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Why to Heinrich von Klejst “The broken jug“ in the Voronezh theater?

Lovely provincial Voronezh pleasures - to descend on a premiere in the most progressive in the city Chamber theater. Who was there, that should not explain that the hall small, ventilation bad and therefore the audience, in number of 70 people often at performances begins to fall asleep from - for shortages of oxygen. And even at all not because performances not interesting.

There is a project to transfer our fine philharmonic hall to the hall more, and in premises of philharmonic hall to place Chamber. I hope, it will be made somewhat quicker as also the hall of philharmonic hall does not accomodate everyone, and Chamber well very chamber that the first rows of the audience can hear all mutterings in a stomach at actors.

The prime minister of “The broken jug“ Heinrich von Klejst in Boris Pasternak`s translation - an event for our town important, for a small number of the audience. Especially for those who mixed tickets and from - for whom all audience was kept in the hall while that someone ran behind these damned tickets. But we will not point a finger.

At all the progressiveness, the Chamber theater seldom indulges the audience beautiful suits and a make-up, take not those. But in the performance “The Broken Jug“ the ugly make-up and suits were provocatively awful not to distract the audience from the main thing - sense of the play. I will honestly tell - to a look to stop there is nothing.

Acting was not just faultless, and, I would tell, ideal, but was obviously not enough for it some inherent in Chamber theater of a razdolbannost if you understand what I mean. Though razdolbannost in the scenario was more than, as refreshed.

An intrigue - why the major role was not played our shining star by Kamil Tukayev. Then we decided that for a leading role it should shave all head hair, and it is a pity to offer such hairdress, probably.

But at the same time the soundtrack is higher than all praises, Germans - gone mad on music and I too.

Comic part was presented by a numerous pukanye. It is possible to call a performance safely pridurochny or even bzdurochny, loud perdezh as an integral part of the German culture in such dear place could afflict, and even our gentle provincial hearing afflicted. If I did not know that in that country from where there arrived the director, the pukatelny subject on a scene is so popular, I, probably, would begin to cry. Such we are senzitivny provincials.

The performance is the sweetest, in the burdensome atmosphere of search of life it is very useful to break wind in time, not only for simplification of corporal illnesses, but also for the sake of a discharge of pathos intensity of emotions.

Than me the Chamber theater is pleasant: in - the first, it is the best-known on-stage performance group of our city after philharmonic hall in other countries. In - the second, wait for those there the audience who by the absent-mindedness leaves at home tickets. In - the third, having looked at very interesting and ridiculous play it is possible to do a clever face and tone of the judge of arts languidly to broadcast: “I was in Chamber yesterday, well - that they again there subtilized, is too wound. I prefer classics in dramatic art, and all this postmodernism tires me“.

So to go there and to rejoice, and you will derive pleasure also the “ōč“ will be to tell about what.

By the way, the audience waits for one more surprise under the name “Thanks!“ there, but I will not reveal him, look.

Good fellows! With a premiere you, and many thanks!