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The top - 10 most useless

On the tenth place is in Russia the Federation Council. What the structure is, than is engaged why it is created - probably, nobody, including the President, knows. Such honourable pension for cleaned in resignation through increase. Or the shelter place for those who can be put on the wanted list.

On the ninth place - district police officers. They are, there is a lot of them. They get paid, wear a uniform, but them, practically nobody sees and knows. Even if to you will carry to catch the district police officer at itself in the yard with the complaint to the rustling neighbors, that will surely be dissolved in space with the words “let`s surely solve your problem“.

On the eighth place - security guards. Million men in a camouflage protecting, as a rule, themselves. Days and years of inaction could lead to full degradation of a brain if not skanvorda. Any security guard with ease will call the last lover of Pugacheva or the capital of Turkey. At appearance of the real criminals security guards are useless from - for strongly developed sciatic nerve which is not allowing to swell up quickly from the chair which became to the family.

On the seventh place - elections. Why to spend a huge number of money and time if above for a long time decided to appoint all up to the President? All perfectly understand long ago everything, but nobody decides to cancel this rudiment which did not get accustomed on native open spaces.

On the sixth place - the State Duma. As now it is known - “not the place for discussions“. Surprising discrepancy to the name. A thought in which it is not thought. Deputies the necessary buttons able to press for the immunity provided to them. To close to hell.

On the fifth place - army. Why for a year to call eighteen-year-old youths from exclusively poor families? If what it happens whether they will go to die for ministers - capitalists? And whether it is turned the automatic machines which better and not to give them, in other party? And who has to serve French “Mistrals“ and the Israeli UAVs at present education level?

On the fourth place - diplomas of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Why they are necessary when examinations and offsets are actually bought? And, sometimes, and diplomas. What five years to stick. Went to transition, bought. You can cut people or operate the region.

On the third place - institute of Presidency. For the first time since the time of Ivan the Terrible the head of the great country is appointed in fact one person. “Persons are erased, paints are dim“ …

On the second place - the people. There is too much us for service of a pipe. It is necessary to count accurately how many also all is necessary on one kilometer. And that this drag with closing of schools, hospitals … Sharply and resolutely we reduce the population to needs for gas and oil of China and Western Europe.

And on the first place - checkup. More idiotic procedure infringing on interests of millions of inhabitants cannot be thought up. And if. The president will cancel checkup, it will be possible to move away safely him from this list in general. Or at least to move in the end.

“Dolls pull threads, on faces of a smile at them“ …