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What it, ideal husband? From the point of view of the pensive woman of

the House and a family are an oasis where two can feel comfortable and abstract from vanity wordly. At each of spouses the idea of the ideal partner. Well, and if the woman still waits for the promised, then to her not a sin and to dream … So, our dreamer nestled in a chair, closed eyes and plunged into dreamland. On its representations:

the Ideal man has to be young, with an attractive face, high and with a figure of the Greek athlete. He does not need to play sports because he was born it perfect. The husband should not guess the external advantages at all.

He is very clever, knows about everything on light. Can construct the perpetual motion machine of improvised materials. At the same time the man is very modest and considers the wife much more cleverer than.

For the promised the condition of love for own wife is permanent. It comes to indescribable delight from any her word or a look. No mad acts of the wife can shake it deep feelings to her.

In a bed it super - Casanova: it is always ready, and after never turns away to a wall, muttering “Good night, expensive!“

the Ideal husband idolizes her mother, listens to her councils, shows it all attention and respect. His own mother never appears on the horizon, and exists abstractly in a fine blue distance.

the husband treats girlfriends philosophically, being perplexed why his beautiful wife has such poor friends.

the Ideal spouse - the main poilets and the supporter in a family: he makes good money. Generously showers to the spouse with gifts and flowers. Every year will organize for it magnificent foreign tour. And the visit of restaurant weekly is a good family tradition.

It does daily compliments on the subject of how his wife is dressed as it looks and what good taste at it.

the Ideal partner differs in education and keenness. He always knows when it is better for it to disappear from eyes down with when to bring coffee in bed and when to wrap up the wife in a cozy plaid if she froze.

the Most pleasant for the man is a communication with the beloved. Can be a topic of conversation anything: from culinary recipes to problems of saffron-yellow revolutions on the African continent.

He is a good father. He spends all the free time with children, visiting with them zoos, theaters, football matches. It very opportunely as the wife has urgent matters in which she can be engaged in the absence of children and the beloved husband.

the Ideal husband has to be very handy to repair all difficult household appliances which stuffed the house.

He knows several languages, and any trip abroad with the wife - for it continuous pleasure!

At the husband always equal mood, he never becomes angry. It has no diseases. He does not smoke, moderately drinks in the company, but is never drunk. It practically has no shortcomings. Its only weakness is a big love to own wife.

However he has a strong character. It is always cheerful, the wife feels behind it, absolutely safe. The ideal husband is brought well up, always listens to opinion of the spouse …

At this moment our dreamer heard the heart-rending cry reaching from kitchen. It opened the eyes: the paradise oasis was a simple mirage. At the apartment from the man`s population there was only one cat Lavrik who pressed for the fish from the refrigerator. Having deeply sighed, the woman trudged on kitchen.

And now it is serious. I have two news: one good and one bad. I will begin with bad. Our romantic woman risks to remain with Lavrik for the rest of the natural, dreaming of Prinze on a white horse.

Good news. All who have matrimonial experience probably noticed that over the years we become more tolerant. Having left youth, we understand that the count Monte - Cristo in the nature never existed. Well, and to find the husband like Rhett Butler who also plowed in kitchen, washed the dishes and took out garbage - unrealizable dream. At some moment the woman, at last, realizes that ideal men in the nature do not exist.

Having looked on blessed, the woman understands that to re-educate him already rather late and is useless. Only one warms soul: “At girlfriends husbands it is even worse than mine. Perhaps, mine will sometime come round and will become such what I want to see it!“

do not console yourself in vain hopes. You remember only one: if your husband noticed in time that the bulb fused, and the hands twisted new, it is already small victory. If he still remembers day of your birth and prepared for you a gift and a bouquet of flowers - it already halfway for your ideal. Well, and if he refused to go to traditional fishing with friends, and spent days off with children - then you the happiest woman on light!

Love and happiness to you, women! And world to your house!