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Who needs religions?

Who I from where we come and where we leave am?

Birth, life, death. If the person is born, then for what? To die? Then the idea of the birth is absurd. But everything everything passes this cycle in our world. I write “in our world“ as we know nothing about other worlds at all and we never learn as learning tools with which we operate are not sufficient to glance or probe what exists under other laws of the nature. we Will try to touch with

secret of life and death observing our world.

Butterfly. Whether remembers this creation with its fancy patterns and paints on wings with its ability to remove pirouettes of flight skill in air that once it was the clumsy creeping caterpillar? Whether remembers a cocoon whom it was before? Most likely is not present also as well as we ourselves do not remember the first years of the life. Let`s notice: the way from a caterpillar to a butterfly consists of three seeming independent lives. Absolutely different in a shape of a body to an image of food and movement. And tell given rise cannot creep to fly!? Still as can! A question only in time and the put program of development of object in time and space. Now also existence of the program at the level a gene is almost proved change of which can reproduce even the flying worm. So our life - life of a worm can?

the Birth and Death - two points on a piece under the name Life. Death of a caterpillar - a cocoon which gives life to a butterfly. The death gives rise to Life, and Life - Death. We too ahead are waited by a wooden cocoon.

One symbolical - a coffin, and another - we will call it the Soul cocoon where there is a full transformation of the personality where the concept of life and death gets new meaning which we try to comprehend, who by means of Muhammad, who Buddha, who Jesus and who “Einstein“. The Lord - truth, and a way to truth at everyone the even if people of one belief. Is it worth puzzling, destroying the friend - the friend proving whose way correct if all of us eventually turn into cocoons where everyone as the personality ceases to exist. Whether not all equally which of your cocoon will hatch a moth or the spider - you is not present. You are edinstvenna and not povtorima, identity, but only in last piece under the name Life. Others will come but not we. Again the birth, life, death - indefinitely...

Continuous change and transformation.

Chaos gives rise to the Order, the Order gives rise to Chaos where at everyone the Ya. Mir, space vselennya, I - everything am set of accidents and fight against accidents which can turn Chaos into the Order and vice versa. Continuous changes of the world are a basis of its existence so and ourselves. The Universe and we a single whole on this interval of time and space. Affects any changes in each of us and influence existence of the Universe changing it reviving strengthening or killing. Unless not probably eternity and greatness, immensity and mysteriousness of the Universe with more terrestrial name - God. How to vtemyashit in our terrestrial brains, to force to believe that the world is uniform and we interdepend? Naturally at the level of language of the father and the child - from where I undertook - found in “cabbage“. And this answer will satisfy it better than any verbal truth and even the bright example will not help with that age but only will do much harm. Life teaches us - to all there are time and the place.

Religion are that cabbage where it seems to adults clear from where they undertook.

And idea about “cabbage“ to us threw mother the Universe or God the father that one is similar and too. “Cabbage“ is clear to us, it gives hope, and hope for the person is what nobody ever will take away, this that than he lives and accompanies him till the last moment of withdrawal from this world. Even suicides choose the way hoping that it will be so better. The guillotine already separated the head from a trunk but not ours was not disconnected from consciousness and second “I“ yet, - the silly hope is live. What, is known only to the direct participant. God - hope, everything is created and lives according to the Scripture. Can be. But why the world is born to die?! God can this is that butterfly and there can be this butterfly somehow influences on caterpillars, directs them to more juicy leaves. Our world can it is food - energy for the Universe and our souls are an energy - nectar for a butterfly quality of which is defined by quality of soul?!

Smothering appears from nowhere and disappears in anywhere and during this time it interacting with world around gains good or bad properties (that too everything is relative). If someone starts it on pastibishche under the name life to acquire fat or meat this means someone operates herd?

Observing our development from the cave person or from Adam and Eve to the modern world we see only uncontrollability, social explosions and cataclysms, cruelty chareduyushchayasya mercifulness, diseases and soldiers, sufferings and death of innocent children, old men, women and men. All this horror is mixed with kindness, love, pleasure and tranquility.

Vsellenna is necessary this vinaigrette therefore - that she or he such - free and not predictable chaos. Chaos of the choice of a way and way of life. There is no controllability of soul there is its free throwing in not less free Universe which eats these a throwing giving rise to everything new souls.

