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How to get acquainted with the girl: Mr equipment. Smooth

Is slightly changed version of equipment - in such option it can be used also with the workmate.

General rules:

Where you were - do not wait for more than three seconds to begin.

throughout all time behave as the leader of television game - be cheerful, joyful, even ridiculous, “do not bother“, be extremely open on the fact that you do also concerning your each subsequent action which you plan; accompany each small success (you took it by a hand, put a hand on a waist, a kiss) with demonstration of sincere pleasure and share it with the workmate - say “give five!“ also clap it on a hand.

is possible, at first you will be ignored, girls will hint, but whether not to dump to you to two etc. - it is normal. But if you receive at least some feedback, some response, even negative, do not give up, try to achieve the at least for 5 minutes (it can seem terribly long, but it not so, you do everything to the heart`s content, and sooner or later your mood will be transferred to girls - they will begin to smile, laugh is to you and it is necessary;)

While the girl feels most comfortably in your company, you absolutely easy clasp her hands with the and hold them, talking without a stop and releasing jokes to the right and on the left;)

of the Girl have to have fun all the time that you with them communicate with the workmate! If they do not smile or laugh - behave even more ridiculously - or more idiotically. The unsmiling girl is forbidden at realization of the Mr method. Smooth;) Thus, any serious subjects, forget about all shit like a work / school / hobby. Conversation has to be extremely simple - up to childishness - the main thing that the smile did not descend from their faces;)

the Exception of the above-stated rule concerns situations when you do not communicate with girls - for example, talk to the acquaintance who passed by, or with someone whom you see for the first time. In this case the fact that girls have not fun means that it is boring for them because you at this moment do not pay them attention. Short communication with other people allows the girl to understand as far as it by her is boring and uninteresting when you do not communicate with it - it will force it to want to catch back your attention and not to release it any more;)

If girls leave, become attached to them - of course, right at the beginning they will feel slightly uncomfortably, but therefore when you are played, they will not want any more that you left;)

Operations procedure:

1. Present the workmate (N)

2. Praise highly and recommend the N (“he is my best friend“, “we are on friendly terms hundred years“, “he is a beautiful guy“, “he is the captain of a soccer team“, etc.

3. “I am sure, all of us will make friends as soon as we recognize each other still slightly - slightly / better“

4. Never argue with the girl in any occasion, never! Repeat points 2 and 3 - as necessary.

5. Admire and eulogize the girl as though you just told what thinks / told N - say from the third party every time when you want to state that at you on mind (“my friend says that you have magic hair“ - stroke her hair; “very womanly hands“ - take her by hand, stroke; “my friend considers you incredibly sexual“ - stroke it … khm …, probably, is more visible to you where:) . When you speak from the third party, it disarms her, she cannot but object nothing to your phrases (though could) - she cannot be angry with you from - for the fact that you just transfer thoughts that “your friend told you or thinks now“. She cannot attack and your friend - he - that, generally, tells nothing;)

6. Every time recommending N to the girl, speaking from the third party, touch her hand, put the hand to it on a shoulder or around a waist and attract it - gently - closer to N.

7. “You actually are pleasant to it“, take hands of the girl and N and connect them. Make the same with “the“ girl - she, most likely, stands nearby and hysterical laughs loudly, or looks, having widely opened eyes and having cast away a jaw, staring in disbelief, at this moment its analytical department does not work and therefore hardly it will be able to refuse to you;) Now, when also you, and your workmate you hold by hands of the girls - time for “Dai five“ :)

8 came. Repeat points 2, 3, 5.

9. Take the heads of N and his girl and try to cramp gently them with each other. Or: “He as it should be / He is a nice guy, truly? (the girl agrees) Perfectly, then we will play a stone - scissors - paper;) The loser kisses the winner;)“ The essence in what becomes not important who loses or wins - anyway a kiss will take place;)

10. If the girl refuses to kiss. Tell “You actually are pleasant to it“ and show on the cheek - it is only about a kiss in a cheek;) And it is not important who whom kisses on a cheek (better, of course, that the initiative was taken in hand by the girl;))

11. Do the same with other girl. Or - your N speaks: “We already kissed, your turn now:) “. Then next “give five!“ :)

12. Say in the most enthusiastic tones about what just occurred: “It cool / was delightful / magically, whether so?:)“, “As it is great that we so well get on with each other / that we so made friends with you:)“.

