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You want to replace an image and to look extravagant? Braid African braids!

At each girl happen in life the moments when there is a wish to replace cardinally the image - for example, to make an extravagant hairdress, but at the same time so that it was at any time possible to return the former shape. One of ways to replace a hairdress, without risking at the same time it is perfect nothing, are African braids.

To braid African braids, it is not obligatory to have a thick and long hair at all. African braids trudge from artificial materials therefore there is quite enough length of hair 3-4 centimeters. If you have long hair, then they are interwoven into a braid together with artificial.

Only artificial material as it well holds a form is suitable for weaving of African braids on the European hair, and the braid turns out dense and thick. Artificial fiber fastens in own hair at the braid basis in special knot, and the braid is braided then.

The term of carrying African braids is limited to only a growth rate of your hair, in several months hair will grow, and braids should be removed. If you choose the color of braids close to your natural hair color, then braids can be carried by a little longer as the grown part will not be evident so strongly. But it is possible and to experiment with a color, choosing artificial material is lighter or is several tones more dark, it is possible to gain interesting effect of highlighting.

It is the best of all to braid African braids at the skilled checked master, then there will be a guarantee that braids are braided qualitatively, will not untwine and will not fall off at the most inappropriate moment. Take an interest in salon whether the master gives a guarantee for the work.

If there is no guarantee, it speaks about poor quality of weaving afrokos in this salon. It is possible to invite the master for weaving of African braids to himself home as process can last long very much, till several o`clock, and, of course, will do more conveniently this hair of the house, than in salon. It is possible to stop at any time process at home to drink to tea, to have a bite or just to warm up. Besides house nobody will begin to do critical remarks in your address concerning an extraordinary hairdress.

After a zapletaniye of braids some time headaches are possible, however you should not be frightened them, after a while muscles will get used, and it will not disturb you.

It is possible to look after African braids as well as behind a usual hairdress, however, it is possible to wash the head a little less often, once a week suffices. Therefore African braids - ideal option of a hairdress for holiday. You will not need to spend time for frequent washing of the head. It is not necessary to take with itself a heap of hair preparations, it is enough to have only a small bottle of shampoo.

You should not be frightened stories about harm of African braids, they are no more harmful, than coloring or a chemical hairdressing. Frightens many that after removal of braids as though many hair drops out. But it is only those hair that dropped out for the entire period every day, but remained interwoven into a braid.

African braids - all this is a call for people around. But also in case you got used to conduct quiet life and work, for example, at office, it is possible to afford such hairdress, of course, as appropriate having laid it.

Besides it is possible to carry out “investigation“ in advance and to discuss a question of African braids with fellow workers and relatives.