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What Prevents you to become the Leader in Life?

We live in the most interesting and a mankind era full of improbable opportunities.

More than ever, is obvious the greatest of all which we had to face a call. All of us are united by the general desire - we want worthy life, we want to cease to worry about tomorrow. How we will meet this call and we will cope with it, our tomorrow depends.

And I am convinced, as you are capable of it and the call is already accepted. On all continents, even in the most remote corners of the Planet, people are ready to use the chance to become successful and rich .

Learn to say “YES!“ To your knacks and to speak “no“ to that limitation which prevents you to be unbound created by you. Force which is necessary was always part you. But during life you accustomed to deny and refuse it in foreign advantage.

Time to learn to estimate really the present, to operate the destiny, to be engaged in creation instead of destruction, to come into true contact with world around came.

It is only necessary to seize own leader abilities, and you already will be able to help others and to direct them to a way of creativity.

In the conditions of the modern, quickly changing reality it is necessary to possess emotional, mental and creative capacities to become the outstanding and vigorous personality.

Open your own creative potential to a leadership source especially as it always was at your disposal, and derive strength at prime necessity in the heaviest and, apparently, insuperable situations.

Leadership , it to be able to accept a challenge which is thrown down by life every day - both in a family, and in collective, and at work.

Leadership , it is worthy to meet difficulties, to learn to gain experience, to raise and go only always forward.

I first of all - to understand “that“ and “as“ you does with the life.

As you interact with other people,

what do you think of yourself what your acts, values and beliefs.

Because your beliefs play a crucial role.

All at the birth are granted very much also a lot of things! There is a question: where all this disappears, especially at those moments, when necessary? do not forget

that you own much bigger amount of knowledge, than it seems to you, but you just hided this knowledge on the distant shelf and forgot about them.

Time to take yours abilities and your huge internal potential on freedom came. Know

, you are absolutely free in your decisions and acts. Here also all essence of all problem is hidden! Irrespective of a situation, only each of you itself bears responsibility for correctness of the choice, itself generalizes experience and makes unexpected discoveries.

In your opportunity to start process constantly to operate own life. And for a long time it is proved that we have boundless potential. So why many use them only partially, believing that they are not capable of bigger?

To be the leader in the life learn to trust and trust - not only to yourself, but also to what was still not known and only you begin to learn and study.

Self-confidence assumes risk.

Radical trust assumes risk.

to learn, are necessary time and experience.

Similar things do not come instantly, just as there are instant no success or a maturity. So life is arranged.

We receive exactly so much how many we wish from life and are capable to enclose in it. If we give ourselves “entirely“, then our “whole“ will return back. It is not obligatory at once as we would like that, and, perhaps, not in that form in what we expect. But over time all our contribution surely comes back.

In - the first, life without your direct intervention is similar to the ship without steering wheel which got to a storm.

In - the second, such life reminds wanderings at night in the huge wood without lamp, a compass and the card.

Without being leaders, we are left without the leading force for achievement of the purposes, realization of the treasured desires.

Imagine heart which cannot overtake blood any more. Heart - the functional leader of ours is cardiac - vascular system. We cannot live without it. Imagine

that dark night disappeared, and together with it the bright sunlight left. How there will be a change of day and night?

Readiness to meet the dark fears and the main enemy - with Itself. For this purpose it is necessary to take all the huge potential on freedom, to create new vision of the darling and the only life and to passionately wish execution of new desires.

Imagine that you climb up the top representing all your potential. And behind shoulders - the backpack filled by eighteen heavy stones. Hard? Means, we will begin to throw out, they disturb.

in process of ascension, getting rid only of one habit which stirs you on the way, you are exempted from one of stones so it becomes easier and easier to go. And though rise still not walk, the above you climb up, the more wonderfully the look opens to your


Traits of character and habits which prevent you to become the Leader Zhizni #1 - the Low self-assessment and absence of respect for themselves.

#2 - Excessive tendency to deception, excuses and justifications.

#3 - the Pictures in consciousness holding on the place.

#4 - Unwillingness to forgive and release.

#5 - Insufficient use of imagination.

#6 - Neglect in relation to the creative potential.

#7 - Requirement always to be right.

#8 - Low communicative abilities - inability to listen and speak.

#9 - Inability to reconcile with the fears.

#10 - Lack of clear aims.

#11 - the Lack of obligation.

#12 - Fear of risk.

#13 - Inability to accept responsibility for the life.

#14 - Loss of hope.

#15 - the Lack of courage.

#16 - Inability to dream and dream.

#17 - Absence of love to.

#18 - Vanity.

The belief, Knowledge and Actions“

Belief will help to facilitate this way to you always “Helps us to begin something and to continue despite obstacles.

Light of Knowledge specifies to us a direct and most effective way to achievement of what we trust in. And continuous Actions, leaning on trust and Knowledge will unambiguously lead you to desirable result!

I wish you Good luck!