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May 8. How celebrate Night of women in Norway?

to Celebrate Night of the women who played a significant role in the history, or Kvinnehistorisk natt, feminists and feminists from the Norwegian city of Bergen thought up five years ago.

In spite of the fact that in the northern countries feminist movement is very strong, in Norway gender discrimination still remains.

Requirements of an equal salary (in modern Norway the salary of women often makes only 80% of a salary of men at similar positions) sound; women demand available kindergartens. In Norway of kindergartens is not enough, families queue. Feminists declare that it is the discrimination strategy forcing women to be at home with children - as the man earning more does not leave work.

For an equal salary the Movement for female equality combats together with labor unions. In June, 2010 in Bergen there passed the general strike of municipal workers. The garbage was not taken out, many establishments did not work. As a result the government made concessions.

One more direction of fight for the rights of women in Norway is opposition a striptease - to clubs. Human rights activists arrange processions and meetings on which speak about interrelation of a striptease and prostitution. Were closed by efforts of bergensky feminists all a striptease - clubs in the city. A debauchery stronghold the strip - club of Drims which is in the downtown is considered now. Recently about it there took place night picket. Tens of people with banners and pipes stood under doors a strip - club and sang the convicting songs.

The Norwegian feminists - Muslims assert the right of the woman to wear a hijab - in case it is her own choice. Also they pay attention of people to racist tendencies in universal feminist movement.

But we will return by Night of the women who played a role in the history. Why it is carried out?

According to the organizer of Kvinnehistorisk natt 2011, it is enough to look around to see that in city culture certificates on achievements of men prevail. “Everywhere monuments to men. We against men dominated in city space!“ - here that is declared by feminists who undertake paper, scissors and glue.

Already the fifth year in the evening on May 8 feminists bypass Bergen to decorate city walls with faces of women - inventors, women - scientists, faces of writers, singers, artists, women - politicians.

“You should not choose someone great, - it is specified in the invitation to action. - Choose those women who are significant personally for you“.

I managed to find information that in 2010 Oslo also was connected to an action. In 2011 Oslo began mass preparation by Female night in advance.

Bergensky feminists planned the general meeting in the downtown at 20:00 on a main square at the Blue stone - that then to together go and glue posters.

I too davny - chose long ago names for the posters. Let in Female historical night 2011 - along with Agatha Christie, Joan Baez, Yoko Ono, Angela Davies, Tove Jansson`s names - in Bergen Anna Politkovskaya, Galina Kozhevnikova, Natalya Gorbanevskaya, Anna Pavlova, Anna Akhmatova, Faina Ranevskaya, Lesya Ukrainka, Valentina Tereshkova`s names sound.

Also there is no doubt that this year by right belongs to the writer and the human rights activist Maria Amelie - the illegal emigrant from Russia, from - behind which immigration Norwegian laws and which changed understanding of the Norwegian society about legality and justice were softened.

Perhaps, someone from readers will want will join by Female historical night? Fight for human rights is very difficult work.

But for very many people on it begins with the small poster.