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Mozhaysky who invented the plane

Name of the Russian Inventor of the Plane, Alexander Fyodorovich Mozhaysky (1825 - 1890) deservedly is the talented scientists and designers, inventors who left the historical contribution in technical progress of mankind, people who in a sense followed in the footsteps of ingenious Leonardo da Vinci in the forefront.

But in great pride of the Slavs who made a lot of things for development of a civilization is also a little bit of a slightly bitter taste, figuratively and laconically sounded by Mikhail Zadornov in one of the performances. What does our person differ from western in? Ours thinks out, invents - and the western person knows where to patent all this. Ours - does not know where what to register (and when learns how many it is necessary any pieces of paper - references - documents, plyuyot on this business). And western - knows. Therefore in official history of science (so to speak, in its “western“ version) few Slavic names. Yes, recently and ours ours began to forget something …

the Reason for emergence of a sketch about Mozhaisk was the strange plot on one of the central Ukrainian information TV channels. Showed a mansion of a certain count, mentioned that later the estate was given to Mozhaysky. And then, with ironic “expression of a muzzle of the person“, explained that Mozhaysky is a person supposedly who toiled with a nonsense, having designed the certain similarity of the aircraft capable only of several seconds to come off the earth. Would be engaged in economy better. And peasants (hardly got at the former barin an education the best, than at the officer Mozhaysky) considered that the barin “with evil spirit is known“! Here to you also immortalized the talented inventor attempt to transfer his name to the plane of “a national joke“. It seems as almost the joke, nothing serious, but between lines is read: “Oh these Russians, all behave in a queer way“. Will stick together wings from feathers, and jump from the coast, from a belltower!.

(To be fair, It is necessary to tell that the last a year and a half the Ukrainian press and TV considerably reduced prejudiced tone, semi-fascist nationalist tendencies began to decline in connection with partial leaving the power of admirers of a division CC “Galichina“ and other nazi nedobitok) Is fine

, we will provide to biographers to sort on stones of business of the great person who received in 1881 the privilege on the “an aeronautic shell“ invented by it later called plane which approximately in a year was constructed full-scale. In this short sketch we will manage to remember only an episode from Mozhaysky`s life, from his youth when it was not counter yet - the admiral.

In the middle of the century before last the young officer Mozhaysky was a part of diplomatic mission of the admiral Evfimiya Vasilyevich Putyatin (1803 - 1883) which the purpose to adjust rossiysko - the Japanese relations faced.

On pages of historical novels of the remarkable Russian writer Nikolay Zadornov (whose son helped to begin this sketch) “Tsunami“ and “Simoda“ is told about that hard time of discovery of great Amur - and opening for the world of Japan before pursuing actually policy of “Iron Curtain“ and being practically in full isolation.

Already from the name of the novel “Tsunami“ is not difficult to guess those troubles that fell upon seamen of the Russian frigate and residents of coastal Japanese settlements - the terrible earthquake which caused a destructive tsunami washed away almost all town of Simoda (Russians whose ship threw on waves, managed to save Japanese from the raging sea); the same region in which there is radioactive Fukushima which gained sad fame this year, North - the East of the land of the rising sun. Seamen survived - moreover, helped Japanese to build up Simodu, and then, having built modern shipyard, to construct the new modern European vessel. It, I believe, gave an impetus to so prompt technical development of far-away east country.

Mozhaysky participated also in construction of the new ship, and in many other affairs and works which fell to lot of mission of the admiral Putyatin. Besides, the young officer continued to invent, his head is always occupied with new ideas and developments of former - he drew and drew. But drew not only new mechanisms - the officer Mozhaysky was fond of painting and during stay in Japan created hundreds of landscapes, portraits, and including a portrait of Kavadzi, the most great statesman of Japan (the portrait was presented to the Japanese side from the Russian Embassy). Mozhaysky said Kavadzi that the screw in air will begin to move the flying ships as now at the sea. And Kavadzi perfectly understood that the friendship and cooperation with great Russia are necessary to Japan as air now! However, later a lot of things changed in policy - for example, Americans and British managed to hammer a wedge between east neighbors that poured out over time during a war storm. But it happened after so-called restoration of Meydzhi - Kavadzi could cooperate with the new government of Japan (which, actually, destroyed all its achievements), but preferred to make an act, worthy the real Samurai: Kavadz committed suicide, having shot from the revolver.

But it already another story altogether …