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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 7 - 9? “Pastor“, “Hanna“, etc.

Long May days off allowed the Russian film distributors to be developed. Us threefold Wick - and, jam-packed by film novelties of the most different quality and scale expects the second week in a row. Unfortunately, the decent movies about war dated for the next celebration on May 9 were not in store rooms therefore the audience should be content with the third part (God grant, the last) mikhalkovsky “Burnt by the Sun“.

Hollywood will be presented by several pictures, including a storm action “Pastor“, a spy thriller “Hanna at once. Perfect weapon“ and comedy project “Groom for Rent“. Emergence at cinema of the three-dimensional animated film “Courageous Big Panda“ will become a small consolation for the least audience. In limited hire the Russian comedy “The Guy from Mars“ also starts. And now is more detailed:

1. “Pastor“ (Priest, 2011)

consciously to approach viewing of “Pastor“ director Scott Charles Stewart, it is not necessary to go into details of a plot or to sate a brain with viewing of trailers. “Legion“ is enough to remember its previous masterpiece (with the same Paul Bettany`s participation), and all questions will disappear by itself. Same rattling and silly mix of a fantasy, fighter, vampires, heroic and religious characters and pathos dialogues.

“Pastor“ - the screen version of the Korean comic book of Min - Wu Hen telling about dark times when the church priests conducting just fight with incorrect in the person of vampire race began to rule the planet. New priests burn down not only the God`s word, but also a sword which is meant as a rich arsenal of a various fire and cold weapon, and also a shelter - faugh, gan - faugh and other scary words.

The picture will be presented in the 3D format and will come out for two days after the main portion of novelties. It is recommended to all popkornoglotayushchy admirers of an impetuous action with a minimum of sense and a maximum of staginess.

2. “Hanna. The perfect weapon“ (Hanna, 2011)

Most of the viewers remember Saoirse Ronan, pretty, a bolezny look the girl, according to the tragic and fine drama of Peter Jackson “Lovely bones“. The girl grew up, the reflection was replaced by persistence, and now any maniac will not risk to approach it even close.

“Hanna“ of Joe Wright tells a story of the trained girl - murderers which arranges full defeat in a close formation of the international intelligence agencies, revenging for the beloved father (Eric of Bang). Such young Jason Born together with James Bond. Only in a skirt. More precisely, in a fur cap because the ideal warrior Hanna was brought up in severe conditions of Far North. That to it life sugar did not seem.

For Joe Wright - it is the first experience with similar projects, after a convincing melodramatic delicacy like “Pride and prejudice“ in 2005 and “Soloist“ in 2009. How convincingly he could fit into a genre, zashtampovanny to holes for a long time? Difficult question. Though absence in Angelina Jolie`s shot as the Russian intelligence agent - already plus.

3. “Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel“ (2011)


After an exit to Predstoyaniya screens last year on mister (differently) Mikhalkova poured out so many tubs perfect in any way guano that it was forced to postpone a premiere of “Citadel“, the last part of the trilogy “Burnt by the Sun“, from November 4, 2010 for later term. By itself, the fact that “Citadel“ leaves exactly in anticipation of May 9 is not a mere coincidence too.

In fact, a problem of creation of Mikhalkov even not in a plot of the movie to which, by the way, too there are a lot of claims, in particular from the audience who got used to classical treatment of events of the Great Patriotic War. The picture was ruined not only by excessive naturalism (this good it is full in the American fighters and military dramas, like “Rescue of the private Ryan“ or “Inglourious Basterds“), but also the irreality caused by nothing and a pomposity of the events on the screen.

The last nail into own a child was hammered by the barin, categorically and pretentiously preaching in mass media the exclusive value of the forthcoming movies for the Russian people and holding discordant up to shame. “The great cinema about great war“ became that stone which loudly and naturally dragged off Mikhalkov on a bottom.

Whether “Citadel“ will be able to change radically a present situation? It is doubtful because after many scandals and debate concerning “Predstoyaniya“, Mikhalkov stained the reputation of the cinematographer and person seriously and for a long time.

4. “The groom for rent“ (Something Borrowed, 2011)

the Standard Hollywood romantic comedy about relationship of floors with participation of the persons which so became familiar in a genre: Ginnifer Goodwin (“To promise - does not mean to marry“), Keith Hudson (“War of brides“ and “How to get off the guy in 10 days“) and John Krasinski who ate a dog on this scope for many years of shootings in a TV series “Office“.

What is interesting, Luke Greenfield`s tape is the screen version that favourably distinguishes it from competitors on a genre. It is possible to hope if not on the intriguing plot, then, at least, on more - less intelligent dialogues. Cinema, of course, more focused on female audience which closer all these of Shura - messes and prewedding collisions on sharing of the groom who unexpectedly was necessary for all, and not just the bride.

Two more tapes applying for some share of a box office finish the list of debutants of this week. The only family project of the future Wick - the enda is German - the Chinese three-dimensional animated film “Courageous big a panda“ (Little Big Panda) , narrating about darlings is black - the polar bears rescuing the native valley from water accident. Unlike the Hollywood analogs, Greg Manvaringa`s creation is created on “outdated“ technology, that is an animated cartoon - that drawn. How creators managed to push there 3D and as it will look on the big screen - not absolutely clearly, but unambiguously it will be pleasant to children.

At the limited number of movie theaters it will be possible to contemplate also the new Russian comedy “The guy from Mars“ the director Sergey Osipyan. Mars in this case is not only a hint on detachment of the main character from conditions and concepts of real life, but also quite concrete name of factory (MARZ) where the manager Petya works. The tape plot will even remind someone the famous Hollywood tragicomedy “Shou Trumanga“ though analogies are illusive.

Thus, on the agenda at us the approaching national holiday to which the majority of film novelties have absolutely no relation. It does not mean at all what the whole world needs to be brought down on sessions of “Citadel“ because the TV, certainly, will be chock-full filled into holidays with the old domestic tapes checked by time. As for other debutants, their quality varies from dreadful to tolerant, but with masterpieces this week is obvious tugovato.