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Useful tips on moving.


To make moving is cheaper, you can independently pack not fragile things: books, clothes, bed linen, footwear, having provided fragile and difficult objects in packing to cares of professionals. Jewelry, especially valuable and memorable things, prizes, gifts collect

and pack independently and transport with yourself in the car or as hand luggage.

That who decided to gather independently we can make several valuable recommendations about packing and preparation of things for loading.

Packing material. Use a container which to you will be provided by the company on moving. Advantages of a professional container (a box, a bubbly film, a strong adhesive tape) - durability and the correct sizes.

Rule of a thumb. Do not put several heavy objects in one big box. If you cannot get moving forward easily a box a hand thumb, so it too heavy. It is desirable that the weight of one box on average did not exceed 30 kg.

Clothes. For packing of contents of clothes we advise you to use a large number of boxes, - subsequently it is necessary to iron less.

Footwear. Never occupy a box entirely only with one footwear. You will be grateful for this hint.

Do not feel sorry for time for packing of fragile things. Wrap them in a bubbly film or improvised materials - towels, pillows - and as much as possible carefully. Fill blank spaces in a box with the crumpled newspapers, it will allow to record the provision of fragile objects, and you can be quiet for their safety when loading and transporting.

Before packing your personal computer, we advise to copy important files on the separate carrier (CD, a diskette).

The professional companies on moving bear responsibility for the transported property therefore loaders have the right not to load those boxes which are packed in an inadequate way. In this case things have to be packed repeatedly by employees of the company. If in some of the boxes packed by you there are fragile or valuable things, separately report about it to loaders, or do special marks on boxes.

All household appliances - the refrigerator, a plate, dishwashing and washing cars, etc. - have to be disconnected and completely ready to loading. Have

objects and boxes, ready to loading, is closer to an entrance door - it will simplify and will accelerate loading process.

Does not enter services of the majority of the companies in moving transportation of pets. Be going to transport them independently.

The company - a carrier has the right to refuse transportation:

- easily flammable objects, the weapon, ammunition, explosives, gas in cylinders and the other objects posing potential hazard to life and health of staff of the company;

- everything that can damage or soil the carrier vehicle. All household varnishes, paints, oils and solvents have to be hermetically closed and properly packed. Otherwise it is necessary to refuse their transportation.

I one more good advice: when you lift or lower heavy objects, it is not necessary to bend down all case (to be bent in a waist), standing on direct legs. Lift and put things, squatting and holding the case directly. Thus, you will remove stress from a waist and will transfer it to muscles of legs that will relieve you of the subsequent back pains