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Saturniansky calendar, or Who in the house the owner - Forty or Kot with the Rabbit?

the Last years for popular editions astrologers actively use the Chinese calendar which cornerstone is 12 - a summer cycle of Jupiter. The Persian, saturniansky calendar widely propagandized P. P. Globa in 90 - e years. Why saturnianskiya? Because the cycle of Saturn is the cornerstone of it.

Floodlight moves every year to other zodiac sign and bypasses all zodiac signs in 12 years. Therefore totemic animals there 12. Saturn slower planet, and it is in one sign more than two years. Totems in a saturniansky calendar 32.

Floodlight was one of managers of an era of Fishes, and his cycles were leaders. During an era of Aquarius Uranium, Saturn and the Neptune govern. And you already answered a question who in the house the owner, I think.

Today the saturniansky calendar bears more information, really influencing the general processes and destiny of each person. Year according to a saturniansky calendar begins in day of a spring solstice - on March 21. On March 21, 2011 we saw off year of the Turtle and met year Soroki.

Year of the Turtle was one of the best for a bookmark or the beginning of concrete terrestrial affairs. The public organization or business which were open in 2010, most likely, will develop, become stronger and bring in the income, the Turtle always comes to the sea - to the purpose, it is a totem of terrestrial and water elements.

Events of 2011 will be very significant on several indicators. Uranium, the manager of an era, was included into a point of the beginnings - 1 degree of the Aries, for March 21 it in the most exact connection with the Sun - it gives the most powerful to energy for all year.

Hera Vodoleya - an era of air, forty - a bird, her elements - air. To experience on what energiya we will live this year, present a fiery hurricane which carries you, and you hardly manage to make something or to grab to rescue. Think very well what really should be rescued.

Council of the astrologer - old become obsolete all the same will collapse, do not spend force neither for his destruction, nor for its maintenance. Keywords for a year of Soroki - communications, the relations, words, the speech, papers, arrangements. Do not go “against wind“, and use energiya which are strongest at the moment.

According to a mayansky calendar on March 21 - day of the Thunder-storm. A thunder-storm - air, water, lightnings, fire, the maximum emotional pressure after which clarification, updating, simplification and rest comes.

Let`s remember fairy tales. Forty manages at the same time to be everywhere, everything to hear, to see everything and to carry right there about all what was seen and heard on all wood. This year it will be very difficult to hide any information in general, and having grasped one message, Forty will untwist everything that stands behind it. Soroka is called the messenger Bogov.

The huge strength of protection is given this year by prayers, mantras, reading rosaries and sacred books. And from here and the second party of a medal - as speak, “it is necessary to be responsible for a market“. Each careless word can have big consequences. Empty and deceptive promises of public people, especially the people allocated with the power to them will cost very much. But also to simple people nothing will say goodbye. You monitor words in usual everyday life at communication with the family, relatives, colleagues, neighbors. The wish bad to other person, insults and a mat instantly opens power holes (first of all at you) through which health, life and prosperity of your family will leave.

It is necessary to be especially attentive this year with signing of contracts and during the work with papers. Carries to forty many both gossips, and an idle talk, and frank deception.

Time to collect stones will come next year, the Squirrel will be a hostess of year. Year Soroki gives us the chance to pray for forgiveness, realize, and, above all to regret our small and big mistakes. The true repentance and forgiveness another of their mistakes and offenses clears soul and gives the chance to dump unnecessary weight and to turn facing a wind of change.