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The movie “Jane Austen“ - the melodrama or the drama?

- What it does?

- Writes.

- nothing cannot be done With it?

Year of establishment: 2007

Country: Great Britain, Ireland

Director: Julian Dzharrold

In leading roles: Ann Hathaway, James Makevoy

Original name: Becoming Jane - “Becoming Jane“

the Genre: the historical melodrama

Short was life of people in the 18th and 19th centuries. Not all, but many. Jane Austen`s life was such - not long. Held in 41 years.

To wake house in the big old house of the father, poor rural priest, to bring down from a rhythm of the sucking pigs... And than? “Are mixed“ by sound of a piano, a key - instead of habitual for late centuries white under fingers appear black, and it for independent and capricious Jane a commonplace. The good manners and prudence obligatory in England that (or other) time, were not acquired by the very young girl with chubby cheeks...

Opinions of contemporaries disperse even about her appearance. Jane “absolutely not pretty, she is prudish for twelve years, is whimsical and unnatural“, - the cousin Philadelphia so told her. “It is attractive, good itself, is thin and graceful, only cheeks several kruglovata“, - the brother of her close friend said.

“Everything occurs in compliance with etiquette?“ Is not present, of course! “The young man will not be able to resist?“ Yes, it is unconditional!

The catch is rejected at once:

- I will never buy its state.

- And what you will buy, the cousin?

What it bought? On feminism, on aspiration of the woman most to earn a living, an opportunity to read the novels, impossibility to be with darling, on reason and feelings, on pride and prejudice...

I look and I plunge into “their“ life: I box the offender of darling who is posing as the cynical spendthrift, Tom Lefroya; I go on a fair and hardly I turn aside from the painted people sticking to me; I return a bat a ball and I run, I run, I run to beat in cricket of men, I take the heavy gun in hand and I nearly fall from the fact that it suddenly, shoots...

I watch and admire work of the operator (Eygil Brild) and with pain I realize that this face outlined by a frame of a window of the removed carriage will not be never not kissed any more by the one whom it releases...

It gave the chance to the beloved to promote. Whether it is necessary to speak: having paid dearly for it? It is not obligatory at all! “The choice is always“, - it too she told. And in thirty years put on a cap, having assured all: she is an old maid.

- What lawyer you will become?

- Typical, the sir!

The lord and the Supreme Judge of Ireland, he endured it for 50 years and, probably, with a smile remembered the short and ridiculous affair with future novelist, “first lady“ of the English literature whose works study in all colleges and universities of Great Britain.

The Scottish actor famous from “Chronicles of Narnia“, is convincing (how still to tell if he is convincing?) in all scenes about Hathaway (“Princess Diaries“). A silent contact of hands furtively and a passionate kiss of Jane - everything works well with amazing ease somehow once of screen couple which was in time “to achieve good team-work“.

And if to be honest up to the end, then in the movie I would try to read expressively on roles dialogue... for Jane Austen... Only let someone will tell remarks for her beloved sister Cassandra:

- How the story begins?

- is bad.

- As proceeds?

- Is even worse.

- As comes to an end?

- is happy.