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Lobbying of laws party clans in the State Duma - is a corruption sting!!!

Without law will not be consecrated any and even scanty business - without law both there, and syuda!

the Fatal force of any society is an essence of the approved Code of laws on which there is all power. Show

to me that sings these people, and I will tell you how it copes and what his morality. Confucius.

The most sad is concluded here that at us do not seek for establishing order the politicians lusting power, the burned paparazzi, nimble lawyers, especially, corrupted excessively a demon at all - control permissiveness deputies. For them, than growing turbid the right of the legislation, that more simply catches a small fish. It is simpler to politicians to suyeslovit and sit on an Olympus of the power when laws have limited force and are ground under their priority of interests. Paparazzi, the more dirty linen, the is more various options of gossips in articles, and it means higher the rating bringing popularity and the dividends of a gain. To lawyers, the more bloody affairs, the fees of legal services are higher. The deputies who ungirdled permissiveness not having rigid control from the Voters are ready to be on sale as prostitutes to everyone who grow stout will load with money their pocket. And in what conditions this bacchanalia is possible? When the power of a total disorder dominates!

After numerous completions by our parliamentarians, from the law on elections the version of the answer “against all“ disappeared. Also now, elections are declared valid if more than a half from taken part in vote votes for the candidate. That is, even if the people in general will ignore elections, and one deputies - an administrative resource will vote, elections will be considered taken place that leads system of “national“ vote to absurdity. There is a wish to know opinion of participants of a forum whether amendments to the law on elections are necessary, namely: to restore the point “against all“ and, to consider elections taken place if part in vote is taken by more than 50% of all voters having the right to vote.

An exit of Russia from state - bureaucratic socialism was complicated by the fact that there was no clarity in the main issue: what we pass to. For a number of the objective and subjective reasons in Russia the worst of possible options of an exit of socialism - nomenklaturno - oligarchical was realized. Also there was it by capture by the nomenclature and its entrusted oligarchs of both state ownership, and the power. And such capture could not be followed by corruption. On corruption level Russia put near odious state blow - stvo of Africa and Asia. “In Russia the system of capitalism for the elite, mafia capitalism, an ersatz a cap - a talizm is created … Russia is comparable with the worst in the world the Latin American societies which inherited polufeo - distant system“. J. Stiglitz. And its rating does not become better from year to year. What it is offered protivo - to deliver to corruption? Readiness and desire to punish. It was firmly declared by the incumbent president. But the main thing is that barrier which was entered still by Yeltsin, - the declaration on the income and property. And the. And neighbors a sort - stvennik. However, for what the official will be responsible? And in general, whom to check? In total? Someone? In total not regulations - rovano. Everywhere remains: “on a discretion“ … Then if I am not pleasant, I will get under “discretion“. Now the question of the choice of object of check remains behind the administration too. Means, it should be humoured. And it is the most reliable - to enter “into business“. Even better - to have the organized group capable both “to get“ the administration and to keep a tight rein on “violators of the convention“. In a word, mafia. Such fight against corruption creates motives for bribery and chiefs and controllers. The idea of the declaration on the income is simple: to reveal and punish. But whether can stop punitive measures what is stimulated for centuries with all essence of the organization of system of the power? So, conclusion. Proposed measures of fight against corruption will develop into fight in bureaucracy, in excessive self-criticism of the administration. Emergence won and to nobody, except itself, not under control group will become a result of such excessive self-criticism. And it is the best base for corruption and a basis of a new round of new types of corruption“. Gabriel Popov “About corruption in post-industrial society“ the magazine “Science and Life“ No. 3 - 2010.

In Russia as well as in Germany, England, France, Finland - last century was under our boot, there are all necessary systems of the power: The constitution, Parliament, Prosecutor`s office, the President, the Prime minister, the Government, Power bodies … - elections, at last! And result? More sadly also you will not present! As they say, whether all bodies on - tso, and the person? Well and ugly face: the thief on the thief, and he fills with all - the power of the unbridled corruption!!! Unless here about - the blema is concluded in a human factor and only officials of the power how speak, being mistaken, some Dili - Tanta? Of course, no! Are not born generals, they are done by purposefully created authoritative system. And corrupt officials the essence of the mode of the power constantly stamps! Corruption is a mol, and it is senseless to catch each such “witch“ separately, being in the exhausting confused care straining constantly the SI - ly, spending them for a waste of time. It is more reasonable to understand sense of a source of an infection, and then to liquidate it, by the effective organization of collective interest for the power. And in what the reason, unless in people?