Afterlife is one of incalculable quantity of life forms where there is no place for ours I. It is unlikely the butterfly remembers herself a caterpillar and if would remind her that it for certain was offended. The consciousness that we live only of once rushes us to a bottomless abyss of egoism and permissiveness. And this suicide. Society invents brakes - rules, laws, religion, utopian ideas of equality or democracy. The religion was more hardy brake, it cannot be disproved proved. All focus that all has to be perceived on trust. But unless all our acts are controlled by the law or belief? Unless the atheist not also disinterestedly and without pointer loves the child as the God-fearing believer? It is absolute also. What moves it is an instinct - and who operates an instinct - consciousness - and consciousness??? The law - partially, education - partially, belief - chstichno. Generally governs us ours I, it soul - a core piece, - a clot, the part of the Universe absorbing radiating energy transforming itself world around without breaking the general harmony. It defines our behavior and does not allow the person to wallow in sins. On this core it is wound, is and the infinite number of the lives which are not remembering relationship will be wound. At each life the I. Dying we die forever, but life proceeds, self-regulates, self-organizes, samopoznatsya around “I“ progress towards receiving bigger comfort, satisfaction of the greatest possible. And thought up belief of people, thinks out, and will think out to amuse itself with hope about continuation of pleasures after death. Unknown eternal pleasures - what lovely prilekatelny nonsense. The main thing suits all. Hope - a great thing. With it it is easy to govern, encourage, pardon or execute.

Nothing changes entities of the person because essence one - to meet desires in process of vomozhnost.

If on casual coincidence of circumstances turned out the person that he lives and samoproizvodit himself only thanks to satisfaction of the desires. Activity is directly proportional to desire. With fading of the last desire there occurs the death and transition from one life form to another without any interrelation of the old dead “I“ and the new beyond. What to you a difference what was and what “I“ will be your otherworldly? In this and only in this life everything belongs to us. There is vzaimo an exchange of energy, feelings, thoughts, action and inaction, material benefits, health for satisfaction of desires also all this fight against accidents as individuma so of society in general for saving the status and the place under this casual sky and this casual sun. Why to wait for the kind uncle if everything can be received in the way of active action. At everyone the “I“, arrive as it considers it necessary in compliance with that core on which character, conscience, education in a family and society, education are strung. Be not afraid of an oshibitsye. If you in society it corrects you, but it is better not to be mistaken because it punishes for certain mistakes final or partial fracture of yours “I“. Desires always have to be adjusted for society and the world surrounding us.

Life is casual. The birth of everyone accident, but the probability of happiness is directly proportional to fight against accidents.

I want does not mean that I can, and I can does not mean that I want.

Desire is always more important than a vozhmozhnost. It moves us to actions to acquisition of opportunities which satisfy and strengthen our place in Universe whirl.

We came from chaos, the chaos gave birth to us protivoplozhno to itself. The chaos gave rise to the Order. The order is live so far it counteracts and otchayno fights for preservation of a new condition of Chaos. Incentive of fight - fulfillment of desires or that for what all of us in this world. Paradise at us under legs. Bend down also it at you in hands. You eat illusions moderately as well as reality. The world is many-sided and it it is beautiful. The world is eternal but everyone is mortal and we will be fertilizer for a flower or a cocoon for future moth not important. It is important that accident brought us to this world and accident will take away. It is important that I it I but not someone the put program. And if someone tries to impose the own program on our own I that its experience is doomed to a failure therefore - that ours I am a part of the Universe and the Universe it is free and unpredictable.

the Butterfly does not remember that it was a caterpillar. And can be remembers? The doubt, doubt, doubt pursues us on life. For the benefit or in the evil?

I Struggle desperately.

In life are remembered only the good moments. I do not despond long even when everything seems it is over - farther the deadlock. The main thing not to force an event, but also to do not stand still. To slobber - not for me. I am rigid if nonsense in the union with dullness tries to dictate the terms. I do not love dogmas and stamps.

to Live, be able to live and enjoy life on that niche where the destiny bought you the ticket. Ability to live - art. It is possible to live in any conditions, also as well as it is possible to vegetate in luxury and wealth.

Evolution is the fact supplementing science in knowledge of the world. Refuse do not refuse - it is. And here nobody knows the prime cause. And in general why to be greedy - lived - let`s other life forms live. And that we slobber - give us eternity... Any animal does not cling so humiliating and disgustingly to life as the person by means of religion.

God is the Universe and we its part. We are dependent from each other, we supplement, we change, we improve the friend - the friend to a certain level and can indefinitely. We are equal and self-sufficient. There is no destiny, there is no bad, there is no good - there is a result of own actions in the past. As the call and will respond. Everything is interconnected, supplements and at the same time leads individual life - each grain of sand, a drop, a blade, komarik... person, planet, star. Love yourself without harming to whom - here and all sense of all religions of the world, and the rest all myths that the person unreasonable rendered tribute.

be not afraid to be mistaken - here or there you will receive on pumpkin, - in other life you will be wiser.

The bible not the most ancient book of the world, everything that is inherent good in the person is at Buddhists and ancient Egyptians. Reading, you find many contradictions, and in the Old Precept the more meanly the person the is more than benefits from god!? Here also occurs, but did not copy morals with additional cock-and-bull stories for the New Testament the same that was thought up, lived and live on the Old immoral Precept that it is simpler, to fool, operate and plunder. Still so far it turns out.

I seems to me that God and the Guardian angel in us - are not present the elite or slaves, each of us the personality and opportunities at us are equal - both to escape, and to fall into oblivion. It is just necessary to respect each other - not obligatory to love.