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who is chosen by young people to themselves in couple?

Work: “Behavior of girls in relation to boys in young and very young years“

the work Purpose: To define the best way of behavior at interaction with an opposite sex

of 11 years. The first steps of girls to boys as to objects of desire.

of Action:

and) silly laughter

) inadequate and defiant behavior with the purpose to draw attention of object

in) unexpected cottons a palm on the head, a shoulder and a back of object

of) a direct view of object

of 12 years. Situations to similar 11 years + d) sharp, humiliating jokes in relation to object of desire

of 13 years (a change!!!) For the first time the boy is considered not as a subject of interesting game, but as the Gain Purpose.

of Action:

and) to look constraint in the face to object

) desire to look good to be pleasant to object

in) defiant behavior on purpose privle attention

of) getting of additional information on object at disinterested persons (friends, schoolmates, relatives, teachers of object) of

d) pain and offenses at not achievement of the purpose

of 14 years. The purpose to win object goes further, but intentions are already more serious.

of Action:

and) first FLIRTATION!!!

) avoiding of a meeting views

in) cheeks puntsevet at the sight of object (especially if the object is studied at present by the subject)

of) silly acts with the purpose to draw attention (not to confuse to behavior. Acts differ tselesoobraziy)

d) attempt to start conversation with ojekty at any case

e) desire to confuse object

of 15 years. Firm intentions. Serious actions. Bitterness from dissatisfaction of the purpose very strong.

of Action:

and) flirtation

) desire to look good in any situation (even when weeding a bed)

in) getting of information on object at the object!!!

of) attempts to start serious conversation

d) attempt to catch on itself his eye

e) commission of the sensible and meeting approval acts (nonsense disappears, but in places is present)

of 16 years. Age when victories are important more than ever. At this age three types of girls are allocated:

Skilled lionesses

Insufficiently skilled, but purposeful cats

Inexperienced and unreasonable bear cubs.

of Action of the First:

and) flirtation

) the image of helplessness

in) the image of a complete dependence from the man

of) a connivance to any word of object

d) the image of the adult and independent person in combination with the image of “the naive little fool“

e) manifestation of economy with the purpose to strike object

) kisses with object before the purpose was or was not reached

If intention of the First the most serious, then signs of the Second Type are often shown.

of Action of the Second:

and) rapprochement with object on a friendly basis

) the image of full independence (with feelings. from it, from the relations)

in) time ignoring of object with the purpose to draw its attention

of) a friendly smile at a meeting with object views

d) manifestation of serious intentions in achievement of the purpose

e) remission of jokes of peace humiliating character towards object

) a direct look in eyes to object

of Action Tretikh:

and) DENIAL of the feelings both before others, and before

) manifestation of qualities, to characteristic 11 years!!!

in) a silly smile upon the face at a meeting with object views

of) ignoring of people around at the sight of object + instant change of behavior

the Conclusion: In privlecheniy attention of object the First are in the lead. These lionesses always try to obtain the even if the object was chosen for the sake of an entertainment. The same and with serious intentions. The second often achieve the objective, but not always. More often the object or does not state intentions to communicate love bonds, or is confused nature of subject. However reasonable detsystviye of the Second often lead to desired result.

of Action Tretikh cannot call successful. They do not achieve result. Satisfy with Tretiye self-love of men. As a rule girls of the similar plan seem to them thoughtless, but they are flattered by the fact that the girl finds them attractive that allows them to amuse the vanity. Are afraid of Takzheparni that the behavior of girls of the Third type with them will be their REAL behavior in life (about manifestation of qualities of 11 years). Men find the Third type attractive as game, entertainment and friendship, however they prefer to get the relations with the First and Second types.