Practically all population of Russia should be referred to category of the victims from criminal acts korrup - tsioner. Officially proven fact that in the cost of each square meter of the housing built in the country the corruption component - bribes which construction companies pay officials in the course of different with - glasovaniye reaches 30%! From each ruble which the Russian pays on acquisition of food bribes and “kickbacks“ to employees of the numerous checking and supervising bodies are taken away by not less than 20 kopeks. All of us, without exception, years regularly pay a huge corruption tax! And if it is formal, under the law, we are accomplices of the crime committed in scales of the state. But real material loss of the population - only one of numerous troubles which are born by corruption. It inevitably forms corruption - these morals - mistrust to institute of the power, disbelief in justice and, as a result, conscious neglect laws. At a certain stage the terrible mechanism of self-reproduction of the corruption monster covering all spheres of life and striking everything new and new generations turns on. Now no declarations on intentions to change a situation to the best make the slightest sense if they are not supported with real, rigid, even cruel measures. “To kill a dragon“ - l “Science and Life“ No. 10 - 2009.

How many it is possible to decline on all cases this prostitute not constructive philosophy of morals, without understanding that - everything that is in life of people it is generated by certain social conditions which cope the set mode of the power introducing in brains of people the interest by force of the harmful or zhivotvoritelny law. Any ideology is a smart way to get into soul of the naive inhabitant and to force it to execute any whim, at the same time is absolutely free for those who vtemyashivat this infection in brains of ingenuous people. We have to understand a simple essence that all reason of our dramas is put not in the person, and into stimulations of a priority of interests by force of the purposeful law. And the law it is possible to suppress, or to encourage defined deya - a telnost of people. And the present mode of the power all priority of the law assigned to a sabbath of commerce and it is strictly protected by the right of the law so that it allows any swindlers to be attached on a neck of producers re - a sursa of life and then to burn the stolen resources in the pleasure. And here will not save from temptation the world of people even morals of religions if the Culture of the Right does not dominate, generating harmony of Culture of the Relations.

Any mode of the power is under construction and works, showing an essence of the character on the basis of force approved To - a deksa of laws. In democratic society laws put into practice society chosen, and employed Izbi - ratel for this work deputies legislators for this purpose that they reasonable laws directed Otno`s Culture - sheniye in the world of people are more right. Means, Voters on the relation of deputies are Employers, and here deputies also are Workers. Question. And whether Workers at the good will can for itself approve such laws which them would force to work more effectively and more fruitfully, penetrating into each essence of a problem of our day? Find at least one such Worker. Here therefore never we will also hear it that at least one deputy approached us and it is interested with addiction would ask: “What still laws in the country that was to all perfectly and without problems are necessary?“ All directly on the contrary, us the deputies employed and sitting on our neck lobby any zako - ny, but only not those which are essential first of all to the society. Also there will be after that an order in the country?

Here bright to that example: Oleg Pakholkov “Who accustoms to drinking Russia?“ But it is only silk of public relations of entertainments of the party bosses wishing to snatch more places in the State Duma, and then to lobby by law force besides, first of all the partiyno - clan interests, but not the true Employers - Voters. From all this a conclusion arises: the party clannishness of deputies only harms the general for - to konodatelny process in the country, bringing in it excess vanity of interparty merrymakings with the purpose to draw odeya - lo on itself, thereby causing damage to society. Lobbying of laws in actual fact appears day an essence korrup - tion, and it conceals the cunning in the State Duma, having opened the cherished secrets that deputies are subordinated to party clan and are under rigid control of oligarchs and parties. Lobbying of laws is a corruption sting! And what it is necessary to make to exempt legislative process of the country from fetters of clan of parties and “rich persons“, having put it into reasonable dependence on true founders - taxpayers in the person of Voters?

What there is a legitimacy of the power in the conditions of an essence of the principle of democracy? And in what the essence of elections consists? It when some number of voters trust the voices to one person, hoping that this person will from - melt their interests in society at the level of the adoption of laws. So, or not so? But there is more to come! Rules you - a hog are arranged with the law so that the candidate who received only several percent of votes at elections becomes a deputy and uses trust not only the direct voters, but votes for certain laws on behalf of all residents of the district which it represents then. Unless its power in this case is legitimate? It is clear, that these rules allow to impose violently the laws to all citizens besides laws having established rules of the game in the most electoral system. Here therefore elections in Russia have no trust of the people and many do not go for them because do not see sense in such elections as this action do not bring absolutely any changes in their life. And schemers generally use an administrative resource during the vote and under this number of votes and all election system is ground. From here also the number of the disadvantaged and Ob - zhenny people in our country does not decrease and around the public relations of well-cared persons who only and are anxious with what on are inflated - to amuse the body and to be forgotten with boredom of notorious thoughts mammons. All this tears apart Russia on two camps of rigidly irreconcilable people again, one are consoled entertaining pochesukhy, and many ozloblyonna in short rations.

Attentively look at Korea - one nation, but there is under the different modes of the power and … a result on the person: northern Koreans have only an ideology fog in the head, and southern - reasonably develop! It was also in Germany: the German nation which is torn apart by the different modes of the power and as a result the concept with a humiliating shade - east German appeared! And in Russia the mode of the power was replaced, and … the people began to die out without exception! Here also that infection which does not allow to develop reasonably to the whole world of people disappears. Lie of elections, they do not create the intellectual competition among candidates - they one color and with one-sided outlook!

