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What are Russians shocked by Germany with? Men - housewives of

of the German men often reproach with spinelessness. Here supposedly they are not able to knock a fist on a table and to put the woman into place. However it is necessary to consider a special demographic situation in Germany. There are much more men, than women. In this regard men are simply forced to behave politely and gallantly to find though some girlfriend of life.

But jokes jokes, and the element of truth in it is. The German men are not so whimsical as, for example, the Russians spoiled by a large number of women in Russia. Any German knows how to cook, to erase, iron shirts. He does not refuse housework and with pleasure spends time with children. Still touches me when I see the German men walking with children in park and the father carries the smallest on a back in a backpack - a kangaroo. The happy peanut with interest looks round on the parties from height of father`s growth. Mother can go about the own business at this time: to descend on fitness or in beauty shop.

In the German families it is not accepted to address the help of grandmothers and grandfathers. Usually young and not really (in the German families bring children late enough) parents cope by own efforts. Considering that education in Germany is given a special role, both parents most likely are well educated and want to promote. In this regard obligations for the house to them should be divided equally. And men do not even try to refuse, including such state of affairs with absolutely fair.

Of course, many families use services of the housemaid and children`s tutor. But in free time parents prefer to take care of the children and a household. Since Germans are sure that the child needs attention of both parents, fathers should spend a lot of time with children. What, however, is not for them punishment. The German men think of the children very much, trying to teach them to everything, than own.

In Germany there are a lot of cases when fathers had to go to court to achieve the right to see the child after divorce. For the German to leave the son or the daughter is the present tragedy. For this reason they spend a lot of time with children, without expecting that the wife will ask them about it. The woman can leave with quiet soul the husband on economy and go for several days, for example, to business trip. The father will cope. Well, maybe, it will clean up not so often as mother. But for the rest will not bring.

Many Germans also not against to be as the housewife on a constant basis. Sometimes the woman has more chances to earn money. In this case it works, and the husband stays at home with children. The German men do not see in it anything shameful. The main thing that to a family from it is good. At the same time also does not touch them if their wife holds a high post or constructed very successful career.

Residents of Germany are very practical for this reason they first of all consider any life situation from the point of view of usefulness. If the man sees that the woman is more successful in business and career, he with quiet soul will give it an opportunity to earn money. Germans always meet requirements of the soulmate, trying to find such solution which will satisfy both. At the same time the majority of them do not think of divorce even in the most difficult situation. They are ready to visit the family psychologist and to make in every possible way concessions to keep a family.

Of course, in the German families there are also problems. But I think that loyalty of the man in relation to the wife and children, and also his readiness to endow something for the sake of a preservation of peace in a family make it relatives rather happy.

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