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The satisfaction and satisfaction of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Satisfaction satisfaction means to children

to test to receive to find to achieve it is useful to feel the reasons of others harmfully artificially naturally naturally influences to prolong to strengthen

and On the one hand our course of life - need of to satisfy, with another - reason, the law, conscience, will power, call of duty, duties...

pzv When the person grows financially, his need of to satisfy increase, spiritually - decrease.

pzl you do not hurry to satisfy yourself - it is possible to wish

only what is not present. vp Before in what that itself to satisfy

- learn opinion on it of those who already achieved it.

and is good that not all desires of the person of to satisfy are granted - and that he would do it!

pvl has to satisfy Desire of, to be not team to action - and the recommendation.

pzv the Person only that - at whom reason prevails over desire of to satisfy.

d Among satisfactions - choose only useful. p - it is pleasant to

to do Double satisfaction to others.

p the Real satisfaction in rest - only after work.

and the Person who tested the real satisfaction from work - begins to understand that it is impossible at inaction.

and the Dissatisfaction can make active the person.

and the Dissatisfaction - quite good help for creativity.

to Satisfaction - happiness grazes.

pv Satisfaction should not be an award for our affairs - we have to receive it, already executing them.

pv Satisfactions should not be looked for specially - they come in correctly organized life.

p Opening of the next page of knowledge - incomparable satisfaction.

and Road to satisfaction is not less sweet.

with People, being upset - that they do not have something, cannot be satisfied with that - that is given them.

p Creativity - the highest satisfaction. If the person lacks

of stars natural satisfactions, he begins to use artificial and gets to trouble.

zp If the person has no natural satisfaction with life, such as family, mutual love, favourite work, creativity, material welfare, pleasant hobby, it it is frequent, and especially that who has a weak will and mentality, being broken, resorts to

to artificial satisfaction. These are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. of

p the Satisfactions which are not connected with the nature - are harmful.

z Constant satisfaction ceases to be felt over time.

p the Highest satisfaction of the conceiving being - to get knowledge from a desired source.

p the Person has to make efforts that vital satisfactions brought less sufferings.

p Human reason has to sift satisfactions on harm.

to Satisfaction - a desire fruit.

z Satisfaction amplifies imagination.

d The satisfaction is more rare - the more pleasantly.

and Satisfaction can be prolonged due to its expectation.

and Long-awaited satisfaction - is twice pleasant.

pzv Satisfaction from work - the most hardy and useful. It should not be counterbalanced with activity, it does not relax the person, does not lead to bad consequences, does not give rise to grief … z The more clear and important the person feels by

the mission, the it is more than sense, values and satisfactions he sees in life. z Satisfying with

requirements, we often renounce the principles.

p Should be able to reveal the false need pushing satisfaction of negative requirements on


the Dissatisfaction - can provoke, and can bring into despondency.

z the Dissatisfaction - can be to business on advantage.

and For satisfaction of vital needs to the person of money is required to spiritless

much more.

vpzl One people feel satisfaction when more means are spent for them as much as possible, others at the same time have

feeling of awkwardness, shame and concern. The first are, as a rule, silly, selfish, proud, ambitious, important, are boastful,

are unscrupulous …

pz the Kind person has true satisfaction when he does good to people - angry jealously waits for good from others.

pz the People who are not able to estimate really a situation indefinitely trust and seek to meet the desires even if they are absolutely impracticable.

and Often way to the purpose brings to the person more satisfaction - than its achievement. pz Having satisfied with

itself the person, the meaning of life loses - the care of others is infinite.

and Dissatisfaction of natural requirements ruins health

of the person, does not allow to construct full-fledged happiness.

p Reason should not suppress natural instincts, and look for more favorable options, methods and forms of their satisfaction. pz the Best way to satisfy with

requirements - to reduce them.

pz Reducing inquiries, the person increases a possibility of their satisfaction.

p Than is more person with the overestimated inquiries to satisfy,

the becomes worse it, and its inquiries increase.

and Those people who can promote satisfaction of our requirements - seem to us good and attractive.

and In the nature is everything - that the person could satisfy himself only in the natural way.

and Satisfaction with life depends on the successful solution of problems.

and Satisfaction of sexual passion takes away the most part of time and forces from many people.

p Wise for satisfaction of passion chooses more reasonable


z Happiness first of all is reached not by execution of material desires - and satisfaction of natural instincts.

z Bad people are inclined to that in sex to satisfy more than.

z Good people are inclined to that that in sex, to satisfy more partner.

z As a rule, in sex partners - if one of them the person good, and another bad have more mutual satisfaction.

and Generosity is satisfied with need.

and If forces come to an end, and desire still remains - the person feels a dissatisfaction.

vp the Normal person is satisfied with life a demon of artificial dopes.

and At mature age at the person and, especially at men often comes a dissatisfaction with, the achievements.

pd the Person feels satisfaction - when his knowledge extends. and Passing

from bad vital situation in satisfactory - the person feels happy, with excellent in good - unfortunate.

and Happiness of people with prevalence of an animal component depends on satisfaction with sex, food, a dream more …

and Happiness with prevalence of a human component depends on situation in society, the intellectual level, knowledge level more … pv in What way to satisfy with

passion it is necessary to solve before it enters you into an agony.

and Properly we live when not the stomach and flesh - and soul

is satisfied and When to the person prevent to satisfy defect - it harm proceeds.

and Any richness of the world cannot satisfy greed.

p Satisfaction does not extinguish desire - and only inflames them.

pv should be Satisfied vital requirements, excessive - to suppress.

yu the Fool manages to find satisfaction in commission of nonsenses.

yu At the fool instead of thoughts desire of to satisfy.

yu the Person cannot satisfy that is that it already has.

yu Satisfaction cannot step on a hungry stomach. yu That to the man to satisfy with

the girlfriend - marries it enough, the wife - there will not be enough all benefits of the world.

yu the Highest satisfaction - in lecture of parents.

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