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And Beijing - the city of contrasts? Travel of the grandmother and granddaughter of

Hot was everywhere last summer, and in Beijing too. But we not especially suffered from a heat, it was quite possible to take breath on “rescue islands“. You will get on a bus or a taxi - there it is cool, the conditioner; you will come into cafe, shop - the same. From a heat it was possible to escape in parks, about lakes and pools. You will go down in the subway - and there a desired cool.

The subway was pleasant to us. It is possible to understand the scheme of the movement quickly, distance between stations not really big. On each platform there is a district map around the subway on which the letters A, B, C and D designated exits from this station to different corners of the intersection. So according to this scheme it is easy to understand what is necessary an exit. To buy tickets in automatic machines at stations it appeared very simply, but it is necessary to know how the name of station is written with the English letters. Before pass to turnstiles all things of passengers, up to a small handbag, “appeared through“ in the same way as at the airport, but the second-hand market for some reason was not.

One meeting in the subway was remembered. We considered the scheme of the movement, thinking to what party it is necessary to go. Suddenly from the next column to us the girl rushed and started talking to us in English. It appeared, she wanted to help us to understand the scheme and to prompt in what direction to go. And it, and my English was far from perfect, but it is persistent as if our safe achievement of a purpose of visit was business of her life, continued to understand our intentions, all the time apologizing also for the English, and for the image. The girl tried to use an opportunity to practise English, having overcome both the shyness, and fear “to lose face“ - I could just wave away from it. For the Chinese “to lose face“ - it is inadmissible.

About the Chinese food it is written so many that hardly I will be able to add something brand new. I will just tell about one ridiculous case.

In the evening we usually went to have supper to cafe. Far not everywhere, especially in small cafes, there is a menu in English. According to the photo found mushrooms which ordered in the menu. The waitress several times asked me whether really we want this dish that, of course, had to guard me. Had to, but … “Mushrooms“ were meat. Dexterously coping with sticks, Yulya began to navorachivat pieces one by one, having noticed that “meat tasty, but too fat“. At my order there was a spoon. I do not cope with sticks.

Having tried viands, I found that “specific taste“, but is it is possible. Then, having looked narrowly at what lay at me in a spoon, I understood that I already saw “IT“. And IT was not connected with food at all. The picture from the textbook on zoology of vertebrata - a pad of a frog recured to my memory! Brought us a full bowl of frogs! My dinner was instantly finished, I gave to the child an opportunity to eat so many frogs how many will get into it. I told about what we ate Yul only houses after arrival. It treated it very quietly: “Well and that? Frogs so frogs“.

Me can notice that at me some very kind picture of life in China, directly glossy tourist prospectus turned out. But it is my impressions of a trip. We were not organized tourists, went across Beijing and saw what we saw. Of course, there were both unpleasant moments, and difficulties.

Once we saw an ugly fight between the man and the woman on a market, but did not see any drunk Chinese anywhere. Much bigger I expected from visit of a zoo. Pandas reign in a zoo. The huge spacious open-air cages always surrounded with visitors, the House of a Panda complex, photos of pandas toys - pandas, souvenirs.

The panda is an emperor of a zoo. On this background its other inhabitants and their open-air cages look not that poorly, but is felt that they are not so important for employees. By means of the plan of a zoo to find the necessary open-air cage very difficult. The plan - in itself, and the valid arrangement of objects - in itself. From - for it we were late for show in “Aquarium“.

Saw the children who were deeply sleeping on a piece of cardboard under legs at passersby on the street where the night market, and the woman raising money “on their contents“ settled down. I think, children were under the influence of something narcotic. But, as a rule, the attitude of Chinese to children touches and touches. They are very much loved. In the little girl`s train to the lasagnas on regiments, of course, annoyed neighbors, however nobody abused them and straightened out. In our compartment the young guy, by the form the student went. It patiently took down that on it crumbs from girlish chips poured from above. Then it with some awe took on hands of the one-year-old baby of the neighbors and with pleasure amused it. Yulya felt in China just a star. Smiled to it, treated with any delicacies, fruit, tried to talk, all the time suggested to be photographed together with the children.

In Hunchuna and Yangtze to me for some reason did not allow to use the Internet in an Internet cafe though there were empty seats. When in Yangtze I nevertheless tried to break to a little table with the computer, on a girl`s face - the administrator such horror was represented that I regretted her and, having stopped this trying, left cafe. Plans of the cities somehow not really corresponded to reality. The same as in a zoo, they were difficult to use. It was difficult to understand also the scheme of the movement of buses therefore we preferred the subway. But in these buses, as well as in other transport, I was given way at once.

In general, the attitude towards elderly people in China such is that even my age began to be pleasant to me. And as elderly Chinese are able to spend free time! Both in Hunchuna, and in Beijing - everywhere in the evenings to us groups of elderly people met, is more often than women who, having gathered in a circle, sang, did some exercises. On paths of the Beijing parks people surely met, men who, without paying to anybody attention, made physical exercises are more often. Especially the elderly man admired me one (well the hand “old man“ is not raised to write though his age was very respectable). Strong, as oak, direct back. And what at it were rolled bicepses! Not at everyone young you will see such. For it just there were no passersby who are scurrying about to and fro. Having completely retired into oneself, it smoothly moved, stiffening in different poses. I do not know how this gymnastics is called.

A usual sketch which can be observed in parks: the young musician rehearses because, most likely, it has no house for this place. Housewives under the leadership of one of them do exercises. Nearby on a bench (did not enter a shot) the men playing some board game.

Shortly before our arrival the hurricane fell upon the southern regions of China. Within all ten days of our stay in China we saw the flooded earth on the TV, destroyed by a hurricane and a flood of the house. Saw the people crying over bodies of the dead of the family the, and the people who were persistently sorting blockages and building dams … I admired them.

I understand that we saw, generally a facade that in China there are territories where foreigners are undesirable guests. From the pictures taken there where it is very difficult for foreigner to get I understood that Chinese pay dearly for the cheap goods. But I am sure that how life in these territories was difficult, there live the same firm, benevolent and hardworking people.