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In the most difficult years of World War II in ranks 10 - million army of the USA, side by side with other American soldiers, in all types of armed forces (infantry, voyenno - air and voyenno - naval forces) (aziatsko - Pacific, euro - Afro-Middle Eastern, in foreign combat units) served in all military operations more than 20 000 American Armenians (in 1940 more than 200 000 Armenians lived in the United States). Their most part returned with a victory, but was much and heroically died (about 500 people), wounded (more than 500) and missing (about 50 people).

The U.S. Government, having highly appreciated selfless devotion, bravery and military ability of the American Armenians, awarded many of them with the highest awards and the Hero`s ranks. So, the general Ike Shekerdzhyan to whom in 1942 this rank was given by the president Franklin Roosevelt was the serviceman of the Armenian nationality who had in the years of World War II the highest rank in army of the USA . It was the first American serviceman of the Armenian nationality admitted to Military academy in Uest - the Point for the exclusive civil bravery shown in young years (at sixteen-year age he safely rushed to the burning house and rescued the woman and her child).

Among officers - Armenians also the commodore Jack (Sirak) Nagikyan , colonels Kerk Buchakh and Sargis Zardaryan , etc. caused a stir in the bravery.

An exclusive and highest award of the United States - “ of the Honourable award of the Congress “ - the senior lieutenant Ernest (Ervand) received X. Dervishyan . This award which in the American army received all 87 the person was handed to it for the unprecedented bravery shown in May, 1944 around the Italian Sistyerna. During heavy fighting, having lost the fellow soldiers and having appeared one in an environment of the enemy, Dervishyan managed to take thanks to the fantastic methods of martial art prisoner at once of 45 the opponent`s soldiers, having taken at them 3 a machine gun and 10 guns. Demobilized after war in a rank of the colonel E. Dervishyan held a number of high military posts: was the deputy commander the American national legion, the adviser for military and state questions.

For the personal heroism shown in the period of service in infantry, the second highest award of the USA - the award “ the Cross for special merits “ - the staff sergeant Henry Kalpakyan (posthumously), in sea service - the lieutenant commander Kedrik Dzhanyan , the colonel Harry Kiziryan and 1 - y the lieutenant Victor Magakyan received . High “ Silver star “ for bravery were awarded the order to 52 American the Armenian from which five - posthumously. For exclusive devotion and model service of the award “Deserved Legion“ the colonel Kerk Buchakh, the lieutenant colonel Aram T. Tutelyan received . For perfect flight feats of a high award - the awards “ Aviation cross “ - received 44 American the Armenian from which two - posthumously. The military award founded for rewarding for personal bravery and assistance in a difficult fighting situation were awarded by 11 the American Armenians, one of them - posthumously.

An americana - the Armenian military personnel Van`s native, the private of 1 class Vardan Agababyan (from Springfield) awarded with two highest American fighting awards became the first hero from number. He participated in both world wars, 14 times was wounded.

During bombings of the American warships which are carried out by Japanese on December 7, 1941 on Pearl - Harbore, on duty died the corporal James Topalyan (after war one of streets of Boston was called by his name).

Many American Armenians were involved in the personnel serving the highest ranks of the American army, subjects often became eyewitnesses of various historical events. For example, of Ms. Sue Sarafyan from Detroit for the excellent service in Africa was included in number of members of the office of the commander English - the American allied troops in Europe of the general Dwight Eisenhower, in essence fulfilling duties of his personal secretary. The American Armenians took part also in preparation and carrying out various peace talks, served in investigation.

Armenians of America put all the forces and high intellectual potential and on “the internal front“, actively working in the field of shipbuilding, productions of ammunition and in other spheres of military production, up to creation of an atomic bomb. 32 - the summer nuclear scientist doctor Harry Dagalyan at the peak of talent died at explosion during the tests which preceded creation of an atomic bomb. In this sphere proved also John Oganesyan , Simone Equician`s , the lieutenant commander Aram Parunak. In the military sphere the knowledge placed at service to interests of safety of the state the staff sergeant Harold Shakhnazaryan awarded with the special diploma of Military department, chemists the major Zaven Nalbandian and the lieutenant colonel Karl Dokmedzhyan who created fuel for the new powerful tank for the first time put into operation in fighting conditions during liberation of Italy.

