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Hallo? Hi! There is an idea!

Ya often I remember the friend whom, unfortunately, two years as is not present any more. But my related memoirs always return in far school days when we were seniors. What can they be unusual that I wanted to share suddenly with you, dear readers? In anticipation of each of ours, enough frequent meetings, phone call sounded.

- Hallo, Oleg? Hi! There is an idea!

- Hi, Andryukha! What for idea this time?

- At us in the yard dug a ditch under construction of the base of future music school.

- Well and that? We with what to a side - a heat of the sun?

- Yes you listen that I will tell. On this place there was a building earlier pre-revolutionary in which during fascist occupation there was the German staff, and cellars of Gestapo carried out interrogations.

- Well, is farther that?

- Well, you know that in the cellar of my shed, behind a wall, there is an underpass, leading as I assume, to the cellar of that building, my shed and this house are in fifteen meters from each other and when in the cellar of a shed the part of a wall somehow collapsed, behind it there was quite big space leaving the emptiness quite far, but for reasons of imaginary safety of parents “it will come to no good“, they put a hole bricks and cemented.

- And what you offer, again to punch a hole in your cellar and to find the underpass?

- Yes you do not understand, all our city consists of a huge number of such underground labyrinths interconnected among themselves, and each of such possible entrances, can bring in novel, interfaced to possible search of treasures or interesting finds, or an unforgettable adventure. Yes, by the way, when parents immured the formed hole, there as it seemed to them, there was some light and unclear sounds.

- All right, you dream.

- At all. Generally, come rather, it is necessary to survey carefully dug hole, can

we will find some binding moments or hints.

Having followed the tastes of his imaginations, I, having fast gathered, came tearing along to the place

of alleged researches. Having carefully surveyed the place of our actions, making plans and assumptions of design features of that time, started excavation, having left idea of a razmurovyvaniye of a wall of the cellar of a shed of the friend on - then.

Having spent, thus, plenty of time, we - managed all which - what to find though the find was not entered in our plans. It were two hunting cartridge belts which are completely filled by cartridges, and still an edge from the Finnish knife. We carried one cartridge belt to the local hunter for what he treated us with the whole basket of apples, and another, having sorted cartridges on components, having dried up gunpowder, just stupidly burned it, spreading snakes.

On it our interest is a little poostyl and new ideas did not keep themselves waiting long.

were Next time aliens whom the friend not only saw, but came to them into contact, and its narration was so fascinating and looked truthful that just you are surprised the human imagination as far as it can be multidimensional and fascinating. to Tell

about all his ideas - it is easier to write the adventure novel, and multivolume, but sense of writing of article not in the narration, and in display of that vital energy which helps to live interestingly, to be impressed, surprised, dream and to dream, make sometimes improbable plans, to strive for understanding unknown, to adventures, to think out stories and to become the participant real. If to you somebody calls

and will tell that there is an idea, do not put down a reciever and do not refuse its embodiment to what it would not seem reckless at first sight. It can be remembered to you well and make yours memoirs light, bright and kind, and this world will seem incredibly interesting and wonderful.

- Hallo, Oleg? There is an idea … Forgive to

, but memoirs, quite personal gushed over me, let they will remain only mine. And I wish you if not to surprise and please others the ideas then to have such friend or the friend capable to make your life full of impressions and to learn it to rejoice every day.