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Our Money of

our Money

our Money from not ours not what do not differ in. Not what tag on Money that they ours, are not necessary. From there is conclusion that not what they are not ours.

A whose then they?

On them, that is on Money is written whose they will be. But those whose they will be, it seems as not against that all used equally on how many it it is possible, Money.

Means, Money inherently not to whom does not belong. Means, they are free as Roma. And are free to choose as to them to live and the most important with whom to them to live.

on the other hand someone else`s Money not what not strangers, and very much can even be ours. That we it is worse, perhaps. And in general all Money can be ours.

Well, all Money to us is not necessary, and here to raise the monthly Cash flow five times, it would be just right.

Remains a question: How so to make that to direct the Cash flow to us?

Should be exchanged that be to us unnecessary or the fact that at us there is a lot of on Money. As just it would seem. But to give that be unnecessary, it is necessary with began to get, this unnecessary, and on it Money is necessary. This deadlock.

A if that be to us unnecessary to get without Money. Well, we will work there, we will give so to speak time. Only it that be has to cost very much, and who will pay that to us for it every month moreover very much.

A what at us costs very much?

of the Thing do not approach at once, they constantly lose in price, even the most expensive.

Real estate can be, but it costs very much, and we will not pull it at once at the very beginning of our way.

Eureka - Knowledge costs very much, and never comes to an end. Knowledge happens different, it knowledge of one craft or one profession, and several professions are better at once. Then to us will be, to pay long and much.

How many there is knowledge?

- Holy Christ they are free.

But why people do not use it? I do not know

, can just do not know, and usual laziness can.

But we - that with you already we know this secret, and we will definitely not be lazy.

Good luck, Live Richly.

of Good luck to you and your relatives.

Clever man.