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89 - I am shooting Tamanskaya...

89 - I am the Armenian Tamanskaya three times a shooting division decorated with an order. One of 6 Armenian divisions in VS USSR.

Fighting way.

1942 - 1943 - Fight for the Caucasus.

1942 - 1943 - the Battle of Stalingrad.

1943 - the Rostov offensive operation.

1943 - the Donbass offensive operation.

1944 - the Crimean offensive operation.

1944 - Liberation of Sevastopol.

1944 - Lvovsko - Sandomirsky operation.

1945 - the Berlin operation.

1945 - the Prague operation.

1945 - Storm of Berlin.

It is created in December (on December 14), 1941 in Yerevan, Armenia (ZAKVO) as 474 - I am a shooting division (under the Resolution state credit obligations No. 935 of November 22, 1941).

is renamed on December 26, 1941 in 89 - yu a shooting division.

In field army: from August 10, 1942 to August 31, 1944, from October 19, 1944 to May 9, 1945.

Is disbanded in 1956, in connection with disbandment of the national VS USSR divisions.

On August 10, 1941 89 - I the division participates in fights for the Caucasus.

In October, 1943 - go for performance of fighting problems of a division the honorary title “Tamanskaya“ was given. One of its regiments under the leadership of the lieutenant colonel Ervand Karapetyan (it is from the village of Hndzoresk) broke through the defensive line of the enemy on the mountain Long near Taman Peninsula. Here in fights for liberation of Kuban the sergeant Unan Avetisyan, rescuing companions, closed a body an embrasure of the earth-and-timber emplacement and stepped in immortality. Except it, ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union in these fights received Suren Arakelyan and Dzhagan Karakhanyan.

B of December a division enters the hardened fights on liberation of the Kerch Peninsula, on April 18, 1944 89 - I am the shooting division entering at that time into Separate Seaside Army freed Balaklava. The fallen soldiers of a division were buried at a city cemetery and at the bottom of Mountain height, and at the end of April, 1944 - go the city of Kerch was freed. The division received an award of the Red Star for participation in this operation. The Crimean operation and in particular the Sevastopol campaign in May of the same year brought to a division an award of the Red Banner, in these fights of 5 soldiers received a rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union, and two regiments began to be called “Sevastopol“.


390 - y the shooting regiment

400 - y the shooting regiment

526 - y the shooting regiment

531 - y the artillery regiment

154 - y separate istrebitelno - the anti-tank

167 division - y a mortar division (to 25. 10. 1942)

219 - I am a prospecting company

uchebno - a rifle battalion

280 - y the engineer battalion

467 - y detached battalion of communication (to 10. 05. 1943)

789 - I am detached battalion of communication (with 11. 05. 1943 on 04. 11. 1944)

476 - y detached battalion of communication with 05. 11. 1944)

197 - y meditsinsko - the sanitary battalion

550 - I am a separate company of chemical protection

184 - I am a motor transportation company

466 - I am field bakery

931 - y divisional veterinary infirmary

1662 - I am field post station

1108 - I am field cash desk of the State Bank

Commanders of a division

Semyon Zakiyan (15. 12. 1941 - 09. 02. 1942), colonel.

Andranik Sargsyan (23. 03. 1942 - 01. 11. 1942) the lieutenant colonel, with 16. 10. 1942 colonel.

Artashes Vasilyan (05. 11. 1942 - 10. 02. 1943) colonel.

Nver Safaryan (19. 02. 1943 - 09. 05. 1945) the colonel, with 20. 12. 1943 the general - the major.

Gayk Martirosyan (1946 - 1951), the general - the major.

89 - I am the Armenian Tamanskaya three times a shooting division decorated with an order - only of all national formations took part in storm of Berlin and crushed the strong garrison which strengthened in the center of the capital, in Humboldt - Hayne. For this operation the division was awarded by the Order of Kutuzov 2 class.

the Huge role in progress of a division was played by her commander the general - the major Nver Safaryan, the person who is comprehensively prepared militarily and constantly increasing fighting training of staff in the period of calm.

His ability to get out of difficult situations and to make only the right decisions happily were supplemented with Personal courage and the indisputable authority among soldiers of a division. The commander of a division and its staff along with others 6 - yu national Armenian divisions glorified force of the Armenian weapon, crushed fascism in its den and forever entered in May, 1945 - go victorious dance of a kochara at walls of the Reichstag.

After war the Tamansky division returned to Armenia and was a part of the Transcaucasian military district. In total during war the division passed a way to 7250 km, from them 3640 - with fights. Freed more than 900 settlements. More than 12 thousand soldiers were awarded by awards and medals, 9 of them became Heroes of the Soviet Union. In 1956 the national VS USSR divisions were disbanded including 89 - I.

The Hero of the Soviet Union as a part of 89 - y a shooting division of everything 9 people received an honorary title.

In 1944 on brotherly burial of 250 soldiers 89 - y the obelisk was established to a shooting division in the city of Balaklava near the foot of the mountain. In 1961 at the expense of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic it was replaced with a new monument: the stele 10,5 meter high extending up revetted with gray pambaksky granite. On the monument face the relief symbolical image of the Motherland is made of shod copper. She holds a bowl with the Eternal flame in hand. On an inscription stele in the Russian and Armenian languages: “The Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945“, “Eternal glory to soldiers - heroes Armenian 89 - y Tamansky shooting Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner awards of the Red Star of a division, fallen in fights for freedom of the Soviet people, for liberation of Sevastopol“ and “Mother of people will never forget the dear sons“. Authors of the project - the architect D. P. Torosyan, the sculptor A. A. Arutyunyan.



the Armenian people has more than 100 Heroes of the Soviet Union, more than 25 gentlemen of an award of Glory, many are awarded by other awards and medals. All our divisions, and there were 6 Armenian national divisions, battled heroically and selflessly. Not incidentally at storm of Berlin the marshal Zhukov chose from national divisions 89 - yu the Armenian Tamansky division as she showed the fighting qualities and force.

I do not want to assume that tragedy if the Soviet Union lost war. Turks stood on border with Armenia, drew up powerful forces, 3 here - yu field army. The groups which were on duty on border watched a congestion of the Turkish troops, and it was clear that Turks are ready to undertake attack, wait for an opportunity. If we lost the Battle of Stalingrad, then Turks would intrude in Transcaucasia, and the new Genocide of Armenians would begin. In case of defeat near Stalingrad there would be no Armenians. Will long remember the Armenian people that it was expelled from the Homeland during Genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and about atrocities which then were made... Today`s Armenian statehood is obliged by the existence to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War


the general - the colonel Gurgen Dalibaltayan.