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The victim of family violence - who is she?

In our society a popular belief that persons get a fate of the victim of family violence flabby, badly well-mannered and from a bad family tree. Plebeian supposedly it is a fate. Or entertainments of masochists. And therefore - a dog, so to speak, - dog death.

Such it is not a pity at all, and disdain it to give a helping hand. As on a zone it is forbidden to offer a hand lowered (subjected to sexual violence), and in our society sympathy for the woman - the victim of family violence actually under a secret ban.

Numerous examples prove that any woman, irrespective of education, from external data, from the social status, from the size of the purse or grandness of the talent can fall a victim of family violence. Also neither complaisance of character, nor bodyguard existence as hired and in the form of relatives and friends plays a role.

And all because the reasons of family violence - they very much - very different. And its manifestations too very much - very different. A gloomy depression, irrepressible growth of excessive body weight, chronic diseases - consequences of psychological violence. It can be permanent bruises somewhere under clothes or eternal Blanch under the left eye. But there can be also rare, heavy mutilations and even injuries not compatible to life.

Very often it is necessary to hear that the woman respecting herself will not begin to suffer disrespect of the man, especially manifestations of violence from its party.

Personally I have already just an allergy to such statements. Because intolerance - it for the woman is abnormal . The tolerance of the woman is deeply natural! As tolerance to children`s whims and marasmic tricks of old men, and tolerance to flashes of aggression of the husband. Also it is justified by high mission of the keeper of the family center. Also dependence of the young woman (especially with small children) from the husband is normal.

Also often it is necessary to hear that it is all about education. Like, the model of the relations between parents is copied by their children. Lie, or not always so. I know a set of examples when in families where the father beat mother, sons grew up absolute opponents of violence in a family. The girls who grew up in such families are capable to find the potential tyrant on a set of already familiar signs and will manage to avoid a fate of the victim rather. And here the naive girl who grew up in a family without any manifestations of violence has no immunity to this evil at all.

All know - if to threaten on the child who was already beaten he will be frightened, will shrink, will be closed by hands, will try to be protected and escape. And if to threaten on the child who was never beaten and who did not see how it occurs he will just be surprised and will not make any attempts to be protected. And with women - never beaten and not seeing as it happens, - they also are the most defenseless potential victims.

Of course, the woman humiliated and offended, crushed psychologically and beaten or mutilated - is very unattractive. But it is not an occasion to salt its wounds statements of type: “Itself, the silly woman, is guilty!“. Family violence - despite universal scope of a problem, the phenomenon which is carefully hidden and a little studied. Statistically, 60% of the women who are regularly humiliated and beaten by husbands at all never tell anybody about the trouble - either mother, or the best friend. Why? Yes because to wash such dirty linen in public is literally to collect the burning coals on the already the poor head.

Personally I would like that in our society the thought that from domestic violence nobody is insured absolutely took roots . I invite persons interested to object to lay out the arguments in comments.