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Talent and career in chiromancy.

Talent and career in chiromancy. Reading up to a palm can help to choose by

the correct occupation in lives and career. In many cases I see palms of people which are unfortunate in life from - for the fact that they are engaged not in that business and live others life. Some people live in such situation for twenty, thirty years, and do not know what they have to reach and what to do farther.

The chiromancy cannot tell: You will work as the clerk in insurance company, but can prompt to the person work type, than he would be happy to be engaged. It is natural if the person enjoys the work, then he will be more successful in life. It can help very much the teenager at the time of formation of the personality when often happens no that teenagers have what ideas, about the further career, and it will help them will be defined in life.

Shapes of a hand

the Shape of a hand furnishes to us the first clue to the career choice. With a square palm it is better for someone to be in the practical field. If such person has a good line of fortune, then he will well prove as the manager and the businessman. If a palm long, then at the person the imagination is well developed, and he will be able to use the thoughts and ideas in life.

Air hand.

of People with a hand of air will be happy in an environment of people where will communicate and analyze. Work on television, the teacher and the analyst well will be suitable for such person. He will actively use the analytical skills, will be reliable and constant.

Fire hand.

of People with fire hand more sociable, than with an air hand, he will use intuition for adoption of fast decisions. In life it needs the movement, a variety and self-expression. From such people good athletes, military, businessmen, any professions where speed, activity and enterprise is required turn out.

Earth hand.

If your client has an earth hand, then it likes practical and monotonous work. Such person will be reliable, honest and sostradatelen to people around. From it the good carpenter, the plumber, the mechanic or any kind of activity where he can use the skillful hands can turn out.

A hand of

water For the person with a hand of water comfortable conditions and work from which he derives esthetic pleasure will be necessary. If he creative, then he uses the talent, and he constantly needs encouragement and praises from friends and a family. From such people good designers, artists and actors turn out.

Fingers. Darpenyeni`s

, the officer of the French army, was the first who began to classify palms. Fingers were very interesting to it, and he noticed amazing contrast between fingers of the artist and the scientist`s fingers. He saw that artists had smooth fingers, and at scientists fingers were knotty. Darpenyeni was intrigued with the opening and continued the researches.

Long fingers.

People with long fingers will be happy at work where they can plunge into details and details. As usual managers in banks and accountants have long fingers as in work with money accuracy in calculations is necessary. Also from them good jewelers, watchmakers and workers turn out where the delicate work and patience is necessary.

Short fingers.

People with short, square fingers will direct people with long fingers. These people enjoy the leading work and did not get used to go into details and details, they leave trifles for people with long fingers.

Success in business. you will find

many different options of hands. The hand of the plumber will differ by hand the tailor who will also have various hand by hand of the seller. However if someone wants to succeed in the business, then it will have several general characteristics with other successful people. The first that will be evident - it is a strong thumb that speaks about strong character, commitment and desire to succeed.

For successful business the line of fortune which will direct the person in business is necessary. Some make great progress and without line of fortune, but it happens quite seldom. Has to that that to occur that the person moved forward quite happily that led him to success. Presence of a line of fortune gives to the person a road map, for advance without problems and mistakes.

It will also be needs a direct and long finger of mercury as each business demands art of communication and communication with others. The long finger of Mercury also gives intuition, ingenuity and enterprise.

The good long finger of Jupiter will show the ambitious person. It will have a strong desire will tower and to direct people around that in certain conditions can result in egoism.

Also such person needs various useful qualities in work. Who has on a wide palm few lines, long distance between fingers, spatulate finger-tips, the palm basis has a practicality corner, offices and offices will hold down it, he loves fresh air and the nature. It can be successful in navigation or farmer business.


Fortunately in each of us is certain talents and abilities to certain kinds of activity. Usually when we speak about talent, we mean creative abilities and most of people them have.

However many of them do not suspect about the talents, and learn about them late enough after they notice several reasons to their abilities. The talent is not always approved and accepted by a family. Absence of motives, the main reason of a zaryvaniye of talents to the earth. I constantly hear from the clients to whom I say about their talents that they do not have enough time for development of talent. It is just an excuse. We can always find time for the favourite affairs.

Also, the most part of talents needs to be developed, for example: the few are able to afford to be at the piano for eight hours a day in hope to become the successful pianist. The same treats also professional sport if someone wants to become the champion in swimming, then he has to spend a lot of time in the pool while his peers and friends will have a rest and good time. The success demands a lot of time and work, despite the fact that, as if the person was not talented. Any talent should be developed to achieve success.

Art ability. You know general characteristics of creative abilities on a palm now if they are very accurately expressed, then we at first look at a finger of an appolon (anonymous). If this finger is well expressed, long, with well developed first phalanx, then we have good creative abilities. The long second phalanx will provide prudence in the choice of color. You will always find this sign at people with good taste in clothes.

We need also to look at the lower part of a palm to see what imagination at the person. Ideally when the mountain of the Moon is well developed that adds to the person of creative abilities and imagination. If the person wants to get financial profit on art, then it will be needs a long little finger, a strong thumb and a wide palm. If these signs on a hand are absent, then in that case for it it will be better to use activity of the regular artist, or the talent as a hobby.

Literary abilities.

Writing is connected with communication and good imagination. At first, we look at well developed little finger. The second phalanx has to be well developed. If the line of the head goes on the mountain of the Moon, then the person will have a talent in writing of a fantasy. If the line of the head crosses a palm directly, then the talent will be shown more in the description of more real novels and events. Writers fantasts have to have well developed lower part of a palm, with the developed mountains of the Moon and Venus.

Poets need also to have a strong feeling of a rhythm which is shown by a tilt angle on the basis of a hand thumb near a wrist.

Actor`s abilities.

needs to be proved to be, expressed to Actors therefore first of all we look at Mercury finger. It is ideal when a finger equal and long. The hand has to be as it is possible more widely to give to the person trust and ability of self-checking. It is very necessary for long success in this heavy field of acting skills.

Knotty fingers are not characteristic of actors. The comedy actors and actors playing comedy roles will have well developed mountains of Mercury and the Moon. All part of a palm from a little finger has to be well developed.

Musical abilities.

Can write the whole book by definition of talent for the different directions of music. Ability to sing is shown well developed fingers and a thumb of a hand which has a practical corner and a corner of a rhythm. Well expressed mountain of Venus gives love to music, the mountain of the Moon gives talent for action. For success in music of people also has to have well created both a long finger of Appolon, and quite well developed Appolon`s mountain.

For successful playing musical instruments, corners practical and a rhythm, plus well developed mountains of Venus and the Moon are necessary. It is possible to find different shapes of hands in performers of instrumental music though in the majority playing electronic instruments have hands of water and air. Drummers as usual have terrestrial hands with spatulate finger-tips.

Ability to dances.

the Dancer has to feel a rhythm and time for what it needs a practicality corner on both hands. The lifeline course on a palm has to be good, it is desirable through the wide palm giving energy and endurance. The mountains of Venus and the Moon have to be high and firm.

of the Jazz dancer show the conic finger-tips emphasizing ardor and ability to improvisation. The dancer with square finger-tips in perfection will precisely follow in advance learned movements.