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Chief marshal of armored troops of the USSR.

Babadzhanyan Amazasp Hachaturovich (on February 5, 1906, the village of Chardakhla, Elizavetpolskaya the province - on November 1, 1977, Moscow) - the Hero of the Soviet Union, the chief marshal of armored troops of the USSR.


the plan of capture of Berlin Developed by the Soviet command was made in the conditions of euphoria; you should not doubt literacy of the document, of course, - the level of the Soviet management of troops by the end of war was extremely high, however certain defects nevertheless took place. But time dictated the terms, and the Rate very much wanted to solve a problem as soon as possible. In addition, capture of the German capital by the Soviet troops was dictated also by especially political reasons: Himmler and Ribbentrop tried to find a common language with allies. Anyway, the Soviet command hurried, and development of the Plan happened a little hurriedly. Germans meanwhile resisted professionally and surrounded Berlin with such system of defense that it seemed, there is no weapon capable in the necessary (shortest) time to solve an objective. Defects were distinctly seen also by the commander 11 - go the Guards tank case the colonel Amazasp Babadzhanyan; the divisions entrusted to it also should storm the building of Imperial office. 37 - the summer officer was the competent commander, besides the Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union, at him on a breast two awards which according to the status awarded only generals flaunted. However, in several days it will become that.

For now he is definitely puzzled with a question of joint overcoming of strategic heights Zeel (the further course of events will testify validity of such alarm). Approach of the eighth Guards army and a heel shock clogged exactly here. Germans reflected practically all attacks. After war Babadzhanyan admits: “To break through such defense, it was necessary to suppress previously reliably it in powerful blows of artillery and aircraft. Probably, by preparation of operation complexity of relief around Zeelovsky heights where the opponent had an opportunity to organize formidable defense was a little underestimated“.

However in April, 1945 it was not recommended to speak about it: the plan was developed by the marshal Zhukov. “By the way, much later Georgy Konstantinovich himself critically considered the plan of the Berlin operation, - Babadzhanyan remembered. - He came to a conclusion that it would be possible to carry out defeat of the Berlin group and capture of the city a little differently. The district really favored to the opponent and complicated approach of large tank masses. The tank army suffered heavy losses... But then what was to do - all so aspired to a long-awaited victory“.

And even after occupation, at the price of incredible efforts and the numerous victims, heights Zeel and speeding up of Spree the situation did not become less dramatic; to Berlin there were only a few kilometers, however 11 - mu the Guards tank case of the colonel Amazasp Babadzhanyan should move ahead through Myunkheberg - the most difficult way, continuous blockages, the mined intersections, and on the most important pieces - the opponent`s tanks, anti-tank guns, assault tools. To all other, it is necessary to move through the wood where trap the fighters armed with faustpatrona. “Frankly speaking, for all war I could not get used to be at war in the wood, - Babadzhanyan admitted somehow. - You do not know from where for what to wait. As in a bag“.

They stored daggers in bags - the village of Chardakhla located in mountain part of the Elizavetpolsky province was always famous for the soldiers. However, it is hardly worth being surprised, the Karabakh Armenians had traditionally a reputation for excellent fighters. When to future Chief marshal of armored troops of the USSR there was the tenth year, he heard from seniors the legend about the famous compatriot who for bravery was praised personally by Peter I. “In our sort spoke about military with feeling of the highest respect, - the marshal remembered. - The uncle became shtabs - the captain, the gentleman Of St. George and died in World War I, and the brother of my grandfather served even to the general - the major. In this sense of Chardakhlu - the unique village, it gave not only officers of the Russian army, but marshals of the USSR, including - Ivan Bagramyan, the general and colonels. Took part in Patriotic war my 1252 fellow countrymen!“

However, Babadzhanyan will tell about all this already later. Now he sends to clearing of the only road on Myunkhenberg the motor-shooters and already considers the action plan in Berlin: “What to conduct tank actions on the Berlin streets? In the cities the tank army is held down in the movements, is vulnerable between bulks of buildings, especially in narrow lanes. It is possible not to doubt that from each gate, from windows, from roofs on tanks will bring down disastrous fire what to speak about faustpatrona“.

By the evening on April 29 44 - I and 27 - I crews 11 - go the Guards tank case of Babadzhanyan will escape on a ring of the Berlin highway. The order - to attack the Potstdamsky station and Imperial office; on the night of April 30 tanks of the case of the famous colonel already over open sights fire at the office building. “Nobody knew then that exactly here, in armor vaults Hitler, Goebbels, Borman and other leaders of fascist Germany hide. Only next day it became known that the Fuhrer committed suicide“.

However, not less Hitler the colonel was interested in Guderian - his main opponent. Even before war, during very close cooperation between the USSR and Germany, the name of “the creator of the German armor“ general Heinz Guderian was rather popular in the Union. Its sensational books “Attention, Tanks!“ and “Armoured Troops and Their Interaction with Other Types of Military Forces“ appeared among obligatory objects of studying in Military academy. “Theoretical developments of the general, of course, played a significant role in operations in Western Europe and in an initial stage of war against the USSR. But the success changed it as soon as it faced defense of the Soviet troops in depth. Guderian was prevented by a template - once and for all tactics of maintaining tank action developed by it from which Germans were afraid to depart. They lacked flexibility and awareness of need of changes. Later he should note only that we supposedly were at war not by rules though no new theoretical developments were thought over by it“.

When in 1942 to the infantryman Amazasp Babadzhanyan suggested to become the commander of armored brigade, he treated appointment with improbable responsibility. Having hardly arrived to crew, it immediately summoned the deputy for technical part and asked it daily not less than five hours to be engaged with it, explaining as it is arranged and the tank works.

on streets of Berlin still went on April 30, 1945 heavy fighting when the colonel Babadzhanyan makes the impudent decision: to come not only on the ground, but also underground - on subway tunnels. It in practice of a tankovozhdeniye was not yet. In several days to it the rank of the general will be given. Already later Amazasp Babadzhanyan will become the Chief marshal of armored troops of the USSR.


From the book “100 most great Armenians of the 20th century“.

2007, Moscow.