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What is the astrological help?

In the east to consult on the astrologer before important events or adoption of the important decision is natural is a part of culture.

In the West and in the USA the help of the psychologist at complication of family relationship and in the period of depressions at the person, also integral part of modern culture of the country.

At us the psychology did not become still part of culture, and astrologers still goes in shoulder straps of charlatans.

For the last 20 years astrologers on particles collect confused knowledge and astrology slowly but surely wins the lost positions. This confident movement is dictated by same “stars“, the same laws of astrology forward.

Hera Vodoleya is an era of three planets of Uranium, Saturn and the Neptune, and astrology as science costs on these three whales. Hera Vodoleya is an era of blossoming of astrology as sciences and not just sciences among others and as fundamental science.

That readers felt gravity of the told phrase, I will give an example. On the same three whales (Uranium, Saturn, the Neptune) there are all modern information technologies. You represent the future without computer technologies?

The astrological help has to stand in the same row with medical and psychological I will fish today.

In the 19th century the doctor was not considered as the good expert if did not know astrology bases. The medical aspect of astrology consists not only in correctly picked up time for operation and astrological rules of work with drugs, herbs and procedures.

All our diseases or are planned, or we deserved them on the acts already in this life. The planned diseases it is working off of a negative karma they are stated in the birth chart, or in date of birth (numerology). If the illness which is not planned, then through it we are warned about abnormality of our actions.

What to mean the wrong actions?

1. When we, realizing it or not, badly treat other people or that worse consciously we do them harm.

2. When we do not carry out the mission on this embodiment. In a horoscope of each person at least 3 levels of performance of the mission, from household to spiritual. But we manage to live life at all not and not to realize the mission even on the first level.

B what consists astro - psychological assistance?

to give psychological assistance, it is necessary to know the reason. And the reasons can be besides at least two - or you came to this world that to work this psychological problem and in a matrix of Soul to make positive records. Or you went not in the way, at you everything is not got on and in this regard there are psychological loadings to which you are not ready or are not intended.

The help of the astrologer is in explaining the reason psychological not to comfort of the person at this stage. Knowing the reason and realizing it, the person perhaps himself will cope with a problem, otherwise, it is necessary to use the help of the psychologist or other narrower experts. In more difficult cases without the assistance of physicians not to manage any more.

In what the astrological help in questions of education consists?

It is very extensive question. It includes also power compatibility with parents, brothers, sisters, both psychological features of the child, and education of the child in the correct biological and space rhythms which knowledge completely is absent at parents.

The main help of the astrologer in this question for today, consists in helping parents to understand that the child whom they bring up - the God`s creation. It does not belong to them. It is given them only on education. Yes, it is in many respects similar to them, but it has the mission in this life and it has to go in the Way. And it is necessary to bring up it competently, according to its mission and in Universe rhythms. It is very responsible duty.

In what the astrological help for business consists? is present

nothing strange Here, but people of business as the most active and mobile part of society the astrological help uses in professional area long ago and actively. Staff recruitment, definition of the correct structure and strategy business development, time and the place of opening of branches, the analysis of partnership and time of signing of contracts etc. of

of the Astrologer with which you awake to work, it is necessary to look for and choose. You not at each doctor awake to be treated and not with each psychologist will be able to be frank. Astrology science difficult and many-sided, as well as in other fields of knowledge, in astrology is experts of a certain profile. One astrologer specializes in area of business, another in the field of medical astrology, the third in compatibility and the family relations etc.

Use services of that astrologer who is clear to you and with whom to you it is comfortable. Level of astrologers too different. And if you are not satisfied by work of the astrologer or you will consider that answers to some questions are not rather full and convincing or that in general everything does not coincide also totally ludicrous, address other expert. If opinion of two or three experts coincide, probably, to you will be over what to reflect?