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There would be no happiness.....

the Reporting from hospital chamber.


Here, next, precisely unforeseen in any dream, history. Though occasionally my dreams happened prophetic and came true. So it was unpleasant for me, was so unexpected. I will Honestly tell

, as there is no wish to remember, but nevertheless truth for the sake of should be told to people around that there everything is bad, in our the filled greens by seas and in the flowers warm, sometimes even through chur, now become already the, the country of Israel.

I, the diplomaed Soviet physician, we always speak to patients - an illness easier, simpler and cheaper to warn, than then to treat. To warn an illness, of course was in my forces if to scroll a retrospective of years so, about ten, back. But, until the thunder bursts, as they say.

I am familiar with doctors since the earliest childhood, was born after war at parents - veterans.

Bronchitis and pneumonia pursued me everything my conscious life. Were added only - that disease of lymph nodes in bronchial tubes, a couple of the compensated defects to heart. Well, about the diffusion deforming bronchitis and its consequence a bronkhoastmatichesky syndrome, I will tell just on the course. Plus damage of mezhapozvonkovy fastenings. Here an incomplete bouquet to mine 60 - and to the anniversary. It would be enough for all my nine-floor house, but it appeared, as it - it is not over yet. The bouquet arrived in full strength with me from ekologochesk of the polluted Evroaziya`s region - South Ural. And the last five years when I ceased to leave to Russia, addressed to the district clinic seldom, passing on obligatory annual expanded analyses and surveys, especially did not exasperate a menya.

would not be me happiness to recognize closely ours, I will not be afraid of this word, the miracle - medicine and here neschastyyo helped.

During daily morning improving walk and jogging to which my Ural pulmonologist “made keen“ me and to which I will be always grateful I vdrg felt somehow not very well. To “A health track“ which helped me, in my opinion and according to the recommendation of doctors, fight against asthma, an old age, cholesterol and other defects of my “gold“ age, nearly fat my final journey.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I began to choke and became covered sticky cold then, and legs became “wadded“ - all symptoms of the beginning myocardial infarction. I remembered it that I learned in the Ural medical school still in 60 - e years.

Left I from the house, fortunately nearby, without deliberating, right there turned, but legs already did not want to obey me. Time sat down, two, then fell by a stone small fence which the sprained house had, without having reached meters three hundred the house and pulled out the mobile phone. I at first did not want to call home that not to frighten the wife. It was hospitalized with a high pressure several months ago, it was taken away from the house on a stretcher with hypertensive crisis, on “Ambulance“, only three months ago.

Was to a pozozha on what fortunetellers call “black color“. It precisely rolled on us. I managed to think only that if it not with heart took me, then it could be even worse - “the status astmatikus“, sudden closing of bronchial tubes, a spasm. It at me inheritance from the smoke-filled dirty Ural city and “inheritance“ on for the rest of the life. Pipes at our plant was more, than in all Poland. And railway tracks at our combine - the monster, was more, than in all Finnish Republic, here and so.

And in twenty years of emigration was a lot of things it, on hard life of the emigrant - the businessman that heart or bronchial tubes liked obviously not be pleasant. And before departure for historical “homeland“ life of “delovar“ - the dentist in the USSR was as a minefield near Berlin or Prague in 1945 - m.

When I regained consciousness and began to think as as, I lay on a back, on the earth. The consciousness returned to me, and strange faces were over me inclined. The guy - the Moroccan pumps water, splashes, asks who I from where and where went in shorts and an undershirt, with a water small bottle in a parolonovy cover am. His wife, here again was lucky me, hung up linen behind a window and saw the elderly person lying in a front garden. Drunk there cannot be a priori also she here, without deliberating, right there called “Ambulance“. It is advisable to tell that in Israel “the Ambulance, Ambulans“ is valid, very much ambulance. It seemed to me that it mnognovenno flew up. Then I remembered that the substation with two cars for convenience, was all in couple to one hundred meters. Here, again luck, the Guardian angel did not allow me “to depart“ once again.

I was laid on a stretcher and clasped belts. Phone my mobile lay on asphalt and did not work. Shock was such that I could not remember number of the passport, identity cards are more right, and here it is the main document. On it the paraphysician, the worker on “Ambulance“, will check who I from where and at the same time will check my solvency am. But, will carry to hospital even if, do not give you God, you from the Moon fell down! About payment will solve then when you are cured. I persuaded the paraphysician who arrived from “Ambulance“ to call my wife who too shocked, went to look for the husband in other party. Then she told that I it sent it by phone, to other end of the street. To me became worse and worse.

The siren of our “Ambulans“ raised a howl when we came out to the highway, towards Haifa as they howled during 2 - y the Lebanese war of 2006 - go years. As ill luck would have it, rush hours, 8. The 30th mornings, for work it is necessary to all. But it is Israel where health of the people - property of the state and society. Of course and culture of local drivers “is sensitive“ above Moscow “bombed“ also high-ranking Luda or the famous directors who are with impunity forcing down women “Mercedeses“ under a flasher. In the capital that who has more protection and the car is dearer to the former Homeland on the road of the rights. Here, in any stopper “Ambulance“ always “in the law“, always drivers will pass. The law even is that any driver is obliged to give way to special vehicles.

