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Whether it is prestigious to be the engineer today?

the Word “engineer“ come from Latin ingenium - an ingenuity. So initially the profession is creative, and not so routine as some school students and entrants choosing the further way think.

In pre-revolutionary Russia there were few engineers, but it were really highly qualified specialists who were highly appreciated very much. In Soviet period the profession became mass, but rather prestigious, despite a modest salary. Competitions in technical colleges were always high. Heads of a high rank were most often formed of engineers, up to the government.

And here new Russia was overflowed at once by fashion on humanitarian and economic professions. As a result now we have army of lawyers, economists, marketing specialists who lack workplaces. All these professions serve a superstructure, and basis everything is production is. Now, fortunately, the understanding that without production all the rest loses meaning comes. The profession of the engineer begins to gain popularity anew. Demand for these experts grows, “the old guard“ of engineering shots leaves. Therefore presently to choose a profession of the engineer is very rational decision.

Besides, if the person has tendency to the exact sciences, to be just interesting by the engineer. There is a set of engineering specialties in all industries, agriculture, transport, and everyone can choose the closest for himself.

With development of information technologies and computer programs work routine once is filled with new sense. It, for example, fully belongs to drawing. From manual laborious work (which just frightened off many at choice of profession) drawing by means of computer programs turns into fascinating creative occupation. Modern information technologies allow to represent quickly and qualitatively a detail, a design, a construction in all projections, in volume, to show any cuts and so on. The experts owning such technologies are in great demand in the most prestigious companies.

There is one more, and not unimportant, argument in favor of the engineer`s profession. For anybody not a secret how many in the last decades appeared higher educational institutions which instead of giving the real education, give only the diploma called in the people by “crusts“. And most often it is higher education institutions of humanitarian specialization. And here technical universities are generally fundamental educational institutions, with traditions, with the qualified teaching structure. They let out the real experts, let still inexperienced, but seized the basic knowledge and abilities sufficient to achieve certain success in life.

So to become the engineer - means to get an interesting, prestigious, best-selling profession. And the most important that it will allow to realize the talents and abilities and to bring real benefit. Finally this most important.