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In search of what go on the holy sites? The pilgrimage in Podgory of

“At the beginning was the Word ... life was

B It, and life was light ...“

(The gospel from Ioann, hl. 1, 1 - 4)

the Word which at the beginning of collecting to monks in Podgory turned at me on mind was “gun“: to take it or not to take? On the one hand, I thought, in deaf places of the Zhigulyovsk reserve, near Volga the weapon (permission to carrying is available) can be useful as required. And on the other hand - as it will be apprehended by monks, say, there arrived to a sacred source of the prophet Eli an armed pilgrim, he does not trust us, does not hope for God. Decided not to take.

Being from among secular “zakhozhan“ (went by the temple and came), before a trip esteemed on the Internet about a monkhood because, as they say, “when in Rome do as Romans do“. The archbishop of Orekhovo - Zuyevsky Alexy said on the Hierarchal cathedral of 2008 that monashestvuyushchy - color of Christianity, specify by the spiritual and sacred life to suffering souls a way of original calling of the person. The soul, like a mirror, reflects what beholds. If heart is turned to God in a prayer, then divine light is reflected in it by .

Blagoslovyas, I go behind impressions to Podgory - to man`s and female monasteries.

Is expensive from Samara to Podgory

Departure with Osipenko`s pier by trip motor ship on Volga - at 8 o`clock in the morning. About two hours floated to Podgora, admiring beauty of Volga and Zhiguli Hills. From pier - on foot to convent in the center of the village of Podgora, 4 km through the wood and the field. Back - the same motor ship in the evening at 19 o`clock.


Zavolzhye Is sacred

- the Ilyinsky convent is open in 2006 on the place of the restored Ilyinsky temple of construction of the 19th century.

Now there a community from 20 nuns. Their main monastic service is a prayer for all. And also obedience: singing on church services, care of the territory of temples and a kitchen garden, an iconography, embroidery, work in a refectory, reception of pilgrims, etc.

After church service - a modest meal, twice a day, with a prayer.

Pater Noster, Izhe of an esa on nebesekh! Yes the name Your is consecrated,

yes will arrive your Kingdom and there will be your will,

of a yak on do not enrage also on lands. Bread our essential dazhd to us dnes;

and ostav to us are long ours, a yakozha and we leave to our debtors;

also do not lead us into temptation, but izbav us from lukavago...

Behind a monastic kitchen garden the water meadow with strawberry glades through which the small river the Jordanian flows stretches. Bathe in it - water much more warmly, than in Volga.

Roll about on a green grass of a meadow. Look in the sky: white clouds over a blue distance, and are slightly lower - red domes of church. Feel this it is white - Xing - a red tricolor: My God, store Russia sacred! Be photographed against the temple, this look will warm you and in a winter icy cold, and in the far foreign land...

the Sacred source

In the flesh an angel, prophets the basis,

the vtory Forerunner of Christ`s coming. Eli`s

the nice, from above sent in Lyubov grace,

illnesses of an otgonyata and prokazhennyya ochishchat;

to a temzha and esteeming him sharpens healings

is So written on an icon of the St. prophet Eli near a source.

It is possible to pass to a source according to the index from convent, a little more than a kilometer. A source with a swimming bath - in the man`s monastery near the temple of the Lord`s Cross. Plunge three times into healing water of a St. source or wash its cold water!

To it centuries come pilgrims. Water analysis showed the content of silver tens times higher usual. On a legend, water washes it treasures at the foot of a hill before pouring out from a spring.

Come into the monastery temple, it is executed in the form of a tower in traditions of the Russian architecture, decorated with a carving, in style “without uniform nailing“. Take part in a prayer for health, accept divine light in heart!

the Man`s monastery

Pilgrims - men can rise from a source even above uphill in a monastery. Visit of this monastery by women is limited. There - cells for each monk.

According to the monk - the monk, they aspire to more righteous life, through prayful communication good luck, humility of wordly passions, under the leadership of the spiritual mentor.

Therefore pilgrims have an opportunity to join such life, to receive the spiritual help.

In free from a prayer in the temple time monks equip economy, are engaged in a garden. When donations of parishioners are not enough for bread, the potato from a kitchen garden helps out.

Going to the monastery, take from the house, than are rich: cookies, tea, sugar etc. The main thing - bring your open hearts to the Lord!

“Simon Piotr told Kamo`s

of a gryadesha to It: My God! where You go? Jesus answered it:

where I go, you cannot follow Me now, and later will follow Me“
(Ioann, 13, 36).

The immemorial question of meaning of life, in my opinion, in Christianity is solved simply: it is necessary to live correctly so that to get to life eternal. And monks set us an example to such life. But not all to move to monasteries! How to arrive to the layman? What means “to love the neighbor as“?

The archpriest Dimitrii in the sermon said that he in each of us smolders ugolechek beliefs, and it is necessary to inflate this spark our good deeds. It is necessary to begin with small affairs: to someone to bring a handbag, for someone sometimes to wash the dishes. And through these trifles to us the Lord will open rather, than through grandiose plans which usually burst as soap bubbles.

I was lucky to get to the monastery in a post - it is a high time to reflect about important in life, to confess and prichastitsya in the temple.

The world all also store you God!