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Uniform State... sounds as a sentence? There are no

“, you already will definitely not pass the Unified State Examination …“ - almost each lesson in a graduation class of any high school of our great country so begins. Day by day the teachers precisely confident in lack of talent of the wards demotivate them, and then are surprised and complain: “Such good boy, and so is rude, so is rude, My God you mine where only the world slides …“

the Student`s share not better, on the contrary, it is much worse: in - the first, incredible pressure from teachers, in - the second, from parents and, at last, the general tension and an agiotage which in December reaches the apogee.

And we study. And we live.

However, let`s look, eventually, at the Unified State Examination (USE) on the other hand - that which is seen only by pupils. Let`s take, for example, obligatory examination in mathematics. Everything began well: unpretentious tasks, 4 versions of answers, even the +1 system which just did not give chances to hand over “uterus“ on couple. There was time - moods changed. The lack of labor began to affect, and decided to fill it not with salary increase, but examination complication that, so to speak, “to separate grains from a ryegrass“.

No sooner said than done. Now examination in mathematics consists of 2 parts (B and C): if most of school students barely also solve the first, then the second is started by units. It also is natural - the last 4 (from 6 possible) tasks solve can come only graduates of specialized schools which mark if not to the Boston MIT then in MSU.

But there is a question: if the pupil of all 11 years taught the mathematician why it cannot hand over it on equal “one hundred“ or at least 90 points? Mind not to understand Russia …

we Will distract from the content of examination, having paid attention to conditions in which it is carried out.

It is worth beginning, perhaps, with the fact that everything is written at foreign school. It seems, normally, but here only at examination in one subject the teacher of other subject sits or, it is worse than that, the librarian: you sit to yourself, you scratch turnip - to write a comma to a separate cage in the form of answers or at all not to write (there is also it), and in reply to you: “Forgive, I am a teacher of German - I know nothing“. - guess your choice.

About the fact that it is possible to breathe and leave to the bathroom only under supervision of the teacher I in general am silent.

But most, very best - the most awful moment of USE is a filling of forms of answers. All of us are people, all of us are mistaken, but here on USE there is no right for a mistake just: “skosyachit“ a letter, figure or number - go away. Your result is cancelled. You think, it is easy to fill in the form of answers? You are mistaken: it is red - the red piece of paper, probably, was created within several years and so many unnecessary fields and the count contain that sometimes just you wonder as it could only be thought up!

It is almost impossible to write off answers - people - politsa angry, incited against you; only it is unclear what by it was made by poor school students.

Put all this together. Close eyes. Wonder: how the graduate at examination feels? And then, having widely opened eyes, together with all be surprised why 18 - the summer girl jumped off from a roof after examination?

The girl studied herself, was an honors pupil, then came to USE: incorrectly filled in the form, did not make couple of tasks, and two grymza also shouted that supposedly not to correct anything any more, you flew by, the maid. In that case Katerina`s, still famous on the school program, words are involuntarily remembered: “Ah, why people do not fly …“

even more to understand a condition of the graduate of school, remember yourself in 17 - 18 years … Young and hot, ready for any nonsenses worrying from - for everything that is only possible.

“Yes, there were people presently“, - you will tell, but, alas, it is any more not a problem of generation or examination, but a problem of the country and the general education level which if was once good (speak, even to the best in the world), then now became irreplaceably outdated. Being engaged according to old textbooks, being engaged with teachers - conservatives, being engaged according to the old program, very difficult, and at times it is also impossible to pass successfully from the category of school students into a camp of students.

We are not sillier, we it is not cleverer than our parents - we just others and here only very few people from adults penetrate into all subtleties of business. It is far easier to call all of us goofs-off.

Time goes, and on parade-grounds of military units boots of the guys who did not pass examinations even more often print a step, in shops and supermarkets the shop assistants who hardly removed a blue tape “the Graduate - 20 begin to appear.“.

The army of eleventh-graders storms drugstores, quietly whispering in turn: “You that you drink: valerian or glycine?“