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Osteoporosis... why reception of calcium does not save from him.

I Decided to raise one more serious question in ours health. The person I inquisitive since the childhood and for some reason think that to all there is a reason, the main thing it to find. And when health begins to bring, and doctors begin to treat intensively, suddenly it turns out that you have an allergy to drugs or still something. Here I sit on reception, pressure 200 on 110, the doctor writes out medicine which blocks calcium in blood round the clock.

I speak to it: - The next year I will not be able to come to you. And it: - Why? - Yes at me, I speak, the skeleton will be scattered. There was nothing to answer it me, and it I did not begin to drink medicine, just tried to calm nerves. I began to look for the reason why calcium from bones passes into blood and does not come back. Well, if bleeding it is clear, it is necessary to platelets. But why blood is so condensed what it needs to be blocked?

And here I incidentally remembered that I had 20 years ago a question why it is necessary to shake acid alkaline balance. I think, well now I, at last, will find the answer in the Internet. Found researches of the American scientists. It appears, not those acids are harmful which contain products, and those which are disintegration products. These are acids uric, carbonic acid, phosphoric and dairy.

We will take, for example, uric acid which is formed as a result of disintegration of animal protein. It appears, our blood has to support “automatically“ constantly kislotno - alkaline balance in order that all bodies could work normally, producing the necessary hormones and enzymes. And when proteinaceous food arrives much, the organism is forced to look for means for alkalization of uric acid.

And here then it begins to take away calcium and magnesium from bones to alkalize acids. I was convinced once again what clever organism at us. It is necessary to listen more often to it. Acidulation of an organism acids of disintegration breaks work of all organism, metabolism, provokes development of diabetes, growth of tumors, development of a cataract, and osteoporosis it and is so clear. And I that … kept to the Kremlin diet to grow thin and ate on meat half a kilogram every day.

To help an organism with alkalization it is necessary to use with meat more fresh greens, vegetables and fruit. But also it will not rescue us. As well as reception of calcium which is very badly acquired by an organism. After alkalization of uric acid salts of uric acid which are laid everywhere where only blood will slow down, it in a liver, in kidneys, in joints and even in wrinkles are formed! It would be quite good if our doctors not only said that is necessary meat less is, but also in detail explained why.

I then passed to a carbohydrate diet, to our native Russian porridges. No, I, of course, eat meat, but considerably lowered a portion. And kidneys became silent also at once bones ceased to hurt. Spasms passed. I hope, as will feel better joints. I right there had other question: whether and oxygen oxidizes substance of a cage or the theory of free radicals just adjusted. And still there is a popular belief that the delay of breath and formation of carbonic acid at the same time, just cures our organism. I mean Buteyko`s system.

And is already and other opinion that the organism, having a stress at a breath delay, produces at the same time stress hormones which treat. And what is done by yogas does not concern us at all, their respiratory technicians are used for achievement of a nirvana. Here so always at me, I will not manage to receive the answer to one question, and there is already another ….