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What it is more important for the prostitute, a sound body or spirit?

Probably, at first ripen thought how to become the prostitute why it is necessary that it can give or as who will begin to treat it. It not safe occupation in every sense therefore many restrain. It is better, than prostitutes, on such subject hardly anyone will be able to tell better. But it is also not necessary to them, they are busy with much more “pleasant“ and “useful“ business. The majority of them understands that this profession cannot bring in the income all life therefore whenever possible seize some another. But whether it is possible, in aspiration to the better life, to fall to such level?

Prostitution, is one of ways of commercial activity where working capital, the reporting, tax payments as in our country it is illegal business is not necessary. Here it is not necessary to possess mental capacities, long-term training. It is enough to have at least average external data.

But if this profession is capable to solve material problems someone from the prostitutes who reached definitely high level and “working“ in an elite sphere of application of the abilities and natural talent, what remains to others? First of all - to think of expediency, without commensurating the material requirements with the available opportunities at the moment, to be engaged in search and mastering of more worthy and welcomed by society profession. If in general anything else in the head does not climb, then no councils, bans or wishes will help here. But caution about disappointment and possible consequences has to be convincing. The same who already appeared in this “field“ want to tell that were not afraid of condemnation of relatives, it is always possible to stop if only was not too late.

Dream of most of girls and women - to appear behind the back of the strong, healthy, handsome, strong and wealthy man. But quite many prefer that the man appeared behind their back, and in literal sense. I mean prostitutes, and it is unimportant, once paid by grateful users or being a product of repeated use.

To subdivide the fair sex into categories - business ungrateful in addition useless. Unpredictability of the choice of one, is comparable only with understanding of mistakenly chosen way by others. But who actually is mistaken and whether so it actually?

The nature in the woman is put to be not just charming beauty or the temptress, and the daughter, mother, the spouse, the grandmother. Well and, of course, keeper of the center. Really at some age stage of development, can pereklinit the moral principles created by mankind for many thousands of years. I do not consider in this article the ways of compulsory character used for involvement in criminal business by businessmen from that. On that is UK. But the army of women of easy virtue which absolutely voluntarily connected the immoral way with satisfaction of lust, the men who are not burdened with marital fidelity, and also bachelors and adventurers in a sexual field is extremely huge. There would be a desire confirmed with a money equivalent, and ways for satisfaction there will be a great variety.

One of them - sex by phone. Unless it is not the same prostitution? Another - a porn - the websites with their variety and quantity in them the acting charming stars. The third - it is a line contacts with the same subject. Etc. - a striptease - bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels and, at last, special platforms, from the ordinary panel to the route with all its extent.

And in each of the listed cooperation forms with an opposite sex there will be representatives of the known profession, both on calling, and without separation from other primary activity. About the last, it would be desirable to talk in more detail.

The contingent is quite various, from quite provided and not really, married ladies, to lonely, dissatisfied legal and, often quite interesting work, but the eager thrills, variety of contacts and their alternativeness. Many just hesitate even to hint the elect in normal life about uncontrollability of the secret, passionate desires, is frequent even in the perverted form. But the special passion arises from an anticipation not only to have fun with sexual joys, and still to earn material reward, a salary for the interest, sounds is too banal and went, i.e. as if “bonus“. It is inconvenient to call other famous, but very rough word the same who does it free of charge somehow, especially, eventually, it is essences does not change.

Hazardous men, use services of a casino, viewing of sports meets in live, jumps, rally etc. more often. And for women far easier simply to be given someone, having received not only a decent dose of adrenaline, but also to solve a problem of subconscious level. Such independence in the choice of the sexual partner, in peak often monotonous, to sex with the husband or the elect.

Who thinks of sex more often, the man or the woman? Probably, equally. And about sex on the party? I think that men are more often. And to buy sex? Undoubtedly - men as women - to sell. A certain conservation of energy and means protivoborstvuyushche - the interconnected parties. It is possible to condemn prostitution only, condemning it using, ravnootvetstvenno, but why then guilty are all - women? Yes men, and themselves just like that solved, in turn, those who are engaged in the same prostitution, called extravagantly - “Gigolos“ and “Zhigalo“.

A conclusion arises that, both condemnation, and discussion of this subject and its heroes, does not make sense. Prostitution, is quite settled tradition, peculiar, to any of the existing and existing societies. And prejudices and restrictions of human wants can take place or on paper or as one of forms of education of morals in the same society. The more often individuals will satisfy each other, the society will have less problems. So we are arranged, and it is possible to speak differently and to belong too. Personally I - for legalization, and everyone decide to use or not - let.

And nothing will change. Both was, and will be. And fight against this “evil“, will have only indicative character, for the part of society which is not accepting such right for existence of forms of sexual satisfaction for their moral, moral and esthetic reasons.