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In search of investments. How not to fly the web of divorce

was Called me by the old client who is in search of financing for the investment project yesterday. Rather serious project, worth about 20 million dollars on which our company conducted pre-investment researches not so long ago and developed business - the plan.

And he called on such question. Addressed it the other day from some company, and having muffledly presented, offered financing.

Everything that it was understood by the client from telephone conversation, is that, the company works at the request of some international bank syndicate and finances projects of various branch orientation in the territory of Ukraine. Also supposedly represents the British finance company which includes 5 American banks and 2 insurance companies, turnover of which transactions makes more than 100 billion dollars.

They agreed to organize personal meeting. Well, and as I act as the design expert and I accompany him at all stages, and my presence at negotiations with investors is obligatory.

Which - that, however, guarded. First of all, it was not necessary to hear about such company earlier, and as a contact information there was only number of the mobile phone. And in general, as a matter of fact, at normal people similar meetings are preceded by a certain business correspondence, studying of the provided information, some primary due diligence, branch examination.

Well. Google, as they say, in the help. 10 seconds were required to find out that the phone number from which they called appears in several vacancies. Further - it is simpler. Having seen E in the same place - mail and stationary phones, it was necessary only to find the name of the company, the corporate websites and other information on a subject.

What was at once?

First of all, a set of negative responses of the former employees of this sharaga and a subject, huge on discussion volume, at one of financial forums.

10 more minutes left on finding out on WHOIS that the website (by the way, “made hastily on a knee“) allegedly English company is registered on the Ukrainian hosting, and the domain name belongs to the natural person.

On the Clients and Partners page the impressive list of banks. In turn I import everyone into search engine - such banks do not exist in the nature. in London they have no

of Physical office. It is really the address of the British company, but providing paid services of a mailbox and subscriber services of virtual office.

I already just for fun, knowing names of the Ukrainian companies, from the register of IRTs pulled out their registration data, and having received a full name of founders, found out that behind all this there are only two young men of 1985 - go year of birth.

The scheme of divorce is simple as a valenok and is applied everywhere:

- the Contract for performance of the services

- Filling of the investment application and payment of USD 300 for its consideration and allegedly transfer to London;

- the Act of the performed works

- Receiving “affirmative answer“ (also answer)

- the Order and deposition kambio (bills, our way) to

- Payment for kambio - USD 1500

- the Act of the performed works

- the Choice of the payment agent and opening of the account - USD 500

- the Act of the performed works

- Carrying out audit - USD 5000 (Not PWC and KPMG, and to nobody Ivanov famous to state of emergency)

- the Act of the performed works

the Assessment, business - the plan, the legal conclusion, coordination of conditions and release of debt obligations, insurance, certification of risk, registration of contracts, signing of additional conditions and other.

Between each of points - Aktapriyem`s signing - transfers of the performed works on the contract.

When you will spend 50 - 70 000 evergreen money , and business it seems as if will approach the final stage and the first transaction, they will begin to make a helpless gesture, to suggest you to call independently in the London office and will begin to hide whenever possible from you. I remind - when you call according to the London numbers, will talk to you from Kiev. With Slavic accent which you will take for the Welsh dialect.

It is necessary to remember, competently made contracts for performance of services and the signed acceptance reports - transfers of works on the contract - their legal protection.

And protection at them rather competent. Contracts are made in such a way that you have no opportunity to pass to the following stage, without having paid previous and without having signed the act that are happy with everything. To complain and have legal proceedings there is nobody. Everything becomes of own will and in senses.

I do not know that at these figures for procedure kambio, but bills of exchange in favor of the third parties guard. As well as the fact that their registration is carried out at early stages until emergence of debt.

In general, in the international bill law exists a set of synonyms and possible collisions.

Very to put it mildly, I do not recommend to sign similar documents before the actual financing.

In this world it is necessary to pay for everything. And for receiving experience too. Even it. I will try to save a little to you money.

Do not allow to throw yourself. to

to define with whom you deal, in 90% of cases to you does not need the private detective.

you can cope not less effectively.

What it is necessary to know, first of all. Should know

that it is not interesting to most of investment intermediaries to earn from result. They earn from process.

That is. If payment the investor (what it will not do by definition), then payment of process is paid by the applicant (less experience, is more than naivety) has to pay

for result the Most important definition. If request money prior to financing from you - it is obvious divorce.

And so, about money.

To what all - should pay attention before paying the first payment to externally cool representative of the investor?

- investigation of existence in the Internet. As speak now: “if you are not on the Internet - you do not exist“. Has to interest everything. For this purpose in the same Google you enter the name, phones, e - mails, surnames and names of heads. Use advanced search and you enter data, having concluded them in skobochka. Analyze any found information. If you find in process still any contact information, - look for also on them. To repeat the same in Yandex. These searchers have different algorithms of search. Therefore some resources banned by Google can be in Yandex. And vice versa.

- The offer of UNSECURED financing on 5 - 10% per annum in currency, but at the same time is told about recalculation in national currency on Central Bank rate / NBU. Speculators can be at odds with mathematics, and between the existing deposit and credit rates they can not guess a margin. Restrictions in unsecured crediting by authorized bank also often drop out of the sphere of competences of intermediaries.

- Rigidly be interested in the financed and realized projects. Demand a contact information of heads of these projects. Check these contacts on the Internet. In attempts to hide information - be developed by

and you leave.

- pay close attention to style of correspondence and a manner of communication of your opponents. the Excessive abundance of English-speaking “corporativisms“ demonstrates that before you not investors, and the showing-off young laymans. Ignoring of bases of office-work and ethics of correspondence testifies to the same.

- communicate and make an appointment only with heads. Is more useless to you, to the director of the project to discuss nuances of investment into construction of plant with 20 - the tiletny girl who is not knowing elementary bank operations and a legal language.

- feel interlocutors. If you are not able to read between lines, to count tension and a vazomotorika, to catch nedogovorka or zapinaniye, pauses on inconvenient questions - go to live 10 more years, and then again come back.

- pay attention to what package of documents from you is demanded. uniform rules and identical financial laws Exist. The creditor / investor always needs exhaustive information on the borrower and about his business. The description of the project, high-quality market research, the financial plan of business is required. Together all this is called business - the plan.

If on something from the specified attention do not turn - you part.

- discussing the project, you monitor reaction and manifestation of interest in project details. Any expert will never forget about a legal component or tax payments.

If you in a subject of all aspects of the business - have an opportunity to carry out a kind of test, having allegedly forgotten about something global. If not to correct you - shake hands and say goodbye. It is more to you with these people not on the way.

Be continued

Andrey Stadnik