13. “But the real fantasy will be to kiss now really, so?:)“

14. Sit down closer to the girl, embrace her for a waist.

15. Repeat gentle colliding of two heads - now with undisguised intention to make the real kiss, repeat the same with the girl, “give five!“, admire what just occurred:)

16. Tell the girl of the N “You actually made a fine choice - this guy simply (a bla - a bla - a bla, a heap of a positive once again)“

17. “With you it is so healthy, we are so glad that we got acquainted and that we managed to learn closer you. It would be rather healthy if we could meet once again and know each other still better“. It is time to learn their telephone numbers. The kiss at parting, this time a kiss has to be rather good, long and gentle. “It is time for us:)“. Wait for no more than three seconds (at most - 10 seconds) and pass couples of other girls to an earthing up and be not worn out if the first two girls still somewhere nearby also can see you. However do not neglect an opportunity to benefit by those girls who, obviously, “are almost ready“ in sense “are ready to anything“;) Suggest to change scenery: “Listen, N, your offer to drink refined wine / champagne still in force?“. Í: “Of course!“. You: “Listen, girls whether you want to go with us, he lives here round the corner and he has a fine collection of wines / champagnes / cigars:)“

Mr Equipment. Shack - the simplified technology of realization of the Mr method. Smooth: on a background style of the leader of a television quiz show and an image of the friend - the moron who does nothing leaves and does not speak;) To the forefront there is an image of “the friend, the potryasny guy“. Johnny Shek (com. au):

“You have to cooperate with couple of friends and make the schedule in which it will be specified that each of you bears responsibility for the organization of a certain number of appointments in a month for each of other guys in group. Let`s tell, you need to organize 2 appointments every month. Now each of you will have very busy schedule of appointments besides that at you occurs in life - very interesting page of your life so will begin. Besides, so you will be able to gain necessary skills for the organization of own appointments. Practice which you will receive will be invaluable because you learn what works and what does not work in acquaintance to girls.

You will need to approach unfamiliar girls and to speak with them about the friend. If she refuses, then it not will not affect in any way your vanity because it refuses to your friend. You need to tell only: “Hi, my name is Joe, I noticed you five minutes ago. Can seem strange that I here and so take, I approach you, it am represented - but do not worry“. You can grin slightly in this place, she probably too will laugh. It will relieve the tension and when the girl is relaxed - that and further communication with it takes place to a lechga.

“Generally I approached you because my friend just left the girl and now not in the best mood“. Always say that you - or in this case your friend - just left the girl. Girls at once think that there is with you something not so if you have no girl. Therefore always tell this phrase - and you will notice a huge difference.

“I told it that it needs some small wild behavior - therefore he allowed me to organize for it appointment blindly. Generally, for this reason I now also talk to you. He is a beautiful guy, very nice“. It is very important to mention that your friend - the excellent guy and at him everything is all right with appearance. Even if it not so - she will hope that you tell the truth. Paint for it a picture. Remember: the imagination is what is necessary to kindle a flame which, perhaps, will burn all life. Women love the imagination.

“Perhaps, you will leave me the phone number, he will call you and if you are pleasant each other - that descend where - nibud together“. If she at this moment asks you to give her its phone, and she will call it, then answer: “Yes, it is good idea, but the matter is that he will need to leave on work soon, and it will be better if I give your phone to him. So will go?“. It, probably, the best that you can tell if she tries to part you in this way. When you say that your friend will go to business business trip, it makes impression of its success - and it is pleasant to cow calves. Final “So will go?“ does not make impression that you press on it - so she thinks that they at least will speak with your friend by phone. You make impression that the question is already reduced to the one who and to whom will call. However if she insists that she wants to call it - that simply give her its phone and tell couple of pleasant things about the friend. It is not enough, otherwise it will seem desperate attempt not to release it, but also it is a lot of - dostatchono to start it.

Pay attention: you always have to try to help the friends with appointments. Sometimes process will become the return - and you will already go for appointment. What you will find more girls for the friends, especially it is probable that your friends will act the same as you and to look for girls to you. Besides, this unforgettable feeling when you will organize sex for the friend. You feel the participation in their relations as though you tempted the girl - and besides, your friend will be very happy“.