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Vedic eras. Our time. Very often people do not know

, or know but do not realize and do not understand distinction of eras, distinction of the spirituality intended for a certain era.

B Bagavat - Geeta is such verse where Krishna speaks - when the religion falls into decay and godlessness sets in, I condescend. Baktivedanta Shrila Prabhupada commenting on this text says that the Lord in the person of the prophet or the son sometimes comes and gives knowledge exactly so much how many it can be understood by people gradually to lift the person on higher level of consciousness Krishna. But we say that in Christianity or Moslem there is no word about Krishna, and here we do not know that even if the living being worshipping any demigod, to either ancestors, or great persons worships Krishna. And Krishna speaks, - let him worship others if cannot accept me. In other words there is a change of a form, and the essence remains. And when the person cannot accept the word Krishna, he is told other word according to the level of material conditionality. For example, the word Krishna in all languages designates the word god or reflects his any quality. If to consider Christianity that in it is such word as God, and any Christian uses this word, and does not notice that at this word there is Vishnu`s word. Thus, Krishna`s consciousness in certain time, is transformed to such level which can be accepted by various communities. And in this context people have to understand what is eras and during what eras what practicians are authoritative for spiritual improvement and search of truth. And what spiritual improvement gives? Everything is very simple - all of us suffer, to harvest seasons from illusion, from the mistakes, from the lie, with the feelings. From the Vedic point of view all of us are covered with triple sufferings - sufferings from mind and a body, suffering from other living beings and suffering from laws of the nature. In this regard authoritative practice which would allow the living being to rise over these sufferings is necessary for the living being according to his intelligence and to leave gradually from under their influence. And always, Krishna comes to every era as the Avatar (the South - the Avatar, the South in Sanskrit means an era) to show the most authoritative practice and to pull out the living being from captivity of illusion and to return back to the Kingdom of God.

We everything remember that there are four divya - the South, or four eras also exist also pieces - a makhakalpa - 611 080 000 000 000 terrestrial years are time of creation of material elements, a vikalpa - time of existence of the material Universe - 311 040 000 000 000 terrestrial years, a kalpa - 4 320 000 000 (universal day) terrestrial years. Kalpa (in whom we live now) is divided on 1 000 chatur - the South. One Chatur - the South consists of a temporary cycle of 4 320 000 terrestrial years, and is divided in the 4th South (sequence) - satya the South, a dvapara of the South, a tret of the South, heat the South. Many know from the writing know that another - namely satya - a treta - a dvapara - heat sequence, partly it is right since such sequence occurs once in a kalpa, i.e. one South covers another once in one thousand chatur the South (there is such saying one chance from one thousand). And it occurs when Krishna personally comes to the earth. And we LIVE DURING THIS PERIOD, we are very successful since were born on the earth or to Jamba at this time - a twip in the center of a pkharat - varsh. Very few people realize as we were lucky. In Bagavat - it to be told to Geeta that that who does not understand what type of a body he received in what time he was born how to be improved - that fool.

of Satya - the South - the Golden Age of 1 728 000 human years, life expectancy during this era of 100 000 years. The South - a Dharma (the main religion of an era, all others is its transformations for not capable, owing to a bad karma of the living being) - meditation or the ashtanga of the yogi consisting of 8 steps. I.e. the ashtanga - yoga during this era is the only means for communication with absolute truth. The South - the avatar i.e. as the Lord looks when comes to this era, the Lord white, chetyrekhruky, carries elf-lock, wears clothes from wood bark, a sacred cord, a staff. People in satyyu to the South are not envious, pacified, friendly to each creation, there are no conflicts at all, counterbalanced in all situations. They worship god by means of ascetic meditation, have the correct motives, controlling completely feelings. In satyyu to the South all Vedic mantras are put into one mantra Pranava - Ohm. A knowledge source - an adkharva the Veda. Way in society - a hamsa. Tret`s

- the South - a silver age of 1 296 000 human years, life expectancy of 10 000 human years. The South - the Dharma - fiery sacrifices of five objects is a cow manure, cow urine, yogurt, melted butter and milk. The cow gives all this. The Lord appears with red complexion, four hands, golden hair, wears the threefold belt representing dedication each of three Veda - threshing barns the Veda, the Veda, yadzhur the Veda. A symbol the South is the bucket for an oil vozlivaniye in fire. People during this era are inclined to realize Krishna and are very serious in following to the Vedic principles. Dvapar`s

of the South - the Copper Age of 864 000 human years, life expectancy of 1000. The Lord comes with darkly - the blue color of a body dressed in yellow clothes. People have weaknesses of mortal beings, but those from them which wish to learn the Supreme personality Boga worship it in mood honoring of the great tsar, carrying out instructions as Veda and tantras. There is a tantristsky worship.

of Cali - the South - the Iron Age of 432 000 terrestrial years, life expectancy of 100 years. The South - a Dharma - chanting of a makhamantra to the Mug Krishna. I.e. acceptance of need of chanting of a makhamantra will be the central place of the most intellectual people. But for everything who does not possess good piety and the developed consciousness, for them there will be other religious systems and quite so tell shastra. The Avatar South, the Lord has golden or yellow color - the Lord to Chaytanya Makhaprabkh, BUT.......... only in ours heat it to the South (we spoke about it above), in all others heat the South the Lord has black color. The Lord Chaytanya is the Lord Krishna who comes once to one thousand heat - the South. People in heat - to the South are foolish, lazy, misled, unlucky, stay in constant alarm, but during this era the Mug can reach all perfection of life repetition of a makhamantra Krishna.

the Lord Chaytanya is the South an avatar Christ, Mahomed are not Hugo - an avatar. And Chaytanya brings the South - a dkhama i.e. the most perfect knowledge and practice, all other people who are not capable to understand it have to pass a way of clarification through other steps which will allow them to develop inclinations for acceptance of the South - Dharmas. Also it was foretold that the most reasonable will accept devoted service to Krishna, Bhakti yoga.

Thus chronology of alternation of four eras such is - satya, a dvapara, a treta, heat. Now we see satya, a treta, a dvapara, heat - it comes once from one thousand such cycles. Every era to be divided into 3 periods the called sank. Sank it is the separate periods, in a century Kali the first sankya 5 000 years, the second sankya 10 000 years, the third sankya 417 000 years the biggest. Change of a sankya as well as change of eras is followed pralayy, i.e. partial destruction. The last time it was a Flood, i.e. there was a change of a dvapar the South on heat to the South.

The first sankya heat five thousand years of ours - the South it is described as general spiritual degradation. The second sankya to last 10 000 years - gold in asperges in a century of Cali. The Golden Age of 10 000 years on our planet will prosper Vedic culture, there will be one god, one writing. And all this is confirmed with the Vedic writing.