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Why you do work for others? About the help to colleagues, community work days and indications “from above“ of

At last you found what is necessary: interesting, prestigious and that is important, highly paid work!

Great mood, you are full of strength also confidence that very soon you will prove all the solvency and professionalism - your new piece of labor life quite so begins. You are vigorous, initiative, ready to pull up trees, working better and better and more.

The chief of the delighted with volumes work done by you, colleagues with interest watch you, sometimes asking council or the help. In such iridescent state you spend the first month. Then you begin to notice that shouts “about the help“ become more and more, colleagues begin to get used that on the first call they will be “helped out“, and is more faithful - will make something for them. And the volume of your work is not reduced in any way, and on the contrary, begins to grow as a snowball, reaching the sizes of an avalanche ready at any time to fall upon, apparently, innocent head.

The standard schedule of working hours - from 9 in the morning and till 6 in the evening for lunch - suddenly begins to change from one o`clock: to be in time all in time, it is necessary to come to half an hour to office a bit earlier and for half an hour to be late, the lunch break is reduced to 15 minutes. The sandwiches and coffee taken from the house in a thermos are absorbed right there, in front of the monitor screen.

New surprises do not keep themselves waiting: requests of the chief to be late for an hour - another sound in increasing frequency, and already new “surprise“ - to come to work on Saturday, and sometimes even on Sunday! And all this is free!

And houses wait a family and children, wait for your attention and love. First the optimistic mood remains still some time, you feel the importance in collective. Still! Does not pass day that somebody asked you about the help or small service. Then you begin to notice that at that time while you do someone`s work, that somebody goes about the own business, lovely spends time in conversations with colleagues, hangs in the computer with the next toy and its “thanks“ first sounding so sincerely is suddenly transformed to a negligent nod by the head, it seems: it is made - and is nice!

Your surprise is replaced by bewilderment and eventually develops into irritation which leads to the fact that you begin to break at home, on the people who are so hotly loved by you. Whether there are ways to prevent a similar situation?

For a start it is necessary to rummage a little bit in itself. Whether we are ready to tell “no“ in response to a request for the help? Situations happen different. One business when the help of the qualified employee with the question including its field of activity, and absolutely another when new colleagues, using that the beginner did not accustom yet and knows nobody is required turn it into something “give - bring - unpack“.

It is possible at the beginning, referring to the work, to let know to the colleague that the help of you will come, but only after own work is performed. Having pulled a cat for a tail just once - another, you look, the colleague will come off the chair and will execute what has to do.

That before the processing caused by the instruction “from above“ then a question several another, in this case just like that you will not wave away. To appeal to conscience or to swing the labor legislation - measures not always effective. For a start observe colleagues. Whether they how many overwork? If there is opportunity, talk to them frankly, try to find out as far as they are dissatisfied with a situation. If in collective one dissatisfied, then it is easy to management to replace it, but if all team is dissatisfied, then it is necessary to deal with the matter: in one day well harmonious team cannot be replaced. So - either to stop community work days, or to raise a salary.

Can happen and so that you will find out that all people around are happy with a situation or do not overwork at all. Then you can frankly talk to the administration which already for certain considered your abilities and potential, about the termination of processings or about salary increase.

It is quite possible that you are refused, then it is necessary to solve for himself: as far as your salary corresponds to your conditions and as far as you are ready to spend the time and nerves, remaining in this collective.