The right of the law it is possible it is prepotent to manage a priority of life of a handful of people or all society. And until active, reasonable and disinterestedly creative Voter does not achieve the right to influence on the legislator - ny process of the country all and will slide head over heels, arranging injustice. In the conditions of a full temptation of permissiveness, the power taken always will be done under themselves by those laws allowing them to sit quietly on an Olympus of the power, and, to use all of us as to them will take in head also on the unaccountable whim. Will want, and we will dig through a tunnel from Moscow to London! And will want … something uveselitelno - ambitious, we will be at war, washing and choking with personal and others` blood! What for? Ask it yourself when you reach absolutely uncontrolled power. Legislative arbitrariness leads to irresponsibility the power taken, and then to intrigues, an ambitsioz, petty tyranny …. And to improve our life Voters should take legislative process of the country under vigilant control, without allowing officials and oligarchs to do under itself such laws from which then badly all and wrong way all our life. Everything depends on on what the pra - to a pitchfork operates the power chosen by us under our laws - a charm, and on strangers - nasty thing! And all ostal - ny talk on our life - lives does not make sense in general. Also we need no ideologies zha - the party bosses and their party, reorganization, revolution waiting for the power … Only correct and ra - the zumny decision it is strong to take by the scruff of the neck our Workers - Deputies and at any cost to force these a zakonod - tel to carry out interests of society approving them owing to the right of laws. And here only then we will be able to change all priorities in society: science, policy, economy, finance, education …. And it means - a chestvo of living conditions of the person, and they also will give rise absolutely to other essence of a being of an individual, changing the person.

“If cages perish the reason it is necessary to look for not in them, and in environment!“ Irv Konigsberg. EXPERIENCE. Once cages provided the healthy environment, and they began to grow violently. Hardly the condition of the environment worsened, and their growth of Torahs - mozitsya. As soon as the got sick environment of a cage improved recovered and began to develop. And the person a multicellular being consisting of these cages and the environment of these cages is a body of the person. And what yav - lyatsya by the environment of a body of the person? Society! Means, development of the person depends on quality of the organization of the environment of society. And if with people of any society it is universal there are psychoses, then the reason should be looked for not so much in separately taken person, and in that environment which gave birth to him, raised, grew and caused his brain the of programs - mother. Namely all his subsequent life in sufferings … or … pleasures also depends on all this then. Means, all our efforts on transformation of an essence of the person it is necessary as it not surprisingly here sounds, to direct not on mo - ral the person, and to change of cardinally that Wednesday which molds each person on the image and on - a dobiya. Tediousness of morals irritates the strong personality, and weak plunges to submission of despondency. And only to a pra - bringing of a freedom of choice in the conditions of a certain range of the choice develops flexible intelligence in the person.

Speaking about the power, some at the same time claim about importance of its vertical. And it is right, but only attacked - to wine. Why? Look at an innervation of bodies of the nervous ways leaving a backbone. And what we there vi - dy? Two channels: one proceeding, other entering. The nervous system of an organism cannot work at all if there is only one channel. In total in our world it is arranged on the law of paired relationship. The double spiral of DNA upako - vyvatsya in a double set of chromosomes, and the genetic code is ciphered by two couples of the bases. Kislotno - alkaline balance of an organism obespit echivatsya by a metabolism: female cages, produce alkali, and man`s - acid. The supreme body of management of a body a brain is the two-nuclear processor and consists their two hemispheres with functional isolation female and man`s. And nervous activity of an organism is based on interaction two Cis - that: sympathetic - exciting and parasympathetic - braking. The electricity turns out as a result of interaction of two poles, and they gather positive and negative charges. And that is characteristic in their interaction: the charges of the same name - make a start, and heteronymic - are attracted. And until we ignore wisdom of the Nature, without paying attention to the principle of paired relationship, in our life all and will occur wrong way. “Perfection of the organization of society has to assimilate to functioning organiz - ma“ Platon. In which centuries it is told and where look and what speak about and what is done by shepherds of society, driving with centuries into psychosis of the relations not one generation and is premature in a grave, without seeing itself, created on an image and on - God`s dobiya as an essence for imitation. Therefore, the vertical of all power should be built on two opposite - to parallel channels: from below up and from top to down. And only this way to turn out efficiency of all power.

Capacity of the power will increase in that case when she begins to settle on two-channel system: from below up and from top to down. Here it will be for this purpose more reasonable to put all deputies into rigid and total dependence on constituencies that they listened only to the Voters and did not look at the party. To create the Power of Self-government in constituencies on purpose: to control legislative processes, to filter all declared candidates regarding professionalism and decency, holding referenda and meetings. Obtaining power of the right for a response of those persons who got through in the power for the purpose of mercantile interests and not frames - given the trust with their subsequent discharge from any elections in this district. It will also become that twirl - to potassium from below up which it will be total to control all deputies of legislators without exception. The WTO - paradise a vertical is created from the President of the country who as the representative of executive power, is obliged to control all administration of officials since the government, governors … bearing full otvetstven - a nost before Voters for their professional activity: ru/archive/0/n - 45253 /