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About what it is possible to consult to the astrologer in May?

O what it is possible to consult to the astrologer in May?

In May we already think of the forthcoming holiday when and where to carry out it. There are certain preliminary plans and wishes of family members. To make a final decision consult to the astrologer.

Why it should be made?

The horoscope made at the time of your birth taking into account time and the district is your natal chart, your space passport. Every year the sun comes back to a point of your birth, but at this moment other planets absolutely on other places. Mutual influence of planets when the sun comes back to a point of your birth, sets new rhythms for all year, before your following birthday.

Annually your family astrologer makes a horoscope at the time of return of the sun to a point of your birth and this horoscope is called solyar.

The analysis of a natal chart and solyar will show where and as it is better for you to carry out rest really to HAVE A REST, but not to walk smack in a halepa. If it is possible the abroad, then in what country? If in the country, then can be in the mountain district or motor ship on the river? And can be at the sea? In places where you were born or at the dacha? The analysis will also show what is better rest active or passive, to carry out it together with all family or it is better separately.

Except questions of summer holiday, in many families in May it is necessary to resolve the issues connected with education and education of children. To send the child to school, this year or inheriting? In what school? Whether to transfer this year to other school or it is better to make it the next year? Whether it is worth giving additional loading to the child and what this year? The main division of loads of physical - sports sections, dances and intellectual - additional classes on specialist subjects, a modern language, scientific circles and sections …?

I will dare to give the general advice for parents who have children from 7 to 14 years. To this age period the child has an active accumulation of information on different types of activity, professions. The child wants to try something, to learn though in something though for some instant to feel the master. Do not abuse it and do not blame of it if he started going to one circle, and then together with friends registered in another. Welcome his active living position. Communicate to it friendly “without pressure“ as teenagers speak. What was pleasant what is not present? Why changed the mind? The child looks for himself, so help it to understand that it and that it is just interesting to do together with friends.

Parents of the studying senior classes have to make even more crucial decisions. You remember, these decisions are not made in the form of dictatorship from parents. If to your teenager 12 or 13 and furthermore 14 years his decision have to be considered 50 on 50, astrology can become very useful arbitrator in acceptance of a final decision.

If your child the graduate, then council of the astrologer is very opportunely at the final choice too. At least, the astrologer can offer alternative options which more correspond power engineering specialists of your child and which perhaps will be pleasant to you.

About what it is possible to consult to the astrologer in the spring? Well, of course, about LOVE!