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Whether you know how to become Rich

are Known by you how to become Rich

Ya think that you know, but in what then business why not to become the rich if all know everything.

But the nobility and not to apply it it is equivalent to ignorance.

the Eternal problem Where to Take Money, and We already remember why they are necessary to us, only we remember that very much it is necessary.

Can be borrowed, but it is necessary to give, you take someone else`s money for a while, and you give the and forever.

Can be earned, but it long and hard.

Can be stolen of course, but there is a risk that will catch. there is no

So an exit.

A as about investment, well is clear that if there is no money that I will invest.

U you time is, invest it in education.

Gain knowledge which will help you to receive money, that way which is pleasant to you. Investing

only one month, it is possible to master a new profession, to learn to drive the car, to read from 15 to 30 books. now present to

A if you invest the whole year what huge results you will be able to achieve.

Provided that you will act but not to be depressed.

Can be studied, it is a lot of ways, production so of money necessary for us.

But is obligatory, it is necessary to put the knowledge into practice.

Differently all your investment will depart to a pipe.

Invest the time correctly, and the result will not keep itself waiting. All know

how to become the Rich.

Here governed for those who want to become the rich and wealthy person. It is necessary just to observe them.

1. To spend twice less, than you earn.

2. Each new year to earn more, than previous.

3. To accumulate three purses: 1. Expenses. 2. Emergency ration. 3. Charity.

4. Not to depend on work.

5. You learn to see money.

6. You have to become free.

First five rules can be observed if to try. But here the rule sixth, it is almost impossible to execute. to

For some people it is equivalent to death. To be free it means to go to work, only then when you want. To be free it means to work where you want. To be free it means not to work if you do not want. And definitely not what obligations for the credits and debts. To be free it means not to depend on liabilities.

to be free from a salary, to be free from pension, to be free from monetary dependence. Not to doom itself to a beggarly old age, really you think that to die in poverty it is a happy-end for you.

free to be very heavy at the beginning, but easily later.

to be not free means to be as all. And it means not to be rich because all cannot be rich. To be as everything, means not to be happy because all cannot be happy. And the annoying that to be as everything, means to be silly and ignorant because the majority is silly and ignorant.

This offensive fact, in a root changes our relation to elections because it is the choice of the majority. you Want to be

poor and be unfortunate as all. you Want to be

rich and happy, be free.

Money very good psychologists. By means of money it is possible to recognize the person why he needs money what it is going to spend them for. Answers to these questions help to know the person better.

When people say that they need money to spend, seeing money that they treat them scornfully, do not want to go to such people. And they can be understood. Who will want to be a temporary laying.

But is people, and believe, not only Jews love money which wants to protect and increase money. And absolutely you should not be surprised when money chooses such people. Money as people look for the place where it is better. And it is better where you are loved and appreciated.

B what essence of money?

They give strength, not very well to whom if the person is able to handle correctly money they give it strength. They take away force that at whom has no money.

Force of money not in their quantity, and in qualitative their application.

If you are not able to handle big money, then at a meeting with them will crush you. In the best cases they will just leave, in the worst they will kill you.

do not desire a lot of money, and desire the car making this money. So you will be able gradually to increase receipt of money. And to learn to live with big money.

of Cars making money is a lot of, and every year think out new. It is not necessary with most began to think out something new, begin with such car which already proved the reliability. And here when you will gain experience, it is possible to try to invent the new car on creation of money. Money will be grateful to you for it, and will pay back you wholly.

you Love money, and then money will fall in love with you.

Good luck to you and your relatives.

Clever man.