Children to very large medical center in the capital of the North, Haifa brought quickly me and handed over me in a reception.

Not “accident ward“ - it is pure - konretno on - Soviet where the nurse with the nurse doze and waits for hours of the sleepy doctor on duty to the sufferer.

Itself worked I at such “rest“ when studied as the stomatologist, carried analyses at night because little girls - nurses were afraid to leave at the night offices because of the drunkards and bums loafing across the city hospital territory. Moreover it was necessary to us, with the workmate - the hospital attendant, corpses of the patients who died in a night in surgery at daybreak, to take away on a wheelchair in a morgue! And happened in the winter, in our Ural 25 - 30 degrees of minus, on slippery iron of a wheelchair, to carry the stiffened body on sugoba - criminal case. Yes, still happened so that the corpse will move down from a wheelchair during snow, we will incidentally drop it, and to podymaaat the heavy stiffened corpse - - brrrrr, memoirs that from life my, valiant! And there`s nothing to be done, I studied, being already a family person, the father. Situation obliged to earn a living. I like to work, and here to ask something for myself and to be humiliated, so on me it is better to work with a shovel and I will drag corpses that I also did in city hospital in young years at night!

In the Israeli receiver - - [miyun], carry all patients with not clear diagnosis and with clear too, from all Israeli North. This process, as if the beginning of a vrachebvny konveeer of medical services also costs on a stream. Both “Ambulansy“, and helicopter when there are road accidents, for example. Or when there were terrible acts of terrorism when kamikazes blew up themselves in buses with civilians. On a backyard I found then the platform for landing of winged dragonflies. Beds medical for patients in hospital are equipped by the last medical technical word, move and rise in any plane and itself miyun [receiver] new, remade after repair of hospital.

Straight away researches of all my bodies and such which in a polyblade at the place of residence at the family doctor are put time in a year, these analyses expensive very much for my hospital cash desk began. And for many years of treatment in the Russian hospitals, to me such even “on protection“, did not dream.

the Budget at district clinics rather poor, not such, as in this superclinic. Well, all physicians in it to the miyena work, without sitting down, all change as clockwork. Managed us with the wife for the last three months the second time to get into it, say that the trouble does not go one. Already in a reception the doctor, “Russian“, Felix, recognized us at my survey, sympathized. For four - five hours physicians did everything possible, to me dug through something, through a nose, why a probe in a stomach launched, well tormented me, but it seems found nothing, and it is easier for me does not become. However, all made measurements of an illness in me do not show yet. Nearly home did not send, to the family doctor.

Called up the elderly skilled doctor on a consultation. He examined me very carefully and speaks to colleagues more young - without the reason people do not faint. And my elderly appearance and a condition of my insurance policy did not give a reason to think of simulation and why it to me?

A when brought me to a toilet, according to instructions of the old doctor, and it checked result, right there ordered to do the special express - the analysis. After the analysis right there team - in office! I got a fright - that on a table, but appeared is not present, will carry me to therapy, so here say, “Pnimiya of hey“.

I carried me on the “Jewish“ bed with an electromotor, to hospital chamber. Well though did not begin to do a hole in a stomach by the endoscope, to look as as in me ustoyeno.

In Israel “Ambulance“ paid, quite expensive call, but if you are hospitalized in a hospital, then the hospital cash desk will pay.

Hospital appeared much more, than it seems from the street. The whole city with underground cafes, a pizzeria, snackbar, with traditional shuarmy and falafel, cafe - ice cream. In shops it is possible to buy from a toothbrush to footwear. There is also mail with a currency exchanger. Here foreigners from all over the world, here are treated and money changes.

Ya itself also, on business to affairs, brought before crisis into clinic of Russians, persons interested is treated at world doctors. Especially strong pediatrics in this hospital, oncology and children`s and adult hematology [treatment of diseases of blood] - one of the best in the world.

Treatment in office began at once, after receipt thrust needles to me in all veins. Also did not take out them till last medical day. Appointed blood injection because at me found the latent bleeding from an ulcer in a stomach [which never at me was earlier!] - - very artful, often fatal illness. Because of a hole in a zhekudka at me availability of iron in blood sharply fell. It led to falling in hemoglobin blood, and it as I know now, transfers on system of blood vessels oxygen on all organism. It appears. The Lord, creating us, on an image about the similarity, and He, without doubts, is perfect, with himself for life gave nothing superfluous to us. And therefore we are obliged to protect that to us it is God-given.

Treated me in this “pnimy“ [office] as in Russia chiefs big treat also workers in shoulder straps of different color in expensive clinics which we see only in the Russian series. But I want to tell about what was seen in this a miracle - hospital, it, appears, one of the best clinics of the North of Israel. There is God, time where me managed to get to it - on mine, it turns out, happiness.

Me, the Soviet person who was born besides, right after strashenny Patriotic war in the destroyed Belarus from where to be healthy? Then all post-war children were born weakened, with rickets. As could be differently when both of my parents returned from heavy war. The Hudyushchy father coughing with a cigarette, I well remember in 50 - x when I was a boy. A mother who is 91 years old soon in war was the second lieutenant - the paramedic in front hospital and more than 150 times “voluntarily“ took a blood test the wounded. Also shouted at home, joking, on the father - all staff sergeant.

