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The next “harmful“ councils to startups of

a certain revival in the market of investments into a startup projects is Over the last ten years observed.

However, “thanks to“ our general mentality, a political, economic situation, and often, banal illiteracy, the general investment climate at us is still dampish for rapid growth of high population of professionals. And, as among owners of projects, and those it would be potentially interesting to whom to enter such projects the capital.

Apparently, not one still generation of startups and investors will turn into a humus on the way to evolution. Though, however, the general situation is all the same best of all than the beginning 90 - x when money for development of business could be taken only from bandits under mad percent, and the reporting on the spent money turned out by means of the thermorectal cryptoanalyzer.

Concerning our homebrew investors it would be possible to tell many “kind“ words, but, in - the first, the subject partially already rose me earlier, and secondly, it is necessary to fight against the reason, but not a consequence.

The reason is that the ideas demanding 100% of financing very often are born at the people who do not have own administrative experience. They are not accustomed to how it is necessary to work with projects. They do not know about the majority of aspects financially - economic activity. To them tough rules of the reporting, control and planning from the financing party sicken.

Very many startups (unfortunately) considerably overestimate the experience and knowledge. And as a result, spend time for deadborn projects. Even if they are lucky, and all of them find kind “business - an angel“, their projects do not live often even up to a profitability point.

From practice, more the IT developers of projects sin with it (software, monetization the Internet - resources, the ave.) and innovators - inventors (still yesterday, as a rule, people of science). these

U of “design geniuses“ very often such feeling of poor relatives to whom all are simply obliged to help around is present. And, above all, free of charge.

They are completely sure that their “idea“ is perspective. Understanding of future investor of all details with carrying out own researches, studying of technologies, complex research of the market, definition of risks, development business - the plan, etc. - only its personal problems. As well as those that will follow start of the project.

“-I am a genius, I thought up mega the perspective project, and only for it you already on life are obliged to me“.

Often obvious distortion towards personal exclusiveness is observed. Both many young people, and staid all life at department inventors hoary with age, often do not understand that the status is defined by an assessment of people around. To whom behind its resources there is longer turn - that and will lay down the working conditions.

If investors do not queue for your idea, it is necessary to accuse not world around, and to draw the corresponding conclusions and to begin to work by the developed rules.

Many startups should overcome the cognitive dissonance and to understand a simple thing. Any unreasonable idea - does not cost anything. Not because the crude idea in itself is bad or impractical, and from - for the fact that it is still confirmed with nothing.

What ingenious the idea would not be, it needs to be counted and proved competently on paper.

And in order that to make it, it is necessary not to go woolgathering, and to include thinking and to try to see it in a realization stage.

Speaking in images, realizing the idea, you lay the foundation for new business.

If the base is calculated incorrectly, then future loads of it can lead to destruction of all building.

And what there to themselves some companions would not imagine but to calculate this base - a problem of a startup, but not the investor.

The owner of the project is obliged to work it qualitatively. And to the investor to go not with the naked idea fabricated, and with absolutely full understanding of one and all details and aspects of operational business.

Certainly, at narrowly - profile experts is not always present organizing abilities and experience. Here everything is simple.

- You are able to generate ideas - generate.

- You are able to program - program;

- You are able to operate team - operate team;

- You are able to analyze the market - analyze;

- You are able to keep management, accounting, tax account - keep account;

- You are able to be engaged in the financial analysis and planning - be engaged.

But here when you will be able to do all this at the same time and qualitatively - then look for financing.

the Startup has to work previously the idea to that degree when it is possible to put preliminary model of business.

And absolutely all the same, whether creation it the software product, creation of a social network for fans of a burning out on a tree, construction of plant on production of burbulyator with a lateral figaster or creation of new system bank. For any business financial and organizational models are completely identical.

It is necessary to know the estimate of all stages before input of object in operation (costs of the preparatory period).

Studying of the market, its capacity, competitors, development potential is required.

The preliminary technological project has to be executed (on production subjects). It is necessary to consider all factors (raw materials, resources) influencing direct prime cost of the final products. It is necessary to own sufficient experience to estimate expected costs of management (the PHOT, municipal, transport, administrative, the ave.) . To have an idea on a legal component of business.

And here only then to consolidate all obtained information in the uniform document under the name business - the plan.

It is necessary to understand that business in itself - the plan represents only a useless pile of pieces of paper, only if its drawing up is not preceded by careful pre-investment researches.

At the same time, there is nothing worse, than to come to the potential investor in general without information on the project committed to paper.

Excuses that, following Kozma Prutkov, no living man all things can, are groundless.

Outside the 21st century if who did not notice. When at the beginning of 90 - x I ended

Kiev polytechnical, that that the expert can improve skills was the ordinary phrase, or obtain information, surely using scientific library and indexes.

Now there are an Internet and searchers.

What disturbs a startup before looking for investments, to penetrate into details of the project?

At least to convince the investor that you can effectively operate the project it is necessary to know one and all nuances of its realization.

At the same time it is not obligatory to know all subtleties and details of permission of these nuances.

It is necessary to know about their existence. It is necessary to be able to select profile experts, to set to them tasks and to control performance. But also the head is obliged to know conceptual permission of such tasks too.

If the startup essentially does not wish to leave a creative state - sale or transfer to management of ideas and technologies can only be a deadline of such project. Well, and as protection of intellectual property works for us - it is known to all.

Be continued