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Friendship at distance - reality or difficulty? You Know

, it often happens when you meet new people far from the house, strike up acquaintances, find friends, and then to have to leave in the native places and to leave people who became so close for a short time.

Often happens so that these acquaintances are fleeting and after farewell leave only pleasant memories and pure feelings from time spent in common. But it happens that you became attached to the person too strongly and very painfully to release him from itself. Of course, now there are one thousand and one way of communication on the Internet, but unless the live look of the interlocutor and his real emotions can replace the computer? On the one hand there is a friendship. The true friendship will pass through thorns to stars and “will not become unstuck from rains and blizzards“ even if friends are separated by thousands of kilometers. And here if it is love... Love in this case girlfriend more stubborn. She does not love separation, hardly suffers from pain, but in addition the love is cynical and... it is practical. As to be unlucky romantic who managed to fall in love with the person from other city or even the country?

Certainly, young people the prospect to love at distance not strongly seduces. They are also glad, here only opportunities at youth are limited. First of all, monetary. It is impossible to take just like that the train and to visit the friend in Kostroma if you live in Nizhnevartovsk. Therefore, being realists and having ahead the whole life, children push away sudden love from another town as soon as set foot on native land

B than here a practicality? The relations are necessary to teenagers and young people for maintenance of a certain prestige in the circles. Also it is desirable that your soulmate was nearby. In a situation when it is necessary to meet to meet, many children forget about the value of feelings. The relations it is not just visits of cinema and kisses at an entrance, it first of all feelings and emotions. But know, if you got a holiday romance, do not hope that you will become all for the elect. Outside the native earth all flirt. Allegedly on freedom. But having played, it is possible to come across feelings. And then there will be an awkwardness when business reaches farewell. You understand, are necessary to youth of the relation here, nearby. The novel is one of entertainments of teenagers. Especially numerous and short-term novels. Therefore, it is as if strong you were pleasant to object of your claims, he will not prefer you to the native half which truly waits for it in the homeland. Romanticism of love at distance it is not too attractive, the youthful maximalism is still live in you.

Perhaps, new friends whom scattered over all country and all Earth will sometime happen to you. I everything wish to come into a coffee house in Oxford and with the sudden pleasure reflected in a face once, to exclaim:“ Kostya??? KOSTYA! I do not believe that it you!“ Suddenly it will become your happy ticket in new life. But you will establish old relation precisely.

Actually to be on friendly terms at distance - it is fine. It is necessary to appreciate moments of life when you had an opportunity to be with the person whom, probably, never you will see any more. But you shared with it pleasure and good emotions, and it cannot completely pass. And in memory there will always be that Petya, that Dasha, that George whom you met far from the house once.