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What are Russians shocked by Germany with? Division of garbage

Should be told that Germans very much love purity. Streets of the German cities look rather purely and tidily. Here it is not accepted to throw garbage by a ballot box, the police officer can even fine the violator for it. Of course, all the same there are citizens who are throwing out garbage anywhere, but there is not a lot of them.

Division of garbage is a separate history. In one country of the world so many various bags for utilization of different types of waste are not used. On German cuisine it is possible to find, at least, 5 garbage bags. to the Foreigners coming to Germany to study or work, it is necessary to understand long that where to throw out.

1. A bag for plastic . It usually call simply “a yellow bag“, according to its color. In it it is possible to throw plastic packings and cans which are desirable for washing before it. When I lived in the student`s hostel where there were many foreign students, the request of administration constantly hung on a bulletin board: “Please, do not give up dirty plastic packings into garbage. It leads to insanitary conditions“. At first it was difficult to me to understand it, in Russia nobody is engaged in similar. But then I got used and began to wash packings on the automatic machine.

2. A bag for biogarbage. Usually it is absolutely small bags since they are thrown out daily. There it is possible to throw bits of apples, a potato peel and other waste of a natural origin. These packages usually lie near a table on which the hostess cooks food during the day. She right there throws out preparation waste in a bag for biogarbage.

3. A bag for paper. Newspapers and a cardboard are utilized separately too. They are put a pile in a big bag which is devastated most less often. It and is clear, newspapers will hardly deteriorate and will result in insanitary conditions. When in the house the whole mountain of paper collects, the owner throws out all this waste in the corresponding container standing on the street.

4. A bag for usual garbage. throw Here all the rest that did not enter the first three bags. It can be the used napkins, wadded tampons, threads etc. Many sometimes confuse this bag to a bag for biogarbage, however it is simple to distinguish them - waste not such perishable here.

5. A bag for glass. Glass jars and bottles which cannot be handed over needs to be thrown out in the containers standing on any street. And it is possible to throw only a certain type of glass into each of containers - white, green or brown. It is undesirable to mix. Most of Germans put house glass in a big plastic package, will not collect many cans and bottles yet. Then they are thrown out in the container.

Besides these five main garbage bags, there are still special rules for utilization of batteries and details from household appliances . They cannot be thrown out in above-mentioned bags at all. For this purpose there are special boxes standing in supermarkets. Besides, the old or failed household appliances need to be handed over in special offices on utilization of garbage.

Separate garbage bags are not only in houses, but also on streets. The German ballot boxes have several openings intended for different types of garbage. Of course, all this becomes not to complicate life to ordinary citizens. It helps to save time to the relevant services which are engaged in recycling more likely. The system of division of garbage is very effective since it helps to separate the garbage which is liable to destruction from waste which go for processing. And it becomes the population by forces, without need to involve for this purpose special services.

Perhaps, this system cultivated in Germans the improbable consciousness which is not allowing them to litter on streets and to throw stubs by a ballot box.

Be continued.