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About “nedostartaper“, “nedoinvestor“ and how to get rid of the nedo prefix of

of Sheep of the different direction of efficiency cut in certain terms.

of Sheep with uniform wool cut once a year - in the spring,

with the mixed wool two times - in the spring and in the fall.

M. F. Ivanov “Sheep breeding“ of 1925

Having visited any of the numerous websites of free announcements or business - forums, in the section “search of the investor“ you will surely come across abundance of ridiculous “investment offers“.

Ridiculous - as in a giving form, sense, and on abundance of mistakes.

Here the typical examples from several bulletin boards collected in 15 minutes of their viewing:

(the spelling, grammar and lexicon is kept)

• I look for business of the partner for performance business - the plan. All details at correspondence. To whom interestingly the offer leave the email addresses.

• I am a businessman and the businessman. On dosuga business invented the project and new system of transportations, “transportation of passengers“ on my raschta the monthly income awakes with Lineynosetevaya from 1 000,000 dollars. I will sell on conditions sposleduyushchy employment for work. I suggest you to accept participation in my investment

project • I look for the investor in highly profitable business. The business plan and detailed financial calculations I will provide after preliminary interview with the potential partner....

• I offer the recipe of preparation “to of an elixir of youth “ - to a no - Hau in the field of delay of processes of aging of an organism, and also stimulation of activity of the vital mechanisms and bodies of an organism. Investors are looked for. Full researches and tests of a preparation are necessary ( on mammals ).

• My name is Gerasim Izmaylov. I have 300 inventions. Give 500 000 dollars on creation of working prototypes …

Same, or similar to them, offers daily in tens come to my electronic box. Very few people look that BFM Group essentially is not engaged in an investment brokerage.

Saw the word “investments“ in a context - means it is necessary to send.

Meet, of course, and competent offers, but they are lost against hundreds of others at once going to a basket.

Long ago working at the investment market, and regularly facing similar figures, there were already general types of inadequate startups.

The half-mad inventors something with the prototype executed from a tree, stuck to it by a doorbell and the battery who are filling up investors with idea about break in nanotechnologies. Option - a scrap of a piece of paper on which some scheme in which they distinctly see super idea on receiving one billion dollars is by hand drawn.

Vainglorious laymans (I have a cool project - give money, I will tell details).

• In cherashny and today`s teenagers with microprojects, same fast - foot education and any experience.

Creators are the dreamers who are not recognizing plans, budgets, the reporting, accounts department it is administrative - administrative functions. They are Creators. And you only investor. Here also you potter, wiping it snivels.

Losers, idlers, outcasts with ideas - either stolen, or not worked, or impractical, or fondly calculated on pushing them to the investor and to disappear with money.

It seems normal projects in the form of the working business where the owner is interested in involvement of the strategic investor for further development. After long negotiations and comprehensive audit it turns out that there is a huge accounts payable, the immovable assets which are available on balance were put into operation illegally, period of validity of the contract for the land plot comes to an end and is not subject to prolongation, and with other cofounders there is an irresolvable conflict of interests.

It is necessary to recognize that also real startups meet good team of experts, in-depth pre-investment studies and high potential of growth.

Unfortunately, them, at best, no more than 5% of lump.


As for presence at owners of start - up of projects business - the plan, in 95% of cases more - less serious researches are not conducted. Marketing and technological studies are absent per se. The financial plan is stated in the form of the plate from four lines.

Very often it is necessary to meet business - plans in which from the moment of making decision on withdrawal of the land plot - and before start of big plant in operation passes two - three months.

Transport and warehouse costs are ignored for the reason that about them do not even suspect.

at a planning stage to anybody

does not want to think Of seasonality of sale and planned stops of production. the Raw materials are acquired as required, and payments for the sold goods arrive a never-ending stream in process of operation of the conveyor.

the Startup wishes that everything in its project was as in the fairy tale.

Waved a sleeve - and there is a plant huge.

Pulled a filament from a beard - and its goods by air departed to the shops which are joyfully doing an advance payment,

the Problem global, and its sources are covered in several things.

In - the first , a general habit that the banking credit system carries a formalistic approach to financing justification. First of all, liquid pledge and credit history, and business is required - the plan is attached only for a proforma.

In - the second , in banks the professional investment analysts capable through expected financial performance to see marketing, administrative and technological aspects of business seldom meet. Respectively, nobody can tell the potential borrower about his mistakes.

In - the third , the general limitation and ignorance of many startups. From here the fact that on the Internet not to force the way from “ready business - plans“ in which, both the financial model, and the summing-up indicators are based on some hypothetical are not known, from where taken, basic data.

Concerning “WOLVES“

At a network the same huge number of pseudo-investors is present. Pseudo - for the reason that they have the same relation as the Zhigulyovsk beer to the Zhiguli car to investors.

