. Near the queen he becomes a king, near the cleaner - the janitor. They say that his wife laid a hand to political career of the president Medvedev - it strenuously pushed the husband, literally forced it to politicize. And if not Svetlana Vladimirovna, Dmitry Anatolyevich so also remained the lecturer in law in St. Petersburg.

But the return is right too.

Once upon a time there was a Cinderella, there was also she the servant. Washed the floors, weeded a kitchen garden, made breakfasts, lunches and dinners, erased, cleaned, cleaned and ironed. Then met the prince, married him and became at first the princess, and then and the queen.

Once upon a time there was a princess Fiona, met Shrek, married him and became. Yes, not the princess, not the queen, and - ogrikhy. Lived - there was a great number of anonymous princesses whom the father is kings in a fuse gave in marriage to the first comer. Usually - the beggar. And princesses right there lost palace habits, learned to beg, clean, prepare, to erase. And it is good if then it turned out that poor - at all not the beggar, and opposite even - the prince or the king. And the princess brought to the palace immediately became again the princess or even the queen.

Fairy tales? Undoubtedly. But fairy tales are written not from scratch. Actually fairy tales are stories from life and about the lives which are only a few embellished with introduction of a fantastic component. For example, fairies - the godmother. But replace the God fairy with the godmother, the owner of shop of a fashionable ladies` dress, and - what improbable is that the young prince fell in love with the beautiful girl and married her? History knows similar examples in a set. Not all duchesses, princesses and queens were born in palaces.

The simplest example - Catherine I. Was a servant - became the empress. Empress of the great empire. And all because her husband was the great emperor. Not without reason in the past there was a law: the wife passes into estate of the husband. And whoever she was before marriage, after marriage she becomes equal with the husband, but not it with her. Also be it though the queen, having married the peasant she became a peasant.

So can be, to husbands who complain that their wives do not watch themselves, “suddenly“ sharply grew stupid (or just earlier successfully pretended to be attractive and clever, and here “became by itself“), it is worth looking in a mirror? Just to see the reason of similar negative changes in the wives. And before looking for option new, more attractive at the moment, to think - whether there will be next “the most charming and attractive“ same how the “current“ wife after a while?

Just because princesses are wives of princes, and at the janitor any queen is forced to become the cleaner.