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Armenians in the Great Patriotic War.

From the first days of the Great Patriotic War Armenians took the most active part in it. From June 22 to May, 1945 more than 500 thousand Armenians were called up for the Soviet Military service. In the years of war six Armenian divisions were created by .

76 - I it is mountain - the shooting division which was born together with the Soviet Armenia and passed a nice fighting way. In its ranks the most part of the Armenian military frames became tempered. 76 - I the Armenian division from the first days of war entered ranks of connections of field army. The division caused a stir in defensive actions, and for the feats made during the Battle of Stalingrad by order of the People`s commissar of defense of the USSR was reformed in 51 - yu the Division of guards.

Legendary Armenian 89 - I Tamansky three times the shooting division decorated with an order - only of all national formations took part in storm of Berlin .

89 - I a division was created in December, 1941 in Yerevan. The division went to the front in September, 1942 and from the Foothills of Caucasus with fights reached Berlin.

390 - I the division was created in the fall of 1941 as a part of the Transcaucasian military district. Since January, 1942 participated in fights for the Kerch Peninsula.

409 - I the division was created in the fall of 1941, and from coast of Terek with fights reached Danube.

408 - I the division created in the spring of 1942 participated in heavy fights on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

261 - I the division was created in the summer of 1942 in Armenia. The division protected the Soviet border from threat of the Turkish invasion and sent replenishment to field army.

On the eve of war in Armenia military educational institutions, in particular, special artillery school and special school voyenno - air forces were created.

On June 29, according to the decision of the Central Committee of KP of Armenia, in the republic destructive battalions for protection of the objects having military value and fight against enemy saboteurs were created.

12 thousand people were a part of battalions, from them 8 thousand were sent to the front, among them - 700 paratroopers - parachutists.

The Armenian fighters engaged with German - fascist invaders from the first days of war.

In particular, at the time of war served in the Brest fortress and its vicinities more than 200 Armenian fighters. Nearby heroic battles were conducted by a division which was ordered by the general - the major Hristofor Alaverdyan.

Among participants of defense of Moscow it is necessary to mark out the chief of artillery Hugo - the Western front, the general - the lieutenant Michaela Barsegyana and the chief of a staff 33 - armies of the colonel Stepan Ginosyan who was entitled the general subsequently - the major.

In fights near Leningrad the outstanding pilot - an attack plane of the Baltic Fleet, twice the Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan caused a stir.

In fights for the Kerch Peninsula caused a stir 390 - I am the Armenian division.

In 1942 89 - I the Armenian division protected the Caucasus from fascist troops, and then having taken the offensive participated in liberation of Taman Peninsula in honor of what it received the name 89 - y the Armenian Tamansky division.

The serviceman of the Tamansky division, the sergeant Unan Avetisyan repeated on September 16, 1943 Alexander Matrosov`s feat, having closed himself an embrasure of the enemy earth-and-timber emplacement. For this feat to it it was posthumously appropriated zvaniyegeroya the Soviet Union.

Participated in the Battle of Stalingrad 51 - I am the Guards Armenian division which destroyed more than 8 thousand Hitlerites and 340 tanks of the opponent in fights.

Besides, fighters 51 - y divisions seized 193 planes, 91 tanks and took 5650 German soldiers and 2 Hitlerite generals prisoner.

For the shown heroism in fight for Stalingrad ten Armenian fighters received a rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union, among them there is a legendary pilot Sergey Burnazyan.

Took part in capture of Berlin 89 - I am the Armenian Tamansky division under command the general - the major Nver Safaryan.

The division passed from the Caucasus to Berlin 7300 kilometers, 7000 of her officers and the soldier received government awards.

Fighters of a division destroyed 9 thousand soldiers and officers of the opponent and took prisoner of 11 thousand Hitlerites.

Everything during the Great Patriotic War more than hundred Armenians received a rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union, and to two of them - the marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Bagramyan and “a petrel of Baltic“ Nelson Stepanyan this rank was given twice.

Armenia gave four marshals and one admiral of fleet of the USSR: Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Bagramyan, Admiral of fleet of the USSR Ivan Isakov, Chief marshal of armored troops Amazasp Babadzhanyan, marshal of aircraft Sergey Khudyakov (Armenak Hamferyants), marshal of engineering troops Sergey Aganov.


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