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As well as where the Russian school students arrive?

Approach summer. For most of people the summer is time when it is possible to sigh with

relief, to gain strength, to have a rest. But only not for eleventh-graders. For

these young people the summer will become a decisive link in their future. However

to decide on higher education institution, and together with it and on future profession, probably, one of

of difficult decisions which the person makes in life. To what do graduates of 2011 give to

preferences? we Will begin

with the fact that the defining factor for decision-making is not

so many higher education institution, how many its location. Having visited the All-Russian Olympic Games,

I was convinced that a large number of graduates is expected to arrive beyond

borders of the hometown. Certainly, Moscow and

its legendary MSU, MGIMO and NIU - HSE enjoys the greatest popularity. Not less popular is Sankt -

St. Petersburg and such higher education institutions as FINEK, INZhEKON and, actually, St.Petersburg State University. Besides

capital educational institutions, the Kazan University and

the Ural State Legal Academy in Yekaterinburg enjoy popularity. Actually,

a little good that children prefer to break from native nests towards of

to others cities. However if to judge objectively, school students leave not so much for the sake of

of to become independent and adult, how many for the sake of guarantees of successful

of the future. Bulk of graduates of my school intend to go to study to Moscow

or to St. Petersburg. Some remain in the city. Absolutely insignificant part goes to study

abroad. And the similar deal of desires can be explained with what, according to

majority, in both capitals of prospects and the prior has to be more, than in

regional cities. by

But to choose higher education institution - one business. Absolutely not easy there to arrive. The number of the budgetary

places is sharply limited. In 2010 in “tower“ there were all 252 byudzhtny places on all>

flow of entrants. Slightly better the situation in MSU where last year on

zhurnlistika, for example, 182 persons on the budget from 800 documents filing

were accepted is. The few school students filing documents to this or that institute will be able to get

a grant on training. The most part will study on a commercial basis.

Certainly, higher education institutions fell into an unpleasant state too. Now it is easy for USE to buy, and the selection committee risks to take

the unworthy entrant. Dlyaotseivaniya

of incompetent pupils was developed system of the high school Olympic Games. They are carried out by

long before USE and provide real chance to enter on desirable

faculty to the chosen university ahead of schedule and without examinations. Of course, and with the Olympic Games not everything is pure

. Especially Petersburg higher education institutions sin, giving preference from one thousand school students

to Petersburgers. With the Moscow higher education institutions chances really are also real. From 22

Ufa school students pro-happening to come to HSE on the Olympic Games this year, 6

Ufa school students acquired the right to study on the budget, some more people

received E G stoballnik E in the corresponding subject. (the Olympic Games of MSU)

Unfortunately, a situation at the moment it that future students often of

choose a profession not at will, and from need. Opinion of school students such is,

that in our country it is very difficult to realize the talents. If you perfectly draw and

come to art academy, chances to get a good job with

stable earnings very little. Thereof pupils choose faculties on

potreba of day. From the most chosen specializations the law is on the first place.

It is followed by management, economy and advertizing. Taking into account development of market economy in

Russia it will be not so difficult to find work in one of these spheres, and most important - it

will be profitable. The announcement of a minobr of Russia that all higher educational institutions

of a creative orientation will lose the status of higher education institution aggravated already precarious position of fans of various

arts and will be considered as colleges for

receiving so-so - vocational education. Thus we can reach before,

that Russia will become the country of office clerks, without giving the chance to creative

to persons to realize the talents.

Anyway, it is necessary to decide on higher education institution and a profession somewhat quicker. It is very terrible to make

an incorrect choice. There was it that, having tried to learn on

faculties, the newly appeared student remained dissatisfied. Fortunately, higher education institutions

give an opportunity of the transfer to other faculty or even in other institute.

Anyway it is necessary to try, to try, to learn the opportunities, to open in

for itself new talents and, having passed through thorns to stars, it is proud to tell that “Yes, I arrived where wanted!“.