1. The small shopkeepers trying to prove to itself that they have so all cool that it is time to diversify business and inflating cheeks, to consider, someone else`s investment offers. Actually they never had money, no, and will not be. Amusing the ego, they will long ask the petty questions seeming to them significant. After repeated meetings and negotiations previously all approve, then as much as possible delay decision-making and when at last their phone nevertheless answers, declare that the project is not interesting to them for the reason that store business is closer to them.

2. Winners of a father`s award and the citizens who successfully sold the excess apartment or 2 Hectares of the earth which got from a raspayevaniye. These are great managers of all times and the people. Suffer from revaluation of the opportunities and consider that if they invest in someone`s start - up which cost actually does not exceed the cost of the three-room apartment, it gives them absolute cards - Blanch on absolute property both over the project, and over its team.

As a rule, money at them is casual that with them to do, they do not know, and such projects fail, even without having lived up to a profitability point. And, fall not from - for a startup, and from - for idiotic initiatives such here a grief - investors.

3. Thieves of ideas . At this type of Homo sapiens everything is all right. Owners of the taken place companies with crisis of a genre in respect of ability to generate ideas.

Yes, they have an experience and financial opportunities. But there is also a pathological greed together with feeling of own importance. As a result, the more they will obtain information from a startup, the it will be simpler them this idea to realize independently.

4. Swindlers and speculators . As a rule, are represented by investment brokers, consultants, intermediaries. Demand to pay any pre-investment services (studying available business - the plan or the investment memorandum, legal services, notarial assurance, carrying out due diligence, unclear certification unclear what, insurance of risks, payment of arrival to you the hypothetical investor, etc.) .

Should know a simple thing. Any exposed conditions about an advance payment is a divorce.

5. Forums “business-angels“ . The main condition - the payment for an opportunity to present the project before the audience consisting of people whose business cards the startup will never see, and does not learn names. If conversation continuation also follows, then more likely the above described characters will be “investors“.

All online the investment market - for 95% huge crowd of charlatans and losers who have one purpose, to push something to one another.

At the same time both adequate investors, and normal startups at the sight of this sandbox are spat from disgust and become even more careful in the choice of strategic partners.


In the market more than enough competent, the investors having good reputation who successfully realized not one project.

They, as a rule, have the accurate approved legal schemes of interaction with owners of projects at which both parties are equally protected.

Other question is in what they seldom place on boards and forums of the “ offer the investor offers financing“.

Occasionally on the Internet slip their announcements and direct contacts.

But is much more effective to obtain information on potential investors from other sources. These are the news websites, a press - releases, analytical materials, use of social networks (Facebook, Linkedin), off - a line contacts.

How, normal large investment companies generally work? First of all, only carefully worked projects which have under themselves though some material basis are considered by


Respectively, exists an order of cutting off of projects at early stages (before drawing of the requirement of payment of consulting, engineering, auditor and estimated works).

As a rule, projects are cut at their obvious market nevostrebovanost, to obligations and burdenings of the applicant, violations of legal purity of possession of assets, and sometimes - inadequacy of initiators of the project.

Of course, certain costs for stages of procedure of independent check (due diligence) are required.

But complex technological, financial, legal examination is made only upon adoption of the strategic decision on financing.

at the same time the investor has no purpose “to cut“ the project at a check stage as even prior to its carrying out he begins to invest the money in work (analysts, financiers, lawyers and so forth) . A main objective of check - optimization of the project.

Respectively, the startup has time for checking the potential investor regarding his history, the realized projects, existence of assets and other.

are present At the contract for carrying out similar works which is signed between the applicant and the investor certain mutual obligations.

from the applicant - lack of the hidden factors which were not sounded at a stage of early stages of studying of the investment offer.

from the financing party - the obligation at not detection of the mentioned factors to provide financing of the project fully. And compensation of costs of the applicant at further refusal in financing.

precedes Carrying out examination signing of the agreement in which the scheme and financing terms, and also mutual obligations registers.

the Main obligation from the investor - to carry out financing of the project after obtaining the positive conclusion of independent check. Refusal in financing is possible in case during check it is revealed that the applicant intentionally misled the investor concerning the parameters of the project exerting considerable impact on its prospects, or it is not feasible for the objective reasons.

If are found inaccuracies in calculations, an opportunity to improve the project etc., then all these issues are resolved by negotiations of the investor and applicant. At a mutual consent, all corrections are made to business - the plan which is an integral part of the financial agreement.


- from “naked idea“ to create the investment project,

- to collect basic data,

- not to look the moron in the opinion of the investor,

- to look for “the correct investors“,

- to present the project,

- to agree about distribution of shares in the project,

of a subject of future articles.

Andrey Stadnik