Moreover awful spontaneous explosion of radioactive waste which happened at Mayak radio chemical plant, near our city, on Yu. Urale, on the lake “Karachay“. He well added ruin to ours, without him weak, children`s organisms. To us with the wife in that time was for 10 - 11 years, we as well as a lot of things children of our region then very strongly were ill. Nobody knew the true reasons in that far severe time. It was necessary to fight for the world moreover around the world! To me that year even tonsils removed. The wife remembers that at her found a disease of a cardiac muscle, revmokardit. And all the truth or at least, part it, we learned only at Mischa Gorbachev and his “publicity“.

I want or not, and involuntary comparison with unostentatious Russian medicine itself at me gets out. Let the Russian colleagues do not become angry about the old man.

our Chamber was for three, with a toilet - a shower, linen in a corridor how many you want. Air is conditioned on all hospital. And in the conditions of the hardest summer and a hard illness clean cool air - - a powerful improving factor. In the household room a microwave, coffee tea bags, sugar - - it is possible to take how many and to anyone. Feed tasty, we heat, everything is fresher, with the wife who was on duty the first nights at my bed, a portion for two with was enough for us. And it was not porridge - a gruel with bread from an iron bowl. The medical staff is very benevolent. Also consists of Russians, Moroccans, Arabs, Christians and Muslims. And all work and live in peace and friendship, contrary to all ordinary opinions, I will pledge you the word, the witness! Today there is a lot of “Russian“ patients, so in each office there are a Russian-speaking nurse and nurses. I was treated by the doctor - the Arab who got an education still in 80 - x years of the last century in St. Petersburg. The chief physician of office - professor with a world name the Arab - the Christian. There are no distinctions or diskrimination and cannot be a priori! Visits of patients - - without restrictions, till 23 o`clock.

In the first night, through rather weak dream, I heard strong noise and shouts in a corridor. In the morning - brand new “event“ in my “kremlyovka“! On the contrary put in chamber the elderly patient - “sidelets“ of prison“ Ramle“. He shouted at security guards who “grazed“ it 24 hours together. It constantly was to prikova handcuffs to a bed, and for the night handcuffs changed for shackles. To smoke brought to a hospital balcony of unfortunate dressed in an orange prison suit with strips. I found out from the chief of office that he - - the dangerous recidivist, but for doctors and nurses it - - the ordinary patient. Without any discounts, treated him as all of us, well.

In one interesting chamber I glanced the curious nose when I slightly departed from death and already to me was not lain.

Chamber was closed automatically, hermetic doors. Behind it I saw the ordinary man. Also it was thought to me that here he, probably is treated for money and arrived because of a boundary. But the nurse Mischa educated me that in this chamber patients with the lowered immunity lie, they are afraid of others infection. Or on the contrary, from infections that they could not infect someone.

When for the third day felt better me, I on a backyard a miracle - clinics found, almost “incidentally“, the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. And, to an extract, went to watch two days between procedures at the huge bulk carriers waiting in line to the Hayfsky port and for fishermen with rods.

You will not believe, but it is the legal fact. On Tuesday I was brought half-dead and motionless on a stretcher with a siren, and on Saturday, having made the control analysis, I left home on the legs. Reached more true the parking where my family waited for me.

Would tell me about it earlier, hardly believed. Though about five years ago, the wife was operated in the morning, under anesthetic, and in the evening we took away her home. However, we thought that for couple of days nevertheless will leave it after operation. But here the medicine treats not lying in hospital and the mode. The world importance of the doctor write out the best drugs, day and night and medical staff skillfully operate nurses us, bolezny, after all this. In the middle of 90 - x, to my father of a naznachla to arrive to operation on shunting in heart to 1To 0 o`clock in the evening. At 12 o`clock in the morning it; already on an opratsionny table. And on the fifth dn it was written out, the truth not home, and in rehabilitation hospital for two weeks. And mother performed operation in a stomach on 90 - m on year of life, remove a gall bladder, and in five days she was also at home and until now is well!

If someone read from other countries and decided will undergo treatment with a guarantee - can quietly go to Israel. Our doctors treat without requisitions and “gifts“, in all clinics of the country. Surprisingly, but the expert to the top skills [mumkha] is in all medical centers of the country. By the way, I learned from the fellow countryman - the surgeon that private practice, as well as treatment of foreign citizens, trust only these doctors. The prestige and honor of hospitals are protected here!

Instead of an epilog.

But we - that the Russian people moreover from the Urals though Jews also we live of course, in Israel! The son, without asking me, took on my extract from clinic a box of smart chocolates with an inscription MERSI gold. Day off at us in the country on Saturday, the Sabbath. The administration in office was not both nurses and medical brothers relaxed a little. And even they did not dare to take candies to tea in weekday. Work is more expensive them than my and your candies.

I tell all of them and always - bow to the earth for mine and my wife rescue!

2010 year. Haifa