In the years of World War II the American Armenians selflessly served also in a field of military medicine. Thanks to the most rare plastic surgeries made in the Main military hospital of London the surgeon from Los - Andzheles the lieutenant colonel Leon Ashchyan especially became famous.

Except individual citizens the invaluable contribution to achievement of the Victory in World War II was made also by the numerous national organizations, the compatriot unions and parties of the American Armenians. For example, Amerikano - the Armenian committee of New - York during all war collected donations and gave to the government to purchase of military equipment several million dollars for which planes and vessels, which names - “ Spirit of Armenia “, “ Ararat “ etc. were acquired - say for themselves. Armenians San - Frantsisko in August, 1942 from the name of the Armenian committee presented to the American Red Cross the train Masis “, and for military needs of the country only in 1943 - 1 million dollars. The americana - the Armenian citizens of Frezno and the Armenian philanthropists who did not wish to announce the names during 1942 - 1944 was collected by efforts of League the sum approximately of 8,5 million dollars...

the American Armenians actively responded to the appeal of the government about release of military actions: Armenians bought them in much bigger quantity, than citizens of other nationalities.

In fatal years of fight against fascism representatives of different parties of the American Armenians not only fulfilled the civic duty, but also actively participated in rendering material and moral support to the far homeland. The certificate to that is the following appeal to the government of the USSR accepted on the mass meeting of the American Armenians which took place in August, 1941 in New - York: “ We, the American Armenians whose primordial Homeland is protected by Red army, feel that we are obliged to help the Soviet Union until the fascism is wiped out “.

The armyanstvo disseminated all over the world in the most decisive years of war united to National fronts, one of the active organizations of which was finally created on March 19, 1944 in New - York the National Council of Armenians of America (NCAA). Having united various an americana - the Armenian organizations (The liberal - democratic party - LDP, Sotsial - democratic party - SDP “Gnchak“, the Progressive union of Armenians of America, the Armenian charitable general union - ABOS, churches of Christian faith, various compatriot unions etc.), the front through the branches operating over all country organized various charitable actions, collecting donations, took the initiative in favor of the American and Red armies, the Red Cross and Motherland, and in post-war years (till 1950) fought for the fair solution of the Armenian question within the neogenic United Nations. Thanks to patriotic efforts of NSAA in the spring of 1944 inhabitants of the territories of the USSR freed from fascist occupation received 25 thousand gifts - parcels in the total cost in 75 thousand dollars, and Armenia - the whole ship of clothes. Besides, through Committee of the help of Russia medicines for the sum of 87 thousand dollars were sent for Red army of 50 thousand dollars, and also. Amerikano - the Armenian committee of assistance to military efforts of the Soviet Union till 1943 at the expense of donations sent: for Red army of 56 thousand dollars, for persons in need - 29 thousand dollars, Armenia - 11 thousand dollars, and also 2700 units of woolen products for the sum of 9 thousand dollars, etc. of

Armenians of America made an essential contribution and to creation by efforts of all progressive Diaspora of a tank column “Sasongqi David“ . Thanks to urgent and organized efforts of the American Armenians for a period from March, 1943 to March, 1944 for this purpose from the USA the most smaller was sent to 115 thousand dollars on construction of the first stage of a tank column of donations “Sasongqi David“ (and 173 thousand dollars to fund of the Red Cross), then - 40 thousand for the second turn. The Armenian commission organized by efforts of the spiritual pastor of the American Armenians the archbishop Garegin Ovsepyan within a year collected 120 thousand dollars of donations in favor of Red army, the Motherland and compatriots from Diaspora and 85 thousand - for construction of t of an ankovy column “Sasongqi David“ . feelings of the Armenian whose son serving in the American troops bravely battling on fields of World War II are characteristic

Of most of the Armenians who by miracle endured Genocide, reached Berlin: “ my son revenged for those members some kind of which were killed during the previous war at partnership of Germans and from their encouragement. He revenged also for hundreds of thousands of Armenians who are cut out in the previous war “.


“Voice of Armenia“.

candidate of historical sciences Knarik Avakyan.